April 29, 2016

The ABC’s of Multiple Impact Bullets


Advanced Ballistics Concepts, LLC (ABC), a ballistics research and development company, says it has invented the first multi-part bullet that immediately unlocks and expands to a predetermined diameter upon leaving the tip of a rifled barrel.

The company claims this new Multiple Impact Bullet, or Mi-Bullet, significantly improves a shooter’s hit probability in ultra-close and mid-range engagements because the bullet produces a web-like strike profile prior to impact.

Mi-Bullets are similar to multi-pellet buckshot in that both deliver multiple strike points. However, a Mi-Bullet round enhances performance by harnessing the spinning forces from a rifled barrel to expand the fragments to the predetermined set diameter up to 3x faster than buckshot.

The patented Mi-Bullets are the first to interconnect three separate segments with ballistic grade tethers that allow the fragment to expand like a web to a predetermined diameter, 14 inches for a handgun or 24 inches for a shotgun spread pattern.

The company says this process occurs without disrupting the normal flight path of a spinning bullet because they deploy a proprietary accelerated radial spread.

Jaye Kuchman, co-founder of the company, said, “According to national law enforcement statistics, more than 93% of 1st shots and nearly 80% of all shots fired in life and death situations miss their mark. Our research shows that these missed shots are the effect of ‘last-second twitch,’ which occurs to some extent whenever a gun is fired, particularly in highly stressful situations. Because every Mi-Bullet offers a wide shot profile, they compensate for marksman error.”

For more information, visit www.Mibullet.com.

1,403 Responses to “The ABC’s of Multiple Impact Bullets”
  1. KnowsExperts says:

    A better solution is frangible self defense ammo. It flies like a normal bullet until it hits, then breaks up into multiple sharp projectiles. This provides a one-shot stop if you hit what you’re aiming at, and greatly reduced risks of collateral damage if you miss. See the “Hush” demo movie on this page: http://www.customcartridge.com/resources/index.php

  2. Dean says:

    I agree with you Dave, seems like stoping power would be hurt. Would be good for the hide out, belly gun. Derek, are serious, are you so P.C. And castrated that you are worried about what the D.A. Is going to think of your ammo?
    My priorities for a self defense situation where I pull my weapon,
    1- Don’t die
    2- Everything else.
    Come on man get off the gun rights boards unless you want to be part of solution, thinking like you think, you are part of the problem,

  3. ex dea miami says:

    These are not for leo but self defense quick out of holster no aim stop the mugger

  4. Dave says:

    Presumably this spreads out the muzzle energy and divides it by three. If you have a weapon with questionable “stopping power” to begin with, you’re basically throwing away 2/3 of what you do have. Even if all three pieces hit, will they penetrate? Will they have enough energy to “stop” a living target?

    First thing that popped into my head on seeing this was “here’s a way to give your deer rifle the power of a muzzle-loader”.

  5. Derek says:

    These bullets would probably already be illegal in the states that have already outlawed bolo type shotgun shells. Illinois law prohibits “Any shell that can be fired in a firearm and expels as projectiles 2 or more metal balls connected
    by solid metal wire”. I suppose these bullets may have a work around depending on their specific construction and the semantics of the criminal code…but it would be a gray area at best. just starting out.

    The wound created by a bullet of this type also has the potential to cause a massively traumatic wound. While I agree that is the ultimate goal in a life or death situation, in the world we live in today, it seems that would open up the potential for litigation, both civil and criminal.

    • Ed says:

      If the “wire” is stranded instead of solid, the shot is not a “ball” so I think you’ve got even Illinois — at least on a technicality. You’re already using deadly force when you use a gun.

  6. Citizen John says:

    OK, but this is not for a competent shooter, a hostage would be toast if the cop forgot which load he had in the mag. The new round would work for close shots where the cop doesn’t need to go through a wall, car door, window, or some other cover material. He might want to put it in his “back up” gun. That would be my plan.

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