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Gun Control Activist Arrested for Carrying Gun


BUFFALO, NY—Sometimes it’s just fun to see someone who speaks out of both sides of their mouth get into trouble for it. Actually, it’s always fun to see. So, when gun control advocate Dwayne Ferguson was arrested by police for carrying a loaded pistol into Harvey Austin Elementary School, it’s easy to feel smug about it.

At 4:15 p.m. on Thursday, local police got a number of anonymous tips that a black male had just been seen walking into the elementary school carrying a pistol. Within minutes of the calls, the school had been placed on lock-down, surrounding streets had been closed, and police had swarmed the scene.

The school had already released its students for the day and only around sixty remained on campus. Most of them were waiting for Ferguson as he was working as an after school mentor for underprivileged youth.

Ferguson, 52, was apparently scared by the lock-down and collected his sixty students together for protection, ushering them into the cafeteria. He even called the lieutenant, asking if he could help. It wasn’t until police were individually patting everyone down that that he realized who had sent the school into lock-down and called in a battalion of law enforcement — well, so said his friend, Rev. James E. Giles.

Giles, president of Back to Basics Outreach Ministries, said publicly that he is a close friend of Ferguson and knows beyond a doubt that the incident was accidental. “I’m sure Dwayne went into the school not thinking he had the gun on him. We know this for a fact, that he called out to a Buffalo police lieutenant asking why the school was in lock-down, and that they were looking for a man with a gun.“

The problem with this claim is that Ferguson was seen with the gun on his hip entering the building, but had to be patted down to find it upon leaving.

Even School Superintendent Kevin Brinkworth didn’t believe that he was completely innocent in the case. “This is a person well-known in the building. No one expected him to have a gun in the building,” said the Superintendent. However, he went on to express that he felt Ferguson became aware of the gun on his person and didn’t attempt to fix the problem. Brinkworth said, Ferguson “had opportunities” to make the search easy, but forced them to find the firearm through a pat down.

Ferguson’s controversy in the case, however, isn’t due to his carrying a firearm. It’s due to his opposition to guns and that his own lobbying efforts have saddled him with two felony charges.

During 2013, Ferguson was highly outspoken about gun control and has been considered a key activist in the passing on NY’s SAFE Act. In the same law, carrying a pistol onto school grounds was changed from a misdemeanor to a felony. The very act that Ferguson lobbied for has resulted in his two felony charges.

Gun owners have been upset about NY’s gun control efforts for years. Stephen J. Aldstadt, who serves as president of the state Shooters Committee on Political Education, said, “The more they make these gun-free zones, the more they make people vulnerable to mass killers like at Columbine and Sandy Hook.

Now, I can say that Ferguson isn’t a bad guy? Honestly so. He works after school hours with underprivileged youth and has become a regular face in his community as he works to reduce violence, gang activity, and hate. Those are good things and something we should be careful to foster and encourage in a community.

It’s a just good experience to see a bad law catch one of its own creators. I’m not saying that Ferguson should be charged, but I am saying that he should clearly see now that his own law is broken.

The SAFE Act was a bad law when it was passed last year and will always be a bad law. Over fifty counties in the state refuse to enforce at least parts of the act. Some refuse to enforce any part of it. Buffalo, however, isn’t one of those places.

As of now, police will not be dropping the charges against the mentor for his mistake.

Dwayne Ferguson should have been mentally aware of where he was and that he had the gun on his person. His lobby efforts didn’t create the SAFE Act, nor did the act create laws about carrying guns on school grounds. However, the punishment was increased, and Ferguson supported that. Harvey Austin Elementary School will have mixed feelings over the incident. It will be interesting to see if the gun control lobby will still stand behind their own. I seriously doubt they will.

Brian Crenshaw

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68 Responses to “Gun Control Activist Arrested for Carrying Gun”
  1. Thomas King says:

    It’s called reckoning. Unfortunately, the leftist, anti-gun media won’t allow this to be widely published. Had this been anyone in the pro-gun community, it would have led EVERY leftist news outlet for days. the fact that he works with underprivileged children would probably NOT have made the news though. As it stands, very few outlets will carry it. It will be interesting to see whether he gets a really stern tongue lashing or the charges get dropped altogether…..quietly, of course.

  2. SNuss says:

    A few years in prison for violating a felony law that he helped create would seem to be poetic justice. Unfortunately, the Liberals “take care” of their own, so the charges will probably be dropped.

