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96% of CT Gun Owners are “Felons” Overnight


CONNECTICUT — The state officials of Connecticut have begun a fight they may not be able to handle. Recently, it has been declared law that Connecticut gun owners must register their firearms under the government’s watchful eye. Unfortunately for them, they did not predict how many gun owners would not comply.

Only roughly four percent of gun owners in the state actually registered their firearms. As the deadline to register came and went, the remaining 96% of gun owners became owners of illegal weapons literally overnight. Connecticut officials realized they couldn’t punish such a tremendous amount of people all at once, so they had no other choice but to extend the deadline, giving gun owners one last chance to register their guns before they are considered felons by the state.

A letter was signed, notarized, and released by the state, addressing all “illegal” gun owners. The letter states:

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are returning your application for assault weapon certificate and/or large
capacity magazine declaration because it was not received or postmarked prior to
January 1, 2014 as required by law.
As a result, you have the following options for your assault weapon per Public Act


13-3, as amended by Public Act 13-220:
1. Render the assault weapon permanently inoperable;
2. Sell the assault weapon to a licensed gun dealer;
3. Remove the assault weapon from the state; or
4. You may make arrangements to relinquish the assault weapon to a police
department or to the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.
You have the following options for disposal of your large capacity magazine per 
Public Act 13-3, as amended by Public Act 13-220.
1. Render the large capacity magazine permanently inoperable;
2. Sell the large capacity magazine to a licensed gun dealer;
3. Remove the large capacity magazine from the state; or
4. You may make arrangements to relinquish your large capacity magazine
in a police department or the Department of Emergency Services and Public
Lt. Eric Cooke
Commanding Officer
Special Licensing and Firearms Unit

In other words, if gun owners choose not to register their firearms to the government under an unconstitutional law, they must hand them over to the government or to someone else in a state that is gun-friendly. If neither of these actions are taken, each innocent gun owner is a felon.

What happened to the “land of the free?”



122 Responses to “96% of CT Gun Owners are “Felons” Overnight”
  1. Maryland_Shooter says:

    Come get take it, careful – the barrel will be hot.

    • Dan says:

      When Americans hand their guns over to the Government agents we start to enslave ourselves.Look back throughout history and it become painfully obvious.

  2. Thomas says:

    Sounds like it’s time for massive civil disobedience in Connecticut. Molon Labe!

  3. AirMotor says:

    I wonder if the Gov. will be the first one in the door after the jackboots kick it down???

  4. Charles says:

    I don’t envy them their choices.. Without massive support from fellow Connecticut gun owners and advocacy groups like the NRA, they’re doomed.

    • PFVF says:

      I have a feeling when SHTF in Connecticut, those 96% will be getting a lot of help from gun owners in at least 96% of the other 49 states.

  5. Dave K says:

    I am a Connecticut resident but I did not own any weapons effected by the new law. If I had, I would not have registered it, but instead transferred ownership of it via FFL to my best friend in New Hampshire until such time as the law was repealed, or I moved out of state.

    The only other option would have been non-compliance. Unlike some internet tough guys out there, I would NOT resist with violence. Let them get a warrant and search my home. Let them arrest me. I would fight it in court. I firmly believe that I would prevail based on a simple 5th Amendment argument.

    With the political climate in Connecticut, if I shot it out with the cops I would be branded an anti-government kook a la McVeigh and Koresh, not a valiant constitutional hero.

    • PFVF says:

      That depends on who’s doing the branding, Dave K. Hitler might brand you with a Star of David on your lapel. The people of New Hampshire (Live Free Or Die) might brand you with a yellow streak down your back. Educated historians and Constitutional scholars might just brand you a fool, as I’m sure they considered the Tories who stood with King George III.

      The heroes who gave us the Second Amendment understood tyrants better than you do, and they surely understood the frailty of their experiment in democracy with its unique concept of sovereignty.

      • Dave K says:

        Yes, because my willingness to fight it out in court rather than murder cops makes me a traitorous coward. Right.

        Normally I wouldn’t feed the trolls, but in this case you can get stuffed.

        • PFVF says:

          Such profundity, Dave K! Such creativity, originality, imagination, courage… no, not really. More like banality, pomposity, self-absorption, silliness attached to a crack pipe that makes you think you are far more than you are!

          If you smoke enough, you might even convince yourself that you are prevailing “based on a simple 5th Amendment argument.” (Chuckle, chuckle…)

          • Fuzzbean says:

            PFVF, you sound like you are 14 years old. I guess you know this guy’s whole life story, based on one post here.

          • PFVF says:

            Well, Fuzzbean, if you only count one post, it’s obvious whatever your age, you never passed out of kindergarten.

        • MontieR says:

          With the corruption in, government (including the courts) unless your name is Rockefeller you do NOT have a chance in H*LL of winning. Your idea of justice was sold to the highest bidder many years ago. Our ENTIRE form of government has been upended you now are guilty until YOU prove you are innocent. If you can’t see the tyranny then you are already lost.

        • Dave says:

          Murder cops who are there to kill you? It’s called self preservation. You’re a great candidate for a FEMA Camp in the future. Good luck with that.

