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In NY, First Gunowner Arrested for Having +2 Bullets

At left are a legal complement of 40 S&W Speer 180-grain Gold Dots in New York. At right are two additional rounds that get gun owners can’t carry in that state.

(GunNews.com) — Gregory Dean Jr. of New York was pulled over Sunday evening because the lamp over his license plate was not working. He ended up being arrested for violating the new NY Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act.

Troopers saw Jean’s .40 caliber pistol in the front seat and asked to inspect it. The weapon is legally registered and possessed, but it contained nine bullets instead of the new legal amount of seven.

Troopers say Dean was charged with aggravated unlicensed driving for a suspended license and unlawful possession of the ammunition feeder, both misdemeanors. He was released without bail.

New York State Senator Greg Ball released this statement about the arrest:

“This is a very sad day for all fair minded New Yorkers who believe in justice and value freedom. Here we see the full effect of our actions as the SAFE Act turns a law abiding citizen into a criminal. This didn’t save a life, this just destroyed one man’s life,” said Senator Greg Ball. “I continue to plead with this Governor to please allow the common sense changes to this bill, that are obviously necessary.”

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61 Responses to “In NY, First Gunowner Arrested for Having +2 Bullets”
  1. Drew says:

    I feel very sorry for my fellow PAITRIOTS that live in NY . It’s to bad people don’t use the common sence GOD gave them!

    • William J. Stewart ETC USN Retired says:

      “Common Sense” is based upon a common knowledge base and modern Education prevents that by ‘Diversity’ in classes e.g.: instead of a single theme History class there are various ‘ethnic’ centered History classes.
      With the multiple versions of individual ethnic centered Knowledge bases involved there is little to form “Common Sense” in the general population. And Government is less prone to common sense than the General population because of the Constraints of the ‘Job Description’ place on individual Government Employee initiative, to kkep their jobs they have to stay within th elimits of their Job Description..

  2. Dave says:

    This is the sort of terrorism you should expect when you allow seditious and insurrectional individuals to use your seats of representation to attack the populace. Vote them out asap, fight the illegitimate legislation in court every single time and tie up the justice system, make this attack on America the number one priority in your state. Lawlessness on this level cannot be tolerated and you have to correct this through the vote and the courts. Criminal charges must be brought against your legislators and governor, they are criminals at this point, not people armed.

  3. Don says:

    We elect these “officials” to protect and defend our constitution but all the do truly is stomp all over our God given rights. They are there to defend our rights not impose laws they “feel” are going to protect us, we don’t need their “protection” we NEED them to protect our RIGHT to protect ourselves.

  4. RAPTOR555 says:

    Although I completely disagree with the NY magazine law it appears that Mr. Jean is a continual scofflaw. He had to be aware of the magazine law and he was driving when his license was suspended. In order to have his license suspended he must have had a problem with breaking laws in the past. I’m not sure if a person with his propensity for trouble can even be trusted with a gun. Karma is a bitch!

    • Chris says:

      So let me see if I got this right.

      Because the guy has a blown license plate bulb and a suspended license, misdemeanors under the law and neither one of which is a ‘right’, he shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun, which is a Constitutional right?


      Last I knew, only felons weren’t allowed by law to own firearms.

      Since he aint’ a felon, you reasoned this out exactly how?

      • RAPTOR555 says:

        Chris, I never said he shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun. I said, ” I’m not sure if a person with his propensity for trouble can even be trusted with a gun.” (Key words: ‘I’m not sure”.) “He’s obviously not a responsible person with his driving which leads me to believe that his propensity to disregard even simple laws ‘could’ carry over to other laws regarding the use of his gun which is a more serious consideration. Does this make sense?

        • Lee says:

          Somewhere out there I’m sure there are a few people who would pass judgement that each and everyone of us or that perhaps we are not mentally stable enough to own a firearm.

          • RAPTOR555 says:

            Lee, I don’t seem to remember addressing mental stability in any of my comments. I never made any judgements on who can or can’t own a gun. I merely stated my personal concern about Mr. Jean’s propensity to break laws. You and Chris seem to be putting words into my mouth that I never said.

          • ken says:

            My son lost his job and could not afford insurance. Then he got pulled over (looking for a job) for a “California Stop” and also got a ticket for not being insured he could not afford to pay. Add on late fees the tickets are almost $1000 dollars which he really cannot afford so they suspended his license. He is a victim of the economy and not a “scofflaw”. fyi – I am going to help him out.

