June 27, 2016

Chicago Gun Laws

Chicago, the windy city, has given us many things: Deep Dish Pizza, Chicago Hotdogs, bad sports teams, and lots of hot political air.  They have also given us the strictest gun laws in the United States.  We all know that guns are the root of all evil, right?  Without guns the world would be such a better place, right?  This type of misguided thinking is what has gotten Chicago to the point it is at today.

The months of July and August saw 145 people shot in Chicago–many of them fatally.  If I removed the name Chicago from this paragraph, it might sound like I’m quoting stats from Afghanistan or Egypt.  You wouldn’t be surprised.  But I’m talking about a major city in the heartland of America.  This is a sad commentary on the state of crime in Chicago.

Chicago is the land of Al Capone, Rod Blagojevich, Richard Daley and Barak Obama.  It’s also where the 2nd Amendment has almost ceased to exist.  Only recently has the legislature passed a concealed carry law, and that was because they were forced to because Illinois lost in a federal court of appeals in December of 2012.  The court gave them 180 days to pass a law.  The governor did his best to veto it, but the legislature won out and passed a law making Illinois the last state to have a concealed carry permit available to law abiding citizens.

Even with this new law, which won’t go into effect until 2014, Mayor Emanuel is trying his best to place as many restrictions as possible on his serfs; I mean constituents. Here are some of the gems that Emanuel is proposing; no guns in schools, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and movie theaters.  Grocery stores?  Isn’t it funny that we have armed guards in banks, on armored trucks, and even in some retail stores – but heaven forbid we allow guns in schools.  I must be an idiot – I always thought that our children were what we value the most.  But apparently, we don’t value them enough to protect them.

This new law also requires that you also need to have a High School Diploma or GED to carry concealed.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Apparently, you need the state’s seal of approval on your education before you are allowed to exercise a constitutional right.  Funny how they’re not comfortable applying that same standard to voting.  Or free speech.  Or procreating.

We all know that making sure that law abiding citizens are unarmed will decrease the violent gun crime, that Santa will be bringing me my new Ferrari this year, and that if I wish hard enough – I can fly.  Really?!?  Responsible gun owners are not out committing crimes; street thugs who don’t give a damn about gun laws are committing them.  Do the politicians in power really think that the drug dealer who got ripped off is thinking, “Gee I’d like to shoot that fellow who stole my money but I can’t legally get a gun so I better not do it.  Besides carrying a gun concealed is against the law so I better not do that either!”

You’d think with the already strict gun laws on the books criminals would be getting prosecuted, right?  WRONG!!  Chicago has a whopping 26% clearance rate for homicides in 2012.  Let me put that another way; 74% of murderers in Chicago are roaming the streets – having not been caught, and likely to kill again.  Just so we all understand what a big number this really is – Chicago had 507 homicides in 2012 and they are on pace to crush this number in 2013.  Way to keep it classy Chicago!

So back to my original question; how are those gun laws working?  For those that want to see your 2nd Amendment rights disappear, they’re working exactly as intended.  The everyday law abiding citizen who wants to protect himself and his family is prevented from doing that.  Gun ownership becomes more difficult and a less exercised right.  As a result, criminals roam the streets with impunity because they know that no one is carrying, and no one can defend themselves.

The 2nd amendment was written so that we as Americans could defend ourselves our property and our families from invading forces, criminals, and even our own government.  So while I applaud the Illinois legislature for doing what they were forced to do and passing a concealed carry law, I also call on the citizens of Illinois to take action and put more pressure on the legislature to protect your 2nd amendment rights.


The Daley tradition continued



509 Responses to “Chicago Gun Laws”
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  5. Jay Thomas says:

    Tom – You are a man after my own heart – I couldn’t have said it better. Would love to see more Americans dig for the facts and truth instead of believing the hogwash Washington and the News pumps out!

    Impeach, Prosecute and Hang the Washington Elected Criminals, Special Interest Groups and the News!