          • Fuzzbean says:

            Hey, maybe kill a few cops and the public will rally to your cause! No, wait… Timmy boy already tried that.

            You got a funny notion of self-preservation. Good luck with that.

      • dan w says:

        Funny you bring up Hitler sunshine, A big government socialist, racist, anti smoking, against populations right to self defense, vegetarian, Obviously a role model for modern “progressives” I think your sort feel quite at home with him.
        Seems to be one of lefts true heroes.

        • PFVF says:

          How vapid you are, dan w.

          That probably explains why plain, simple English goes in your one ear and right straight out the other!

        • hw says:

          dan ,,, what a stupid remark …. Hitler took all the guns away dummy the German people could not resist …. read your history book man … all dictators don’t want the population armed ….. jezzzzz

    • Red says:

      I agree with Dave, that unless they kick go around kicking in doors, I’m not likely to react violently (though I have the means to). We can resist peacefully. There are not enough cells, courtrooms or public support to take us all on. If they want to spend the million+ dollars it will take to prosecute and detain me, lose my contributions to society and the economy and the unwanted public debate and media frenzy that will ensue, then THEY can could and get me. Luck for me that I don’t live in CT.

    • Terry H. says:

      I believe it is naive to believe a government willing to disarm its citizens, first step being to register guns, will give you your day in court on a law that clearly is unconstitutional. Historically once you have been disarmed you no longer have any teeth to stand up to tyranny. Our founding fathers new tyranny was a possibility when setting up our republic. Just take a look at what they have said…

      “A free people ought to be armed.”
      - George Washington

      “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
      - Benjamin Franklin

      “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
      - Thomas Jefferson

      “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”
      - Thomas Jefferson

      It’s easy to find more on the subject. Read the recent 127 pages on the recent 9th district court in the Peruta v. County of San Diego case. It has so much more than just the right to carry in public and covers a lot of history on the 2nd amendment.

      Residents of CONNECTICUT should continue this act of civil disobedience and government needs to get a clear message on violating any of our constitutional rights. I don’t promote violence but I will never give up my guns and defend the Republic of these great United States of America till my last dying breath.

    • hw says:

      5th amendment ???? or second amendment ??? 5 is concerning self incrimination ???

    • richesbeyondbelief says:

      I salute your steadfastness to obey the laws of the land, while the courts sort this thing out.

      when you and I say that a law, duly enacted, is Unconstitutional, it has no weight. When the Courts strike it down, however, then it IS Unconstitutional, as has been the case since Marbury v. Madison.

      Hope your weapon is safe in Vermont. If it isn’t, bring it to Pennsylvania, and we’ll hold it for you here!

    • grey says:

      Dave K. don’t blame you at all for refusing to have a shoot out with the cops, but you might want to take a look at the other “Gun news” article before you expect them to get a warrant. you might not have that luxury for long the way your state is going.

  6. dave says:

    CT officials are acting in open rebellion to the constitution of the United States in this effort. I hope someone fights them in court and that court orders an immediate cease and desist order before the inevitable wastage of rebellion occurs.

  7. Barker62 says:

    Don’t think there are enough cells for the 96& who are non-compliant and concentration/gulag type camps would raise too much uproar. I suspect they’ll just start work their down the alphabet or maybe work town to town. If the government does you’ll probably see a big shuttle of weapons playing tag…bouncing around just a head of and behind the gun-grabbers.
    Who knows, maybe the voters will wake up, retract their heads from the posterior locations they’re presently in and get rid of these clowns…..yeah, right.

  8. Citizen John says:

    Vote them out, if that doesn’t work vote with your feet. States South and West will welcome good citizens. Let the deadbeats and liberals have the State. This is just a trial run, they are after all of our guns. Leave and let the bleeding heart idiots support the bums and crooks with higher taxes, screw them.

  9. dave says:

    Leaving shouldn’t be required. Use the legal system and your vote to fix the errors, and stand on the constitution as much as you can for justice.

  10. Citizen John says:

    This is a test case, divide and concur, incrementally tighten the noose , What happens here will be used to design strategy for other States. I can’t imagine wanting to live above the Mason/Dixon line but if I were a Resident and wanted to stay, I’d get a friend in another State to hold my gun until the bastards get voted out or the law gets changed.
    They will make an example out of somebody and when they do people should hit the streets in support of him. That seems to be all it takes for the gays and black panthers.

    • dave says:

      Tolerating insurrection and rebellion would be one course that many people would choose. Running away another. Yet another would be charging these individuals in the legislature with the crimes they have committed against the nation. There should be no rest for them until they are being held awaiting trial. That would be justice.

      • Dwayne Klien says:

        While I agree with you, we can’t have “Tolerating insurrection and rebellion” that will be playing right into their hands, since this current criminal regime will declare Martial Law and rule until the insurrection is put down or the American people take back this country, but the blood shed would be too great.

        • PFVF says:

          “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – - Thomas Jefferson

        • dave says:

          “since this current criminal regime will declare Martial Law and rule until the insurrection is put down or the American people take back this country” – Were it to come to that, at least people will have made their decisions and they will have to live with them, or not as the case may be. Ultimately progress will come from the ashes of the Crown Party’s insurrection. I’d think LE and the national guard would act on America’s behalf in the streets, not in support of rebel political parties. Besides, it’s not like those parties are isolated in a vacuum somewhere. Their individual actions have individual consequences.