  3. Rick says:

    Now that he’s lived thru that experience, he’ll realize that his law imprisoned a good guy, while the bad guys are stilll walking around armed on school grounds, as long as it’s concealed. The law currently makes no distinction in NY. They should exempt CCW holders.

  4. Joel says:

    Karma is a great thing. :)

  5. AlexS says:

    Well that’s sad in a way. But the essence of gun control laws is that it makes criminals out of people who are basically innocent of crimes, so it’s easy to feel sorry for them.

    • RSA says:

      I don’t feel sorry for him. Prosecute him and take his guns. He makes gun enthusiasts look stupid. To say that he’s a criminal because of what the legislators passed is to suggest that no human has or will ever do any wrong or harm to anyone, and if you believe that, why need or carry a firearm?

  6. Brenboy says:

    Charge him. Jail him. Never should he be allowed to own a firearm again.., let him live by his own law, hypocrite scream “I made a mistake”

  7. JerryJ says:

    He “FORGOT” he had the firearm on his belt” ????????????????????????????
    MY question is this, is he used to carrying a weight on his side ?????????

    • Scott S says:

      I agree, I have carried now for almost 30 years. I always know I have it or don’t. I have to pull over at the entrance to every bridge across the State line to remove the thing when i travel between States that don’t recognize my Permit.( I know, I know thats another issue) So I don’t buy that this guy who is a Gun hater, just “forgets” he has it on in NY??? Give me a break. I say he gets 10 years and a Felony conviction that disallows him to own a gun for life. Plus make him stay in NY forever. We don’t need him roaming around the rest of the Country infecting others with his disease. I have no use for Hipocrits or however it is spelled. There are many more gun owners right now in jail for doing nothing wrong except using their inalienable rights, to have this guy get off.

  8. david martin says:

    Dustin Reininger

  9. Larry says:

    He should be get just what he expected anyone else to get that commits these felonies.

  10. RICKSR says:

    If you play a game then you should know the rules. Break them and suffer the concisenesses. He is not any better then anyone else regardless of his beliefs or affiliations and or thoughts and views whether pro or con or what his status is. Laws are put in place for everyone and not selectively or should they be enforced. The bottom line is he should be treated like anyone else would be and get the same punishment as well. I do not know what his motives were or if he is just plain stupid thinking he could skirt the law being he was know and involved with the school/Kids etc. That in it’s self does not give him Cart Blanch. The fact that he was not immediately open and came forward is a sign that he was aware of it and tried to hide the fact but ended up getting caught anyway so like the saying goes, Do the Crime and Server the Time. Amen Brothers.

  11. bee says:

    ” I’m not saying that Ferguson should be charged, but I am saying that he should clearly see now that his own law is broken.”

    Why the hell not..??..??..??..

  12. Butch says:

    Guns are heavy, guns are bulky, guns are most often uncomfortable to carry. He “forgot” that he was wearing one? Bull! I am sorry if he is a good guy victimized by a bad law, but it is a law that he helped to create. Actually, I am not sorry. What goes around comes around. However, I will bet, like others here, that he walks.

  13. ftw says:

    Good thing it happened to an outspoken advocate
    Whats good for him is apparently considerably different from what mister “Holier then thou” thinks is good for everyone else

  14. cal says:

    This probably didn’t even make it to the news media because this is the first I have heard about it….Another government cover… up…

    • RICKSR says:

      Your probably right on this one. Most every night i watch the evening local and national news, all three major networks,ABC,CBS & NBC. Not a mutter of anything. You would think that they would have played this up big like all the rest. Different strokes for different folks. Now if it were a parent or just some idiot who did this like here in CT. the student in a parking lot near the University of New Haven that was taking guns out of his car and putting them into the trunk and got seen and all hell broke loose. Local, State & Federal law-in-forcement including ATF showed up and it was all over the networks, local and national.

  15. Bob says:

    You can’t make this stuff up! How sweet. Karma is really a bitch and she bites hard when she comes around.

    It would be nice if all the hypocrites were dragged out and had their pants pulled down in public like this. It would certainly detract from their flawed movement.

    Conversely, let this serve as a lesson to all of us, don’t do stupid stuff. THINK!

  16. Lysander says:

    Yes, this man is definitely a hypocrite, and it is good to see complications for those people who wish to destroy our rights. What I find even more important though, is unequal treatment. Some people (police officers) were legally allowed to carry firearms into the school, while others were not. It is very dangerous when we have two classes of citizens with different rights. The government should never be legally advantaged over the citizenry. All citizens should have equal rights.