  6. Lee Kramer says:

    I’m from Texas originally. Thirty years ago I moved to my wife’s home state temporarily which turned into 28 years. I felt like I had moved to the U.S.S.R. People there were always surprised and even angered I would say this. Time and again IL lawmakers, judges, lawyers and lawmen keep proving me right. This was yet one more reason I lost my respect for law enforcement. It died permanently about ten years ago. My middle son failed to understand his 5th Amendment right to remain silent. As the saying goes, “give them an inch and they will take a mile.” IL Cops with warped imaginations can and do create crime out of thin air. I now know this as FACT! My son is now a convicted felon (without his 2nd Amendment rights) after 81/2 years in prison for a crime that the evidence showed never occurred. With deep pockets I don’t have would have proved it. Lawyer rate right up there with the police too. The most galling part is how people still want to honor and respect these criminal predators simply because they can and do just about all they damn well please. This was just another minor example! Two years ago I moved to Kansas. Last year I drove to IL to get my son from prison and to hell out of IL!

  7. John Franco says:

    Chicago is a nasty, gang ridden, drug infested town! Still the crooked democrats who have run it into the ground, dont believe an honest, hardworking, law abiding citizen has the right to defend themselves! Perhaps they’re just too preoccupied with stealing to care about the safety their citizens.

    • Al says:

      Do you love in Chicago? If so what part, don’t tell me Naperville because that’s not Chicago. I live on the near South Side and yes there are a lot of shit areas, but that’s because people,let it get that way. Even nice areas get infiltrators weather it’s from one side of the Redline to the other , or across I-94. If you ask 90+ % of police they will agree that law abiding citizens should have he rite to carry. So before being what is apparent to you being ignorant, what is your real experience. I’m not defending the corrupt politicians that you have right but don’t spew on my Beautiful City.

  8. BigC says:

    I would like to thank the thugs, gang-bangers and all the other felons and crazies, in Chicago, NY, etc., for continuing to prove the fact that GUN CONTROL LAWS DON’T WORK!!!!!!!!

  9. Bill C says:

    Wow! If Chicago has laws like this, we should get a law passed against mind-altering drug use and possession and another law against sneaking into our country illegally. WHAT? You say we already have laws like that? Well good, because they will show us just how a law can stop illegal behavior1 How are those laws working out?

  10. dave says:

    Illegitimate laws like these make society far more dangerous for everyone. I can’t imagine being a LEO in Chicago knowing that because of them you face danger from both the lawless element and the lawful element in society. We as citizens have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The only way that can be terminated is through a constitutional amendment and the lesser government that constitutes Chicago cannot terminate that right. The constitution is any law abiding citizens carry permit. Faced with that reality, why would responsible representatives pass laws encouraging public safety officials to enforce unconstitutional laws? Why don’t they just pass a law saying that without a $200 non-slave license, press gangs may roam the streets and impress citizens into slavery with total police protection? By their acts they are attempting to do the same thing with their unconstitutional arms limitations. This is not negotiable, end the insanity.

  11. Jim Baum says:

    Back in 1968 when Illinois was first proposing the state firearms owners identification act. I warned my late father that this was a dangerous thing for gun owners. But he and a lot of others bought into the pack of lies that their 2nd amendment rights would not be violated. Sadly to say, he was wrong and I was right. This was followed by Chicago passing it own even more draconian version of the law. Now you cannot even buy a box of ammo (outside of the city limits) without that card. And not at all inside the city limits. No Guns or ammo sold in Chicago. No Gun or ammo sales of any type, no gun shows, sporting goods stores, and so forth. At least now all of the relatives that I have who are still alive, reside outside of the city limits. But even their lot is not much better. As for political leaders worth anything. That all died with the death of Richard M Daley. The Father not the son. Chicago has been on a down hill slide ever since. I am so glad that I chose to life in Arkansas since I left military service. Because we would send them packing if they ever tried that here.

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