          • RAPTOR555 says:

            KEN, Your son IS a scofflaw no matter the reason. If you don’t agree with the law, try to get it changed but be prepared to suffer the consequences if you violate the CURRENT laws. The law states that you MUST have liability insurance to drive and he violated that law. The law states that a magazine can contain only seven rounds and he violated that law (I strongly disagree with that law but it is the current law nevertheless). The law states that traffic fines must be paid and he violated that law.

            FYI (from the dictionary):

            [skawf-law, skof-]
            a person who flouts the law, especially one who fails to pay fines owed.
            a person who flouts rules, conventions, or accepted practices.

    • kelley says:

      Raptor55 – Propensity for trouble? The man had a light bulb out which most likely you also have one out (who looks) This is just a tactic for the cops to pull you over (they do it all the time here with the kids). NOT a responsible person? You can get your license suspended w/o even knowing about it (esp. in NY). and/or an admin. mistake on the states part. I’m not sure BUT maybe you shouldn’t be trusted with a gun Your judgement without all the facts is faulty.(The key words are Innocent until proven guilty.)

      • RAPTOR555 says:

        Kelley, It is your judgement that is faulty. See my reply to Ken (above). As far as the license light goes, had he been a legal driver I doubt very much of the rest of the story would have happened to him. According to the story he wasn’t cited for the light but that was the ‘reasonable cause ‘ to effect a traffic stop which was probably made just to notify him of it being out and not a “tactic” which you claim. BTW, I carried a gun as a sheriff for 41+ years and still do. I have stopped thousands of people for equipment violations and never cited any unless they had a bad attitude during the stop. Wise up and think like an adult!!!!!!!!

        • dexterrr1 says:

          Thanks RAPTOR555. I have never been stopped by a cop for a light out and issued a citation. This man had a history that is not being shared. It is hard as hell to work for gun rights, when some with guns, use idiotic arguments that any fool can see through. Stick to the truth, and all of the truth, if you hope to make a case. Shooting off your mouth just mouth just makes it harder to shoot off your gun.

    • Root says:

      It’s a good thing he didn’t have a 24oz soft drink with him also.

    • Skip Wolchansky says:

      So by your definition, anyone ignoring multiple parking tickets is a scofflaw and worthy of the mark of a Scarlet S ???
      Funny, thru this entire discussion I fail to see where there is mention of a felony conviction on Mr Jean’s record, CONVICTION being the key word, though innocent until proven guilty is a foreign concept to the gun, ammo and
      magazine grabbers

    • Gary says:

      Whoa! How are you able to know Mr. Jean and judge him as a law breaker? ” He who jump to conclusion, most often times underestimates the distance of the leap”.Propensity for trouble? Do you ever get out? It is so easy to be pegged by the state as a criminal. The police constantly write up invalid citations to meet their quota. The invalid charge sticks because unless you have enough capital to hire Johnny Cochran, you can’t beat it in court. The best you can do is be lucky enough that the judge will reduce the amount of the fine. Still way too high for the alleged infraction. So, you don’t have enough money to pay your taxes and the ticket and then from lack of payment it goes to collections and bamm, you have your license suspended! You still need to get to work, so you drive, the cops run the plate on your car, see that it is registered to an unlicensed driver and bamm, they pull you over. No PC, No right to impede your pursuit of happiness just another “sale” by the traffic ticket retailers that our police force has become. Generate revenue and REALIZE A RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

    • karma may be a b**** but you are an ignorant a**! There are some things you don’t understand and should keep out of things you know nothing about!

  5. Kaiahso says:

    I agree. Although this seems unfair, most police do not inspect your magazine size. There is more to this story. I also agree that he was driving with a suspended license and that reflects on his overall sense of morality. I believe the law is foolish and will only continue to cause increase the political divide experienced int this country.

    • Joe Cash says:

      Who knows why he had his license suspended?… Back child support, didnt show up for court, drank too many big gulps, etc.. why are you calling into question his morality? What does matter is this is a stupid law which makes something silly an offense. Why is this ok?

      Stupid laws should not be on the books at all. We should work on getting rid of 80% of the laws on the books. Half of them make no sense. It seems that elected officials think their job is to write as many laws as they can while they are in office. We need to get our freedom back and go back to common sense living.