  17. KW says:

    It is a little funny that one of the backers of a bad law got caught up in it, but let’s admit it, he seems like a pretty good guy. As a gun owner who does not agree with the law he helped pass, I am big enough to disagree with him but also appreciate the things he does for his community. It seems he’s not a bad guy, just a guy with bad ideas. Good luck to him and let’s hope this helps some people see the error of this kind of law.

    • LEZ says:

      Is this Obama’s son? No, just another fellow community organizer trying to BS his way out of a tight spot he created by violating a law that had been on the books for twenty years. He says he did not know about the law. He also says he did not lie when asked about whether he had a gun.
      This could go on and on but you get the picture!
      You have allowed wolves like these to drive the train. He knows people like most readers of the the article will buy into his lies. Sound familar? Should! Because community organizers are not subject to any kind of scrutiny until crap like this pops up. Parents don’t really care to know about the people that are in contact with their kids as long as they get to watch the NBA in peace.
      Some comments here try to defend the undefenseable. They are the few who post. Most don’t care or are pained by the outrage so don’t post. Many are just plain too stupid to seperate truth from lies and so devote their time to their favorite pass time likde drugs or booze or whatever makes them think they are more intelliget than people who do not.
      Myself, I cannot decide which I am more outraged about. The offense or the fact I just happened to find the story here rather than tuning into ANY “news?” source and getting the whole story.!
      At any rate, thanks to GN fot getting it out to me and others even though I have to get to the store for anti acids to deal with the heartburn. Or is it heartache?

  18. Jim says:

    There wasn’t a shooting of kids so their was no liberal agenda to be played on.Its an embarrassment and doesn’t help the liberals so it gets swept under the rug. That’s why the liberal news stations didn’t report it. I haven’t heard anything on any major news network. A man with a gun on school campus and a lock down usually plays into the Dems laps but not this time.

  19. Jimbo says:

    The most important thing about this incident is that it clearly illustrates that laws do NOT prevent crime! They CREATE crime! One cannot commit a crime unless one breaks the law. Ipso facto, the crime has to be committed BEFORE the police can enforce the law. Something about cows and barn doors.

    • RSA says:

      Hopefully this law will prevent Ferguson (not a smart guy) from breaking future laws. He couldn’t be trusted not to keep his gun away from school, so he shouldn’t be able to carry one at all. If he doesn’t understand this bright-line rule, do you truly believe that he will be able to clearly understand the proper use of his gun (self defense) god forbid?

      • Einstein says:

        You are absolutely right, RSA. See what happened? This tyrannical government should pass legislation on keeping firearms away from you flaming foaming at the mouth gun hating liberals. If not for any other reasons, that so Obama’s bogus ACA wont be going bankrupt like everything else they have implemented, in the first year, when you looney tunes shoot yourselves in the foot and start demanding you get your “free” Obama-care… Gees! How pathetic you crustaceans can get. Maybe another background check would have prevented his actions from happening. Sad!

        Pathetic on how you turn and not only back stab one of your own, RSA. But you put him along with just about everyone else in your thoughts, as a “not so smart person.” Most gun hating (for others) libs aren’t to bright. That is what the whole story was about. Get with the program.

        • RSA says:

          Thanks. I read the article, and I appreciate you helping me hone my opinion, that the content is purely entertainment.

          So quick to judge you are, that I”m a liberal, and that those that are anti-gun “aren’t too bright.” I’m not offended as I don’t understand your basis of your conclusions, but I am disappointed that you underestimate your opponent.

  20. Mike says:

    Yes these laws are stupid and he probably won’t spend a minute in jail. The real crime here is he won’t lose his privilege to carry a firearm. Coming from a person that carries a pistol daily, I am confused that he did not know he had a weapon on him. I don’t want irresponsible people carrying a weapon. He should lose his license and have to go through training to get it back. Not that you can fix stupid. As a responsible gun owner I know where my weapon is at all times! It does make since that he argues for control though because he is obviously an idiot.

  21. (from the article)
    “Now, I can say that Ferguson isn’t a bad guy? Honestly so. He works after school hours with underprivileged youth and has become a regular face in his community as he works to reduce violence, gang activity, and hate. Those are good things and something we should be careful to foster and encourage in a community.

    It’s a just good experience to see a bad law catch one of its own creators. I’m not saying that Ferguson should be charged, but I am saying that he should clearly see now that his own law is broken.”

