July 30, 2016

GunNews.com Quick Look – CEO Mark Kresser of Taurus International

Mark Kresser is the CEO of Taurus International, listen as he explains the “Carry On” movement, the Taurus International lifetime warranty, and his own opinion on what it will take to continue to defend our second amendment rights.

Interview Transcript

Lauren: Hi I am with Mark Kresser with Taurus International, your booth has stayed full throughout this week’s NRA convention. How does this year’s show compare with previous meetings you have attended?

Mark Kresser: You know this year, I think it’s clear that this show, being here in Texas and being in the current climate we are in, has been unprecedented. It’s really let us know that we need to expand our booth space substantially next year if we have this kind of, this kind of growth has absolutely been unbelievable.

Lauren: What events have you attended this week and which have you enjoyed most?

Mark Kresser: You know we have spent a tremendous amount of time here at the booth, we really wanted to make sure we hear the voice of the customer. It is so important to that we listen to the customer and it’s easy to get sidetracked and to go to many different events. Quite frankly we stayed in the booth throughout the day, we did several different evening events and we did a few different auctions and really the ILA auction event which happened on Friday evening was a sizable event. It was fantastic and raised a tremendous amount of money for our legislative fund and it was really great to see the turnout and to see people really stepping up and participating.

Lauren: Can you tell us something about the Carry On movement?

Mark Kresser: Yeah absolutely, I am really passionate about the Carry On movement. Our goal is to really be an educator for people here and let people understand that we believe in the process of concealed carry if you get the proper training and if you go through the normal process. We want to be the place that you come to in order to get the information to do it right, do it properly, to do it safely, and we really want to make sure we encourage people to do it. Just carrying the card alone, it doesn’t do it, and if you are one of those people that’s destined to be a sheep dog and protect the people around you, please step up and get the training and do it, do it everyday and make it a lifestyle. It’s really really important and we are encouraging people to Carry On everyday.

Lauren: How did it start and what was the original purpose of it?

Mark Kresser: It started through some focus groups, tight focus groups of internal people. We really wanted to understand what we do, what is our mission here, and how can we be different as a company – how can we talk to people a little differently and what is the customer missing? At the end of the day the information all comes from the customer, the needs and the demands come from them. So we listened to the customer and we found a void and we are just trying to fill it at the end of the day.

Lauren: Can you tell us how its grown since its launch?

Mark Kresser: You know it’s more than quadrupled with members, it’s been something that started as grass roots campaign internally, we are really new to the social media piece and it’s really been unbelievable the volume of people that have come in and come on board and really decided to be members. It’s surprised us internally as well.

Lauren: What gives your company the confidence to offer lifetime repairs on your products?

Mark Kresser: You know it started many years ago prior to me being part of the company, and it was really something they felt was very important to set themselves apart and to give people confidence to buy our products. What I hear often is that it gives people confidence throughout their process, even if they buy a used gun today at retail, they have access to that lifetime warranty. At the end of the day there’s very few things in life that a lifetime transferable warranty. We hope that you never need to exercise your right or your privilege of a warranty for a lifetime, but if you do we are there and we are going to stand behind you.

Lauren: And what do we need to do in order to further protect our second amendment rights?

Mark Kresser: Wow that’s a great question, you know I think right now that everybody that has any type of differences in our industry or within our organizations we need to set those aside and we need to band together. Everybody really needs to stick together, they need to pay attention, people need to try and educate other folks as to really what’s happening and understand that this fight is not over by any means. This is going to go on for quite some time. And we really need to make sure that people understand the facts are out there, the facts are there, we need to do it calmly and professionally and we need to do it over and over and over. We just can’t divide as an industry, we have to really stay together.

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  3. Tionico says:

    once more, the idea that the plain ol man on the street is too stupid/incompetent to get his own proper training and skills WITHOUT signing up for some expensive course is put forth.. and it still stinks. YES, anyone wanting to carry about a gun with him in public needs to know how to use it. BUT.. to make formal certified training a precondition or requirement for “permission” to exercies a RIGHT we already HAVE is counter the spirit and force of the Constitution. There are many ways for people to self-train, get help and advice from friends, family, etc. The rifle training that Appleseed Project does, at VERY lowprice and to a VERY high standard, moves right over to handguns in regards safety and accuracy. The rest, the “legal stuff” can easily be learned through appropriate reading.. Massad Ayoob is one of the best writers long these lines but not the only good one. WHY does the gun industry keep harping on REQUIRING “formal training” as a precondition? Do they expect to make money out of it? Stop it. Let each one decide how much, and what kind, of trainig and skill we need. After carrying for a year or so, persevering at Appleseed until I qualified on the AQT, and reading three or four good books, I went to take my Oregon Handgun Safety course, required by that state for their carry permits (I wanted my non-resident, sdo HAD to take it) It was a waste of time and thirty five bucks, I could have taught it just as well without notes. Was the info good? Yes. But I had gotten far more from my reading. Taking that mandated course was a waste….yet YOU want more? Nonsense.

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