      Why do we need government in everything we do? I’m sick of scared little people making laws that negatively effect us all.

      • RAPTOR555 says:

        Joe, His father claims that he was driving on a suspended license and failed to pay the fine. I agree that there are a lot of stupid laws out there, especially the magazine law, but it was the law nevertheless and needs to be repealed. If you think a law should be changed do something about it but be prepared to suffer the consequences if you violate them and get caught. I have read all the posts here, including mine, and I see nowhere that anybody claimed he was immoral. Please point it out to me because I evidently missed it somewhere! BTW, the word is “affect” and there is no such thing as half of 80% in the context you used.

        • Phil says:

          As far as I am concerned any law that is stupid I will not follow. As for my guns I will be an outlaw for any laws that get passed by the people that know almost nothing about what they are passing the law for. They just do it to make it look like they are doing more then going to partys and getting paid way more then they are worth.

        • NJmotorcop says:

          Raptor is correct, expect consequences if you violate the law. Yes, we all know the law is unConstitutional but the judges (for the most part) aren’t professional enough to enforce Constitutional limits and nullify the law. I also understand why the officer may have charged him with this stupid law. I’m retired now but before I left everything we did was recorded on our in-car video and on-body audio recorders. In my state it is a criminal offense for an officer to see a felony or misdemeanor and fail to make an arrest. Many agencies even have on-body video cameras these days. My days of not noticing that your out-of-state carry permit isn’t valid in my state are over, as are my days of not noticing many other violations of unConstitutional laws passed by our many corrupt and malfeaseant politicians. Cop’s kids have to eat too you know!

      • dexterrr1 says:

        Don’t make excuses for the ignorant. Be smart and work toward changing laws we all agree are not only ridiculous, but unconstitutional.

  6. bhp9 says:

    People in power want absolute power, it is a historical fact. The new Stalinist law is one step closer for them to achieve that goal. In the end all will be forced to crawl aross the floor and kiss the mud off of their shoes. Again, it is only history repeating itself.

  7. cal says:

    As usual, the good guy gets screwed…..those laws in that state of insanity are way over the top of legal…..if they’re playing that game then every gun owner in new york is a criminal, so I say they should abandon NY and move to a gun friendly state……to hell with N Y. politics.If the state I live in follows suit then you can bet I’m gone…..

    • RAPTOR555 says:

      cal, I always say that they can confiscate my guns anytime they want but they will be empty, the barrels will be white hot and my body will be on the top of a pile of empty shell casings.

      • Phil says:

        No just go ahead and give them all but one and then use it to knock over the truck carring all of the guns that they have taken.

      • NJmotorcop says:

        “cal, I always say that they can confiscate my guns anytime they want but they will be empty, the barrels will be white hot and my body will be on the top of a pile of empty shell casings.”

        Amen Brother!!!

  8. WOW says:

    Now I know why I left that $h!Thole 16years ago, took my pension and was gone. Even 2 months before I was retired.The scofflaw thing does bother me, but as long as he is not a convicted felon….

  9. David Kachel says:

    WHat New York needs is a ONE round magazine limit. Two rounds, you go to prison.
    Then they need to pass similar laws about everything else.
    1 oz drinks.
    Shoes no bigger than size 2.
    Cars, one wheel only.
    Keep going until everyone in NY is in prison.
    Then SANE people can move to the state and start over.

  10. Rich-D says:

    The arrest is contrary to Gov. Cuomo’s reversal on this issue. NY Suspends Requirement for Seven-Round Magazines http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-03-25/cuomo-s-7-bullet-limit-to-be-suspended-indefinitely-skelos-says.html

    • Jim-f says:

      No that is only on the SALE of seven round magazines, not on how many said magazines can have loaded in them at any given time. All that did was allow us to still buy 10 round mamagazines. (because our govonor is so concerned about us poor little gun owners… Did I mention he has a shotgun you know. See, he really is not anti 2nd ammendment.) {{{{rolls eyes}}}}

  11. John says:

    This is non-other than outragous and intolerable, and just another example of an out of control goverment that is too big. They seem to have forgotten they are the peoples servant, that we own them and this government and not the other way around. A broken light bulb should not be an excuse to put a man in jail for the number of bullets in an unused side arm – period. How anybody can be in support of this government and the democrat party (same thing) is beyond belief.