    Are you freakin nuts?????????!!!!!!!!!!! A LOT of us do “good” things” and are “good guys!” I took in many foster kids, some unofficially and without compensation. I have been doing Christian jail ministry for 20+ years (again tonight). And MANY other “good” commendable things! I’m a “good guy.”

    I have a CCP. If I had gotten caught like this guy, what would happen to me? Well, that’s EXACTLY what should happen to THIS clown for what you idiotically label his “mistake!!!!”

    See why Conservatives lose at every turn? Every opportunity for victory is turned into as defeat! SMARTEN UP, FOOL!!!

  22. PFVF says:

    If the rest of us good citizens should not be arrested for exercising our Second Amendment right, then neither should Dwayne Ferguson, no matter how a big a hypocrite he is.

    What’s more problematic than his blaring hypocrisy is his two-faced, persistent lying.

    Maybe some gang-banger who’s had a gun in his waistband for so long that he thinks it’s his main tool would not know it was there, but the rest of us suspect that as just another of Dwayne’s lies.

  23. Anishinabi says:

    This shows the hypocrisy of progressives. They believe that guns are okay to protect themselves and their own, but the unwashed masses, as they think of the average citizen, are not fit to bear arms. This is so typical of how liberals think.

    Orwell was right in Animal Farm. ” All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Do you honestly believe Cuomo doesn’t own a gun? Or DiBlasio?

  24. REWBE says:


    > The VOTE – DOESNT.

  25. RSA says:

    I support his efforts to increase the penalties, and support his punishment. I hope you keep following this story.

    I hope the police treat all firearms as a serious threat at schools unless the wearer is in uniform or overtly indicating their official capacity. Otherwise, how will teachers (not the sharpest people) and a rapid response team be able to discern friend from foe? I am willing to surrender some liberty to keep my child safe, and I question those 2nd Amendment Righrs Absolutists as parents if they don’t feel the same (and ask them to remain silent on the topic if they aren’t parents because they are ignorant of the concerns).

    As for Ferguson, seemingly his consequences are justified – as a convicted felon he will no longer be able to possess a firearm. I support this result. As a hypocrit, he clearly supports no cause genuinely, and should be held accountable to some standard, ironically the standard he created. . . As a fellow gun-rights advocate, he is the perfect example of who we should turn our backs on – he wasn’t a responsible enthusiast, and better yet, a true believer that he himself is above the laws applicable to ordinary citizens like us.

    We cannot fool ouselves to think that the 2nd Amendment Right is an absolute right worthy of no limitation, and if this is your belief, you are undermining my freedoms because the government will act to regulate those without discernible judgment.
    Supporting the disarmament of non-thinkers and reckless individuals gives us tradable credit with our fellow non-enthusist citizens, and conveys that the public trust is safe with us who understand our limitations as humans. Safeguard our freedoms with your best judgment and support noble changes to the law, but understand that not all gun laws are bad. If you cannot admit that some gun laws are fair and reasonable, you should remain silent or your mouth may organize an oposition that opposes your freedoms in a similar absolutist fashion and rid you of your freedoms (and mine to which you will not make a friend of me).

    • dan w says:

      A true example of the “wishy washy” attitude that dilutes all of our rights. You bring to mind many knee jerk responses, not the least being, to paraphrase… A person willing to sacrifice freedoms, rights for a little safety, can expect neither rights nor safety.

      • William says:

        Spoken just like the statesman that originally authored that comment, except you’ve conveniently edited some of the essential terms from that phrase, and taken it far out of context and beyond its original intent. RSA has a point as he’s asking guys like you to bow out of the debate because you do more harm than good – shoot more, talk less. Given your affinity to disregard authority, I’m sure LEOs would definitely take issue with some of your concerns, particularly since you don’t think LEOs provide adequate protection for us all. Ridiculous.