          • Dwaye Klien says:

            You’ll get no argument from me Dave, I’m pro-second amendment, but the problem with LE, especially the elitist federal class and it’s the same with our military, this criminal regime is hiring only those that favor gun control. I on the other hand want criminal control and believe our country would be better served enforcing criminal control over gun control.

          • dave says:

            ” the problem with LE, especially the elitist federal class and it’s the same with our military, this criminal regime is hiring only those that favor gun control.” – Then they act in rebellion to our people and constitution, risking their lives, their families, their fortune and future. I just don’t see that being a significant part of LE since the majority who can tell the difference between an illegal order and a lawful one will likely be the first to correct them and encourage them to fly straight or leave the country while the leaving is good.

  11. former dea miami says:

    someone needs to take the state to task the second amendment was written to protect US from the government this was written by people who had to band together to fight the national army civil disobedience the supreme court has said that military weapons are what is protected under 2nd so all these people need to convert to select fire weapons

  12. Citizen John says:

    The gun owners of Conn. and the rest of America are the ones who work and contribute to society and we intend to keep our freedoms and protect our families. Frankly we have to protect ourselves from those who want what we have.
    The Democrats are right, there are two Americas. The America that works, and the America that doesn’t. The America that contributes, and the America that doesn’t. It’s not the haves and the have not’s, it’s the dos and the don’ts.
    Some people do their duty as Americans, obey the law, support themselves, contribute to society, and others don’t. That’s the divide in America. It’s not about income inequality, it’s about civic irresponsibility.
    It’s about a political party that preaches hatred, greed and victimization in order to win elective office.
    It’s about a political party that loves power more than it loves its country. That’s not invective, that’s truth, and it’s about time someone said it. The politics of envy was on proud display a couple weeks ago when President Obama pledged the rest of his term to fighting “income inequality.” He noted that some people make more than other people,that some people have higher incomes than others, and he says that’s not just.
    That is the rationale of thievery. The other guy has it, you want it, Obama will take it for you. Vote Democrat.
    That is the philosophy that produced Detroit. It is the electoral philosophy that is destroying America. It conceals a fundamental deviation from American values and common sense.
    If the politicians don’t take it fast enough there will always be some who take matters into their own hands and try to take it from you, which may result in loss of your life, or your family members life. The intended or “unintended consequences” of a thief.
    The threat of multiple rounds is a deterrent to thoughtful “Bad Guys”.

  13. Allen says:

    Are there no Sheriffs or Senior State Policemen in CT with any gumption and respect for the Constitution to tell these idiot politicians no and that they are wrong?

    Lets hear some of them speak up and support the PEOPLE and that Constitution they are sworn to uphold, protect and serve.

    CT and MD are tests for the rest of the country.

  14. Kevin says:

    Gee, there was a recall of goofy politicians in Colorado. The answer is two pronged. First, don’t comply. Second, organize and attack through the legislative and electoral processes. This law won’t be attempted in other states if it and the bums who passed it are summarily thrown out. If that doesn’t happen, then somebody ultimately will be arrested, at which point, funds will need to be raised for his or her court case and appeal to overthrow the statute as unconstitutional. Hopefully, we won’t need to go there, because if the courts get it wrong, we’ll all be living in police states soon.

  15. Rob says:

    Tell them to go to hell , you get nothing..

  16. JerryJ says:

    As a MArylander,”living in the country”,and paying my taxes for over 40 years.I say, and please take no offense,BUT, they deserve what they get for voting these idiots into office.!! MAryland like Connecticut is a “LITMUS TEST” for the “gun grabbers”.The next election ,I will be voting ALL incumbents out.
    Will I surrender my firearms, HELL NO
    Vietnam Veteran

  17. Blustering aside, there is not going to be any “armed insurrection” or anything close to it. They will extend the deadline for registration and many will comply. Those that don’t will keep their head down and the affair will die down.

    The ONLY response is to vote out those that voted for this legislation. This can be done in November or one could explore the recall provisions in the State Constitution.

    Let’s face it, if the majority of a population of a state supports these sorts of laws they will be passed and stay there.


  18. Firerock says:

    Take my weapon when you pull my cold dead finger from the trigger .
    And it will have an empty magazine .

  19. Ken says:

    There is one major problem with seeking a court ruling. The judges are paid by the State. The lawyers are paid by the State. And they ate all political animals. The police are paid by the State. It is a stacked deck to go into the system. They own and rule the system. The only thing they fear is a really pissed off populace.

  20. WF says:

    What the press is not talking about much… that New York State has much the same provisions under the recently-enacted SAFE law. Besides the options cited for CT….NYS allows a further option to “re-style” the gun to “Sporter” status… it doesn’t have the evil-assault rifle features ( flash hider, protruding pistol grip, etc). If you are willing to make these “Style” changes, the gun is seen as a normal sporter rifle, and no registration or disposal of that weapon is required. Our CT brothers should have been given that other option too.

  21. Walter Waitkus says:

    I’d remove myself and all of my family and assets from the state.