  12. dexterrr1 says:

    I agree with RAPTOR555, a suspended license is a definite indicator of disregard for laws and regulations. Let’s see, he’s irresponsible enough to have his license revoked or suspended. Then sends up a red flag with his tag light. Not the best judgement in the world. Rather than feeling sorry for him, or justifying his actions, we should be very concerned about the message he is sending to the public about law-abiding, responsible gun owners. They are just looking for an excuse to take our guns, and this guy adds ammo to their argument.

  13. Jack Bacon says:

    This is clearly the intent of all gun control legislation–to make it legally inconvenient or outright dangerous for an otherwise law abiding citizen to own, carry or use a firearm. How these laws hold up to the 2nd Amendment is beyond me! If they tried to do that with the 1st or 5th Amendment the entire country would be outraged and up in arms literally! While gun control advocates repeatedly say that they don’t want to infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights, one only has to read on a daily basis that someone was arrested for having an unregistered gun. But wait! I thought we don’t have a gun registry database.? So the government knows each and every person who owns a gun, where they live? How convenient when they come to take them away. In Russia, under Stalin, they required everyone to register their guns. Shortly thereafter they required them to surrender them to the state. When they showed up to turn in their guns they were shot. Can’t happen here?? Explain to me HOW it can’t happen here!

  14. Brad Sanford says:

    The Cits. in Ney York state allowed this illegal action to occur.Those last two bullets could mean life or death for the weapons owner.In a state where the crime rate is high,this is silly at best.Comes down to this.You elected these anti-gunners,so sleep with it and in the next election,hire your pols that stand behind the 2nd admendment.The Constitution trumps state law.These assine laws NY has on the books should be removed in a court of law.Colorado,New Hamp,New York ect.It seems the people have lost their way.Myself,I just believe it is caused by dumbing down in the last 30 years in pubic screwls and leftest colleges.

    • Brad Sanford says:

      Jack Bacon: You have hit the nail on the head.This is what it is all about.From obongo willing to sigh a small arms aggrement with that odious bunch of freeloaders at the UN,To the feds buying up all rounds to limited availibilty.When we have no more ammo or weapons to defend ourselves from them,then we will have little choice but foolow the feds illegal dictates.Well said Sir.

  15. RAPTOR555 says:

    It seems to me that the democratic politicians have never read the Bill of Rights especially the Second Amendment part that says “shall not be infringed.”.

  16. Larry says:

    I live in Arizona, the most gun-friendly state in the whole solar system. I buy, sell and trade ‘black rifles,’ really high-capcity magazines (drums), ammunition in case lots, and handguns whenever I want to. No waiting periods, limits, or registration. I don’t need a state issued ID card giving me permission to buy or sell, not even to carry concealed. Arizona is one of just 4 states with Constitutional Carry – anyone legally allowed to possess a weapon may carry it, concealed or open, at their discretion. We have a major gun show here about every month – all very well attended.

    I cannot even imagine living under the ridiculous conditions that exist in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Maryland, New England (except Vermont) and Colorado. Gun control makes no one safer, it just embarrasses state governments and breeds contempt for law in general. The idea that 7 rounds are perfectly alright, but that 8th round is a public menace, is stupefying. I can see it now – thugs and gang bangers busily counting their cartridges and dutifully modifying their magazines to comply with the SAFE Act. Home invaders will limit themselves to one accomplice lest the home owner run out of ammo defending himself.

    I hate to come to this conclusion, but it is no longer possible to be a Democrat and still be an American. You must choose one, and go with it.

  17. tomB says:

    Leave NY State

  18. Tom says:

    No, it doesn’t make any sense at all. Simply because a person is a lousy driver, or maybe files an income tax statement with an error, or otherwise violates one of the tens of thousands of laws on the books, has NO BEARING whatsoever about his/her RIGHT to bear arms. When you say things like “I’m not sure….” in relationship to our RIGHTS then it is YOU who are in error. You should be ABSOLUTELY SURE that nothing INFRINGES on our right to keep and bear arms. And that is applicable to each and every sound minded person in the country.

    And before you tell me that a felon shouldn’t be able to own a firearm think about what are felonies. Further, if a person accused of a violent crime is released from prison then they have done their time and ALL THEIR RIGHTS should be restored. If they are a danger to society then they should NOT BE RELEASED.