    • Einstein says:

      Yep! Only if you wear a uniform, do us “ordinary citizens” have a right to defend yourself, right? Just ask Christopher Dorner of the L.A.P.D. Oops! That’s right, you can’t, he’s dead. Sounds to me you are just a bit disturbed when one of your hypocritical minions get what they deserve. You are absolutely a big part of the tyrannical problem, RSA! Do you really feel that the government thinks and has the peoples safety and well being at heart. What a joke! All one needs to do is look up the hundreds of new laws and bills our wonderful politicians try to pass each year. To see how rediculious your claims our. If you feel that the general public is so stupid as to properly own and to know when and how to use a firearm. I would then feel safe to come to a conclusion that you would be all for the NRA and their many educational programs on safe firearm handling and use. As for the usual discrediting and lies that are more times then not said about them. Obviously with your big words and inflated ego, as you are the only one who puts a picture of himself on this thread. You obviously are some big shot (no pun intended) lawyer or something. Which tells me you should be a little bit familiar with the hundreds of different rediculious state bills our tyrants in charge propose each year. California alone had, Assembly Bill 169, 711, 48, 231, 683, 374, 169, 180, 299, 475, 567, 755… Just to name a few. Look them up! And can you with a straight face, tell me how redefining any gun that is capable of shooting snake-shot rounds as a short barrel class 3 destructive device shotgun is going to change or prevent a career criminals direction and attitude? Or how a 30 round magazine is more dangerous to the public’s safety, then 3 ten round magazines are? Especially when a 30 round magazine is more prone to jam or malfunction? Or how putting an outrageous price (tax) on ammo is going to deter crime? Or how a gun buy back program is going to have all them gang members lining up to give back their stolen weapons for a food voucher. LOL! Really? You tricky with words tyrants are a dime a dozen these days. Sad!

      • RSA says:

        Your assumptions of my point of view are astounding given that you know nothing about me. I appreciate the lesson, you can’t argue with true believers, but personal attacks aren’t an effective means of persuasion. Are you trying to hurt my feelings?

        The email address I used to post this comment is linked to a website I manage, so it automatically uploaded my mug shot to these posts much to my chagrin, an issue I’ve since fixed. Nevertheless, I’m not hiding. Don’t mistake a picture for grandstanding or posturing.

    • PFVF says:

      Well, RSA, before you venture into mindless palaver in print, accusing teachers of being “not the sharpest people” while declaring us Second-Amendment literalists to be ignorant, no matter the number of our offspring and degree of Constitutional law experience, you’d best first learn to write!

      • RSA says:

        I appreciate the careful read of my comment. My apologies to all teachers as I merely intended to call into question their tactical awareness of discerning friend from foe. This is not a skill set commonly retained or acquired by educators.

    • Woody says:

      Uhmmm, RSA- you need to crawl back to the pond you slithered out of RSA. I have NEVER heard more double-speak in my life! You must train long and hard to get it to sound credible.

      You say ” We cannot fool ouselves [sic] to think that the 2nd Amendment Right is an absolute right worthy of no limitation … ” HUH? You actually haven’t got a clue, maybe you need to actually READ what the federal laws say…thee are hundreds of volumes of laws to read restricting the 2nd and you feel there should be MORE!?.

      “As a fellow gun-rights advocate, he is the perfect example of who we should turn our backs on – he wasn’t a responsible enthusiast, and better yet, a true believer that he himself is above the laws applicable to ordinary citizens like us.” Ordinary citizens like US? Really? You are no gun rights advocate, that is obvious. I guess you feel any law proposed by the hacks in power is ‘common-sense’ because we are ONLY ordinary citizens? Which infers extra-ordinary status to those in the Houses of Congress. This is the reason for the destruction of the America we should and could have but instead people like you welcome the police state. THIS is scarier than than all the anti-gunners combined.

      You suggest this (which is as close to an intelligent statement as any that you made; “Safeguard our freedoms with your best judgment and support noble changes to the law, but understand that not all gun laws are bad.” Not all gun laws are bad that is true, but the ones the contradict the Constitution are.

      A comparison that could be made is from back in the late 1800′s; horseless carriages scared the horses, and people, because nobody understood them. Pages of laws were written governing how and when a horseless carriage could present itself to oncoming horse drawn carries, wagons and riders when passing them. There were some places that went so far as to require the driver of the horseless carriage to pull to the side of the road and dismantle the automobile. Sounds foolish doesn’t it? Ignorance is bliss I guess you could say…today automobiles are the norm, nobody worries about jumping in one and taking it out into traffic because it’s normal these days. Get the correlation? Let’s see; create an atmosphere of normalcy and scary things seem to be quickly forgotten …

  26. Gene Vanover says:

    hit him with the full forcve of his law and make syre he can never own a gun again.

  27. Gene Vanover says:

    got so excited i could not type right LOL.