  22. ryan says:

    If it comes to this same point in my state (NC) I shall dig my tarheel in and shoot until I run out of ammo or they kill me before I give them up. Granted, I probably won’t last long from a drone strike, but hey, I’ve lived long enough. It’ll be time for me to “man-up’ for once in my life.

    I apologize in advance to any law enforcement and their family for your future loss of life or injuries, I realize you’re just “doing your job”.

    As a warning, better bring your “A” game and all I ask is that you do a good job of it.


  23. PAUL FOREL says:

    ‘Course, the scary part of this is that they know who has not registered their firearms.

    Now all they need is to print out the list and go door to door with some soldier with a UN patch on his or her shoulder.

    • Lysander says:

      Under existing law, any soldier “with a UN patch on his or her shoulder”, or any soldier wearing a UN helmet, is an invading enemy combatant subject to the same retaliation action as a Nazi soldier marching into Paris or a Japanese soldier marching into Luzon during WWII. Real Americans will consider such UN shoulder patches and blue UN helmets to be the proper targets of immediate ballistic response.

  24. RAPTOR555 says:


    If they come to confiscate my guns, they’ll find my body half-buried in empty shells and my guns with white-hot barrels. I am NOT a criminal for having guns and ammunition which is my GUARANTEED right under the Second Amendment. Woe be to anyone that tries to take that right away from me or any other American patriot. I firmly believe that our military and my law enforcement brothers would not be complicit in any such confiscation actions because they also took the oath seriously to defend the US Constitution; unlike the anti-gun, communist democrats. Obama has been firing top military brass because they didn’t pass his litmus test.*
    *Would you order your troops to open fire on American citizens if given the order to do so?

  25. What happened to the land of the free? Excellent (and begging) question!
    Here’s the answer:

  26. Chris says:

    History will show that United Communism of America began in Connecticut, and Obama was granted High Powers and remained in office as the first Dictator until he retired at 75.

  27. BigC says:

    These are NOT “assault weapons”!!!!!!!

  28. Old Squid says:

    Well they wanted disarm all of the law abiding people, so only the police and criminals would have guns. They did just this, now if I was there I would get myself down to Texas. If I had to use one of these to protect my life in that state I would do one of 2 things exit the state before the Gestapo arrives, or I will rent a wood chipper and clean it well before returning it.
    They wanted to make them criminals, beware of what you ask for.

  29. Jimbob says:

    What I would like to see is for one person to get convicted under this law. This one person would have to be willling and tough enough to fight all the way to the SCOTUS as a 5th Amendment case. I would personally crusade for funding to support this effort and I believe funding would be forthcoming. SCOTUS has already ruled that convicted felons cannot be compelled by law to register their firearms because such registration would violate their right against self-incrimination (5th Amendment). Only non-felons can be Constitutionally required by law to register firearms. Every attempt to curb crime through legislation results in harm to the law-abiding. That’s why new laws get passed. The old ones did not accomplish their intended goals and were plagued with unintended consequences.

  30. Elmo says:

    If they get this law going and they get them reg. the next step is that they come to your house and just take them. Wake up people before it’s too late. They will get some of them but most will have hot barrels by the time they get them.

  31. Pat K Sensing says:

    Good for us here in Tennessee..We get a new Beretta gun plant..

  32. Dwayne Klien says:

    As a retired Law Enforcement Officer of many years, gun registration is the first step to gun confiscation. I still can’t believe those asinine people who believe if we get rid of all the weapons, guns especially, some how miraculously all crime/killing will end.

  33. David from the still land of the free... says:


    • dave says:

      Better idea: Insurrectionist politicians and any active rebels in their cause should be leaving the country, it’s clearly inconsistent with their beliefs.

  34. Dog says:

    What state officials? Who are they?

  35. MrSpellcheck says:

    Ummmm, So if I don’t register the weapon, how do they know I have it? And if I go to a range for practice, will I have to produce some kind of ID tag for each weapon / Mag? Would each weapon have some kind of official sticker on it?

    Seems unenforceable unless they go door to door and search every inch of every piece of property in the entire state. Even then, a nice PVC tube in the back yard or a little drywall work in the house and that weapon is “gone” without a trace. Haul people in and offer money to turn in their neighbors? If it comes to that, might as well write off the whole state.

  36. 55 years a shooter says:

    Since I don’t own a select fire or full auto gun ( an assault weapon), only semi-auto rifles, I believe that the letter does not apply to me.

    • Tim Gard says:

      And when the laws do apply to you and the rest of us are gone, what then? More useless rhetoric? You can shoot for 55 years, but that does not a marksman make …

  37. Jim Chandler says:

    As long as we keep letting them take our constitutional rights without a fight, they will keep doing it. They own the courts, the judges work for them. If we want it to stop we have to stand up as a group and say NO. We are a constitutional Republic. I think 96% is a solid majority. As Ben Franklin said, WE must all hang together or we will all hang separately. It is time that a line was drawn in the sand and the liberal socialists were stood up to and very firmly told that it ends here.Vote them out if you can, but if they come to your home and bring violence to your family, cover each others back and make them pay. It is their choice which method they choose. Don’t let them make examples out of one person at a time. There must be a cohesive resistance and it must be large enough that it cannot be covered up by calling an individual a kook.

  38. Dave says:

    They going to send that ugly scalped hide out to scare everyone to death?

  39. Joe says:

    My response would be to mail a copy of the 2nd Amendment to them.

  40. jon says:

    Each and every one affected by this law should file suit against the state , not only naming the state but every state legislator and the Governor as litigants personally for attempting to violate the second amendment of it’s citizens by voting FOR such legislation. File a motion for a stop order of the enforcement of the law until all litigation is finalized . File suit on as many different legal “angles” as can be filed on so the perspective suits cannot be “enjoined as one” and “ignored as any one aspect” pertaining to illegal infringement. Finally , seek out and ostracize publically all politicians who voted for and supported the law, then work to have them removed from office. This kind of legislation should not ever happen, you would think that it would at least be put before the citizens for a vote rather than before the so called state legislators. Oh yes, find out and PUBLISH a LIST of all of those LESGISLATORS VOTED FOR the law that OWN such weapons and magazines (or their immediate family under their roof) so the voters can see the hypocrisy that is taking place.

  41. Dwayne Klien says:

    What happen to my earlier blog, censorship??? I don’t have a Facebook account, or a tweeter account, those are for people that don’t have a life. I contact people in person or by phone, sometimes by e-mail.

  42. nolan says:

    Outlaw weapons and only outlaws will have weapons. Everyone needs to prepare themselves to embrace the outlaw lifestyle

  43. dan w says:

    Even in ultra liberal Canada, this kind of stupid scheme failed and was scrapped.
    Why do liberals assume we will just meekly surrender our rights?

  44. Highlander says:

    And so it starts…. This law will make sure that NO One will take their AR-15 to a range or hunting, out of fear of being caught during a minor traffic stop. Slowly but surely, the State will begin prosecuting these infractions. Again, jail time will be negligible but the state will go after everything and I mean EVERYTHING these gun owners own. The fines will be spectacular and the court costs will BANKRUPT THE GUN OWNER. All it will take is a few of these cases and never will an AR be seen at a shooting range again. These rifles will remain hidden in closets and attics, where they will be forgotten about by the proceeding generations who has no idea how they function. This will suit the liberals just fine, as being out of sight means that Americans loose one more symbol of Self Determination.

    All of us scream Molon Labe but when the fact settles in, that all of that money we saved for our children’s college education or retirement will be gone and given to the State….well…I expect that 99% of the gun owners will fall in line, hide their weapons and live their lives as best they can.

    I just hope that last remaining 1% can find the opportunity to put a round between the eyes of their state senator/congressman/mayor in payback for their disservice to America.

  45. John Franco says:

    I would IGNORE this infringement on my Constitutional right! The citizens of Connecticut should keep their weapons, and vote out every legislator that voted for this violation of their rights! Stand strong and disobey this law, there will be no choice but to listen to the will of the people, these laws will be repealed!

  46. flntlok1949 says:

    I’d be doing everything I could to get my guns, my money, and myself, out of that stinking hotbed of Liberal lunacy! No job is worth having to put up with tyranny! But if they came for my guns before I managed it, I’d act as I would if a group of armed thugs were at my door ! Wonder how many “enforcement officers” CT can afford to lose before they figure out they made a damn big mistake!

  47. Citizen John says:

    Govt’ appointees, judges, cops, etc. generally are happy with gun laws that infringe on our rights.
    Sheriff’s on the other hand generally support the 2nd maybe because they have to face the voters.
    All of those against the People who can be voted out should be voted out in the next election.


    • PFVF says:

      Yep, Citizen John, and in Chicago & Cleveland (for sure, probably other places too), they also absentee vote for dead people.

    • dave says:

      Civil rights do not cost one dollar for US citizens. The GOP has sold out the constitution, deal with it. You’re on your own citizen John, you and the rest of us who expect the constitution be respected. Use your vote wisely to elect progressive (meaning people who will correct these insurrectionist criminals actions) representatives and if you have the means, support them. Do not look for help from the NRA, arms manufacturers, or commercial interests, their souls are for sale for one dollar more. Support your neighbors, you family, our public safety and military officials who understand what is at stake in following the lawless orders of rebels, people who know what’s right and do their best to stand behind that right.

      • PFVF says:

        What’s right for Americans, dave, is the U.S. Constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights which was approved by Thomas Jefferson (among others) who said: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

        The Founders knew what tyranny was, and they would recognize its ugly rising head again now. We owe our country to those original freedom-loving patriots, and if we are to preserve it as they envisioned it and we want it, freedom-loving patriots today will have to look very much like them.

        • dave says:

          Thomas Jefferson said a lot of things, can we please move past that quote which I’m not sure he even said. What matters is every American, CT resident or not, has been attacked by these laws be they CT, NY, CA, or most of the other states which have fallen into line seditiously nibbling away at the language of the constitution for centuries. This is an attack on America from within. What matters today is what people today say, and choose for themselves. Submission, or defiance of rebellion in whatever lawful form that takes is our choice. That would include civil disobedience and filing lawsuits and criminal charges against legislators, municipalities, counties, and the state, anyone involved in insurrection (or rebellion should it come to that). People have a reasonable, responsible right to expect the constitution be upheld, and to seek redress of grievances from those who attempt rebellion.