  28. Bruce says:

    He’s a ‘good guy’ who’s ‘teaching at risk youths’. What’s he teaching them?
    To lie to the police. Make them catch you breaking the law and to like about it.
    Good job.
    When, not if, but when, he figured out he screwed up and had the gun on him; since he moved it from his hip to a place of concealment; he should have notified to responding officers and corrected the problem. Instead he hid it and made them pat him down. He made them search him to find it. He amde them catch him. He hoped that they wouldn’t find it. His own actions prove it. I say arrest him and punish him under his own laws.
    Good job teaching the at risk youths to work with police and to own up to your mistakes. Not.

  29. Rotor Head says:

    ROFLMAO!!! Karma bites don’t it!

  30. Robo Grunt says:

    I can see where if you carry one all the time you can forget about it. But once he realized he had it he should came forward. At least he didn’t ditch it where someone else could have found it. I several years ago almost walked into City Hall with mine Concelled. Looking in my pockets for some paperwork realized I had it. But today more and more places are not allowing guns ,I am always checking. Its sad how few places I can carry today. Its almost not worth having a permit.

  31. Rocky says:

    Another ‘do like I say not like I do’ story. The author makes several points and I’d like to counter the following.
    (From the article)
    He works after school hours with underprivileged youth and has become a regular face in his community as he works to reduce violence, gang activity, and hate.

    As a former inner-city youth, I can say that Mr. Ferguson, at best, sends a mixed message and at worst sets a bad example. Young adults can ‘tell’ when someone is carrying a weapon. You can’t talk negatively about gang activity while bringing a gun into school.

    (From the article)
    His lobby efforts didn’t create the SAFE Act…

    But you seem to contradict the spirit of this statement when you go on to say, and I quote “During 2013, Ferguson was highly outspoken about gun control and has been considered a key activist in the passing on NY’s SAFE Act.”

    In any event, not being a lawyer , I cannot say whether his crime carries a mandatory minimum sentence and whether this will result in his inability to carry a firearm legally in the future, but one can only hope. As a matter of fact, no mention was made as to whether Mr. Ferguson has a CCP or was in possession of an unregistered and / or unlicensed weapon!

    He reminds me of the likes of Carl Rowan, who had advocated strict handgun control and found himself in the center of a gun controversy during the 1980s when he was arrested and charged with using an unregistered weapon to wound a teen-ager who intruded into his backyard. Also, Annette “Flirty” Stevens who was arrested for illegal gun and drugs – president of a chapter of the Million Mom March in 2002. Hypocrites all.

  32. sophia says:

    Not charged? You have to be kidding. He should be charged and prosecuted. He violated the law (based on the information presented). Once convicted, the punishment should reflect all of the circumstances. People like this are the PRIMARY REASON that ALL LAWS are becoming overreaching and he should get the same treatment as you or I would REGARDLESS of how “good a guy” he is. Only then he might wake up to how stupid he has been in advocating needless restrictions on our rights to own and carry firearms safely.

  33. Dave says:

    Poetic Justice :-)

    I don’t care if he is a “good guy”, he advocated for a stupid law and then BROKE that very law.
    He should serve his 15 years as the FELON that he is, and forever lose his constitutional rights as well.
    Let him ROT for a while with the REAL CRIMINALS and he’ll change his tune on gun control.

  34. TnwelcomesBeretta says:

    Who walks into a school of all places not realizing they have a gun on them? That’s what his friend in the article states. That’s adding insult to stupidity. How many people that carry forget if they are armed or not? I don’t know which is worse, he forgot or that he knew he was armed, school goes on lock down, and he goes hiding with the rest of the children? Either way, pathetic.

  35. Einstein says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! How hilarious!
    At least the Apollo rocket-ship builder still sports a cute ear ring… LOL! Wow!

  36. BigC says:

    Don’t these cops know laws don’t apply to Demonrats, especially Black ones……clearly racism!

  37. Einstein says:

    Perhaps another background check or a single shot magazine would have prevented this heinous crime? Or perhaps a bigger “gun free zone” sign on the front entrance gate would have stopped him cold in his tracks. I know! I know! It’s all the NRA’s and Bush’s fault no doubt. Because obviously their brand new law didn’t do much to prevent it from happening. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so damn stupid. When will liberals ever get a brain?

  38. Dale says:

    All I know is that I hate when these bulls##t Hippocrates have the spotlight at all. Another good example of this is Sylvester Stallone. He has publicly stated that the 2nd amendment is out of date, and that the police should go door to door and round up all the guns in America! What the hell…didn’t he make his fortune and fame portraying characters like Rambo, Cobra and others using guns to save defenseless people?! Hippocrates!!!!!

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