      • Citizen John says:

        Dave, that may be your definition of “progressives” but it isn’t the current political definition of “progressives”. Hillary, Obama, Chicago Rahm, Pelosi, Dingy Harry Reid, and all of their ilk consider themselves progressives while actually being some brand of socialist, fascist, or communist.
        They are “progressives” to the alphabet media which disarms the public while pushing a United Nations “One World
        Agenda” and they can’t make it happen as long as you and I have our guns.
        As far as selling one’s soul for a dollar, “Capitalism”, I was happy to for 41 years which enabled me to render to Cesar what was due while keeping a roof over our heads, feeding the family, buying a few rifles along the way and I don’t intend for the Govt’ to take them. Yes, I support the NRA, and numerous other organizations that support the 2nd Amendment. Dave, it’s all hands on deck and I will support Candidates who stand up for Freedom and I can tell you that none of them are Democrats, those days are gone.
        I hate it but they are gone. The National and Most State Democrat Parties are solid socialists. They don’t want a “Skip Jackson, Zell Miller, or Joe Manchin anymore.

        • dave says:

          Yes, none of them are democrats, I agree. But don’t fool yourself, few, if any are GOP either. they are the other side of the same elitist coin. I suggest taking back language from these people. Progress means just that, so does progressive. What they are selling is not progressive, it is slavery. Vote well, contribute well if you choose, but freedom is not for sale for any price, to anyone, no matter what party of letters they stand behind. We as Americans have a legal right to require freedom, lawfulness, and obedience to our constitution and those who defy it in word are committing a crime, sedition or insurrection. In deed, rebellion. We do not have to legally tolerate rebellion no matter their excuses, no matter their titles, no matter the letters they hide behond. That is what progress will look like.

          • Elmo says:

            You noticed that the gov. didn’t arrest anyone when the time ran out they just extended the deadline (no stones). I hope that the people bring the gov. into check ASAP.

            • tiger says:

              When will Americans get wise and get out of the “party system “. It does not matter what party they are in, they are all in the same boat, they stand for the same thing. They do one thing well, they decieve people ! They say what they know that you what to hear Do you really think that your vote in the General Election counts ? Locally it does and maybe even the congresional race. Good men and women until they get to Washoington, then if they don’t play ball they don’t last. But surely not for the Presidency, YOUR VOTE DON”T MEAN A THING !

              Wake up, know your ENEMY !!

              a Vietnam Vet that still has a lot of fight in him, Hoorah !

          • dave says:

            That’s about the size of it Tiger, from the elections laws, to who oversees the vote, to who confirms the vote, the Crown Party always has the head seat at the table, And they manage the meal for themselves.

  48. John says:

    I feel for all of the citizens of Conn. In a land of the free we are not so free. Remember what happened in Colo. the two politicians were recalled, removed, replaced and the law changed.
    I wish every gun owner in the state my best. It’s a sorry set of affairs when good honest people are criminalized because of an object that some object to. By the time this Russian invasion plats out we may very well need these arms to protect our country. Remember Switzerland has NEVER been attacked for everyone is armed and ready to fight for the defense of their country.

  49. Steve says:

    “I sold it to some guy at a flea market last year”
    You need to know where a large flea market meets regularly in a nearby state that allows private transfers so you can give an address, name, and day of week, to make your claim believable. “Private transfer to another state” is the way to go. No paperwork required. You’ll also need a burial safe, and a good place to hide it.

  50. dave says:

    Editor: So how is it we go from moderated comments to comments being screened by an arbitrary gatekeeper. Isn’t the ability to remove comments that cross a line of responsibility sufficient diligence on your part?

  51. Boxilar says:

    “I’m sorry officer. I had a tragic boating accident. All my guns were lost at sea.”

  52. John Smith says:

    Give them the ammo first.

  53. D.A.D. says:

    Shame on us who do not live in Conn. for not speaking up sooner. My apologies to those who did; my apologies to the gun owners who could have possibly benefited from more timely support from concerned gun owners around the country.

    Past experience tells me that I need to read the law before I can provide much meaningful comment, but given what this article states, 96% of the owners of semi-automatic rifles have made the wisest first step: non-violent non-compliance. This is clearly a matter to be settled in court supported by a fully informed staff of attorneys funded in part by each of us who don’t want to see this happen in our state.

    I believe that continued non-compliance combined with consolidating our concerns as gun owners and getting behind a predominant group fighting for the repeal of this misdirected law is the path to take. I would not admit that my semi-auto is an assault rifle by registering it as one or treating it as one by changing its characteristics. A last resort would be to find a friend in another state to hold it for me until this legislation is moderated or completely overturned. Violence via a shoot-out at the front door with a law enforcement officer would be a grossly premature action. Chances are that the LE is more on your side than you think, but they are stuck in the middle. Getting them on your side would be a powerful ally.

    For you Conn. gun owners, I will try to read the law asap. I will look for a solid group effort to lend my support because I would be in the 96% if I lived there and I would like to hear of a ground swell of support coming my way.

    Shame on the Chief LE for not resigning.

    • dave says:

      Shame on the media for failing to report this insurrection to the rest of the nation. This was the first I even heard about it.

  54. David says:

    It is easier to manufacture false papers, stating it has been transferred out of state, than to make a fake ID for a teenager. As the massive numbers of checks needed are too much to handle. Let alone easy enough to get a friend or relative to assist with the out of state “proof.”

    Or, just ignore. As many seem to do in CT now. I smell a repeal coming.

  55. Hey says:

    Find a job in a another state and get the he!! out of Russia. Also maybe organize a protest at the state capital where everyone brings there guns with signs saying not registered gun owner and dares the government to take them!

  56. Howland Owl says:

    I would simply leave the state for one that has a better understanding of firearms and whose elected officials do not see a handguard or a pistol grip as a defining factor in an assault weapon. I would also encourage anyone who lives in that state to do the same thing, hoping that the point is reached and surpassed where there are not enough residents to pay the taxes necessary to run the state.

  57. victor says:

    I sold those 3 years ago, (buried in the back yard)

  58. American says:

    It is actions like this that make the 2nd Amendment more valid. It is not so people can own weapons/firearms, It’s so THE PEOPLE can keep a corrupt government in check. Either thur action, like our forefathers did to the British, or the intent that a free, ARMED populace can remain free. All the other Amendments, Bill of Rights hell our Constitution only remain for us to use due to the 2nd.

    If you think that free speech would be around if there wasn’t something to back it, illegal search, where to worship etc etc. We all have these only due to the fact that IF we The People need to, we can replace a unjust Government like we did over 200+ years ago.One can vote, like in Colorado, but it is past old hearing i’ll vote for the lesser of two losers ? It might be time for people to be ready to use there right and set things right.

  59. Jimbob says:

    Chelsea Davis, your poll is seriously flawed. There is no such thing as an assault weapon…

  60. D.A.D. says:

    O.k., now I have read most of Public Act 13-3, as amended by Public Act 13-220 (yes, all 140 pages of it) and it is clear that the citizens of Connecticut have put elected officials into office that, as a body, do not represent the interests of owners of semi-automatic, center fire rifles. The 96% who did not comply are willfully violating the law and the corporate will of the citizens of their state no matter how poorly informed and unaware those citizens may be.

    The citizens of Connecticut have:
    1. allowed (for the first time known by me) their state to redefine the term “assault rifle” to include all semi-automatic, center fire rifles, shotguns, and pistols having magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds;

    2. cast non-LE, military, or approved government employees to be legally cast in the light of being potentially aggressive, untrustworthy, suspicious individuals because of the type of firearm(s) they choose to own and use for lawful purposes;

    3. and greatly subjected themselves to future intrusions on their personal liberties by placing greater trust in governmental agencies than they do each other.

    This contents of this law have obviously been brewing in the pot of some anti-gun group for some time and was dished out to the state legislature with little more to do than fill in a few blanks. It is going to have to be undone through the same legislative process when the seats are occupied by more worthy representatives. A battle has been lost by the law coming into being, but the war MUST be won. The 96% are hopefully very busy at work at this very moment getting ready for the next election and organizing their voices into a clear, educated message of why this is both bad law and bad precedent for all citizens of their state.

    Long gun permits, ammunition permits, semi-automatic rifle permits . . . . Why does the citizenry believe that the government need to grant them permission to do lawful things with lawful possessions? They are infected with a fear of their own shadows and the shadows of their neighbors. I would seriously consider moving to another state, but please don’t come here to my fly-over part of the world. Such infections often travel in mysterious, undetectable ways unless an individual is prepared to love and risk the responsibilities of liberty and self-governance.

  61. nico says:

    Those who drafted and signed the bill are guilty of treason and subject to execution, as are any who try to enforce thus stupidity. Do not comply in any way! Remove them from office, by all means, but do not stop there. Persecute them until they are dead or gone from our nation. Zero tolerance.

  62. Robert Paulson says:

    I would get arrested and settle the dispute in court. When a branch of the government breaks, hold on to another branch.

  63. Erectus says:

    This is blatantly unconstitutional; . Legislators today operate on ignorance and political motivations not reality nor what the majority of citizens want ..Freedom . Ex post facto laws retroactively change the rules of evidence in a criminal case, retroactively alter the definition of a crime, retroactively increase the punishment for a criminal act, or punish conduct that was legal when committed. They are prohibited by Article I, Section 10, Clause 1, of the U.S. Constitution. An ex post facto law is considered a hallmark of tyranny because it deprives people of a sense of what behavior will or will not be punished and allows for random punishment at the whim of those in power.

  64. Bill says:

    at the end of the choices, I would add an extra box with another choice…..”F*** OFF”

  65. Joel says:

    We need to stand together and not comply ! No way they are going to do anything to tens of thousands of people. They are letting criminals out of prison due to overcrowding. If a few individuals start to cave, then others will follow. Cities, then counties, then states. The line must be drawn here and now. The NRA must call for civil disobedience now.

  66. Deano says:

    What is this gonna accomplish , do you think the criminals are registering their weapons ! Down south it would be quicker to ask the people who don’t have weapons to come register. And what will they do with the info when they get it? Put it in a news paper like they did in New York ,with names and addresses. I have weapons registered and not registered,the ones that are not registered are not getting registered. All law abiding weapon owners can always come on down Texas,Louisiana & Mississippi will welcome you.

  67. Chris says:

    The law is unconstitutional. It is an ex post facto law. We the people will win this through civil disobedience.

  68. Tim Gard says:

    Congratulations to our brethren in Connecticut, from Americans in the battle here in NY. The ‘laws’ they have forced upon us violate our most sacred rights under the second amendment. Now, in your next election you must ignore the lie ‘my vote does not count’ and remove the anti American cancer scum that has spread within our state governments. Warning to communist and socialist trash, the American people are waking up and your days are numbered! A note to all American peace officers. Abandon your anti American stance. We will need good police officers after this mess is done, and there will be many openings in a job that earns and demands respect from the people who hire you. To the rest, your reputation will proceed you. Hope socialist scum can dig ditches! Molon Labe!

  69. David says:

    The State of CT can make all the childish laws it wants, but my right to keep and bear arms is still there. Whether I choose to keep and bear any arms is nobody’s business, the State of CT included. It does seem smart, however, to keep some arms in my house so I can bear them against the State of CT if and when it comes to my house to see whether I have chosen to keep any arms.

    In other words, the State of CT can go fly a kite.

  70. tiger says:

    Go F… yourself !

  71. Clayford says:

    This is complete nonsense! The Second Amendment provides for the individual right to keep and bear arms. I applaud the people of Connecticut for their resistance to this blatently unconstitutional law.

  72. howell clark says:

    idiotic politicians file and pass feel good legislation all the time that is enacted into law and never prosecuted until the time is ripe. this is one of those sleeper laws that is fishing. first off they shouldn’t know who has one. if they do thats a violation of federal regul;ations of there not being a list(if you believe that one). secondly citizen john has said it best . seems like a cold dead hands proposition coming up.

  73. Tim Gard says:

    The second amendment is the last step of the political enemies of our free nation. They think this is the last thing they need to do to eliminate the document from the American people. They have butchered the rest of it, now the Second amendment is their final test. Those of you who think 3% of us are going to sit on our hands, well you are as misinformed as those who plan to subvert this great document. Then we will use those FEMA camps they built for us to keep the jack booted enemies of freedom working polishing their shiny boots with their shiny posteriors. After we are done in socialist state of NY we will be there to help you if you want us Connecticut. Next Washington. Molon Labe brothers, Molon Labe!!

  74. sammsettle says:

    We the poeple regulate gov. not the other way around!! Wake up America. and vote as such…..

    • tiger says:

      When will Americans get wise and get out of the “party system “. It does not matter what party they are in, they are all in the same boat, they stand for the same thing. They do one thing well, they decieve people ! They say what they know that you what to hear Do you really think that your vote in the General Election counts ? Locally it does and maybe even the congresional race. Good men and women until they get to Washoington, then if they don’t play ball they don’t last. But surely not for the Presidency, YOUR VOTE DON”T MEAN A THING ! Get those bums out now by recall ! Waiting for the electing will be too late. Put the fire out now !

      Wake up, know your ENEMY !!

      a Vietnam Vet that still has a lot of fight in him, Hoorah !

    • Elmo says:

      They may get the guns from some of the people but I think that the barrels will be very hot to the touch when they pull them from their cold hands.

  75. Elmo says:

    If you think that in Russia is after us think again. They know that we are a paper tiger. They would like the people of this country to stop all of this crap that the government has been pulling on the world. Wake-up people we owe so much to Russia and china that we will never be able to pay them back thanks to our Gov. officials that have sold us down the river for lots and lots of money while they take more and more of our rights. DON’T GIVE UP YOUR GUNS OR YOUR RIGHTS!!!!! ( think about all the legislation that has torn this country’s heart out by letting it happen again and again.)

    • Tim Gard says:

      A word about gun laws. The Constitution is the superior law of the land. Any laws made contrary to the Constitution are not laws, they are useless words from uneducated evil people. I do not need a damned pistol permit in NY. The American Constitution IS my permit! Molon Labe!

  76. Bruce Fletcher says:

    This could be a tipping point for anyone who believes that rights are God given and not government given. The constitution guarantees rights we already have and politicians have no right to infringe upon. The people in government have forgotten who they are dealing with and its amazing one of the hotbeds of the first revolution could very well end up being a hotbed for another one. When an oppressive government over reaches themselves it may be time for the citizens of this country to tell them very plainly. We are a free people and you have no right or authority to violate our rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. 99% of the mass shooting we have seen in this country are the result of mentally ill people not getting the treatment they so desperately need. Why is that? We have a mental health system that puts gravely ill people on the street and trusts them to stay on their medications. The result is we have jails with more mental patients than criminals. So a federal judge says to ease overcrowding you must release prisoners early and put them on parole to an overworked parole system. Crime rates and burglaries skyrocket and the politicians want to take our means of self-defense away! In my home town the result was the murder of a beloved Priest, beaten to death by a mentally ill prisoner released from jail only a couple of hours earlier. I totally support the gun owners in Connecticut and I would not comply either.

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