  19. riggarob says:

    WTF’s wrong with NH ? I’ve lived here most of my life. I bought six guns in last 6 months and haven’t had a problem at all. I don’t understand where you guys are coming from.

  20. Paul Lee says:

    a person can get his DL suspended without even knowing it (yet),, by having an insurance bill lost in the mail on the way to him,, or bouncing a check for it,, or simply forgetting,, Or,, more simply, forgetting to turn in the plates on an unused trailer or motorcycle that is sitting in the tool shed which was not re registered,, or if an MC . kept insured.. This is not usually done with trailers or M/C’s but can be, and often is with cars,, . That said,, I do not want someone damaging my body, my family, or my property who has no insurance…. but it is a stretch of assumption to paint Mr Jean as an unrepentant intentional scofflaw based upon the small information presented.

    The 7 round rule was a bit of idiocy anyway,,, the legislators apparently never heard of a” New York Reload”… (having a 2nd gun with the legal 7 rounds ready) which demonstrates the folly and ineffectualness of their fuzzy thinking

    As far as restricting to 10 round magazines vs 30 (the proposed Federal rule), again their ignorance shows… it takes a practiced shooter all of 3 or 4 seconds longer to shoot 30 people by ejecting and replacing the mags twice . Maybe someday they will address the real problem of crime: not enough armed citizens.

  21. Martin says:

    The part that really getting me mad as hell is this “cop” -”Chicken offense excuse for police”( OFFICER) pulled this guy over for a friviolious excuse targeting probably an individual he ran the plates on previously and seeing he had a ccw license just waited for him again and pulled him over on a technicality of burned out light bulb. This cop could have been after Drug criminals or Bank robbers but no Had to resort to tecnicalities to get an arrest. If I was the JUDGE I would have called that officer into my Chambers and had a man to man talk with him till he got it right and then I would have called his watch commander in and repeated the same statements requesting this officer not be allow to ever again waste the cities time on technicality like this while he is on FOOT PEDROL. THIS IS A POOR EXAMPLE OF PROTECT AND SERVE. AND SETS A ROTTEN EXAMPLE OF OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN BLUE THAT DO AN OUTSTANDING SERVICE.


  22. Omaha Beach says:

    Let the criminals have New York…Let the law enforcement agencies become over tasked and over worked…This worthless state deserves everything it gets…

  23. Sapient Hetero says:

    The most disgusting thing is that someone could be arrested for such a minor infraction when food stamp, welfare & Medicaid cheats, serial ObamaPhone fraudsters and illegal aliens are ignored and in some cases even rewarded for their crimes. This is what happens when lunatics are allowed to run the asylum.

  24. tupprmad says:

    This is what happens… but I am willing to bet the trooper had more than 7 rounds and the law was never amended…
    this is so stupid! and Cuomo is an IDIOT.

    • Jim-f says:

      This was fixed at the same time they were nice enough to allow us to again buy 10 round magazines, in the budget.

  25. dexterrr1 says:

    Yea, all that. But you must realize that it is up to us to put up or shut up. Legislators often times act like 2nd. graders on the playground, trying to one up each other for no good practical reason. Surely we are smarter than that. Don’t you think?? Study the issues. Select your representatives carefully, and encourage others to do so. Nothing destroys a democracy faster than apathy. ( I send money to NRA, And I bought three guns I didn’t even want 1) to support the FFL, and 2) because I didn’t want any one telling me that I couldn’t.). That may not count for much, but if everyone took a small step, together we could stomp ass.

  26. Alexandra Kliatchko says:

    As much as I can’t stand saying this, the arrest is not contrary to the reversal. The reversal says NY can continue having and selling 10-round magazines; however, you still can’t have more than 7 rounds in them. The guy didn’t get arrested for having the 10-round mag, he got arrested for having more than 7 rounds in it.

  27. KC says:

    Did anyone check the number of rounds in the officers gun??

  28. Thor says:

    What would have happened if the driver had denied the LEO access to the openly displayed firearm? Not required to allow the LEO in his car–right? Despite the crap Colorado has passed (state being sued by sheriff’s assoc) a LEO can’t pull over a car because a shoulder belt isn’t worn as a primary offense so if I’m pulled over (same phoney type of stop) I hop out. LEO gets all excited even though my hands are open and displayed. The phony shoulder belt offense disappears. I already researched the issue of ordering a driver back in the car–appeals courts have reversed convictions–unlawful order.
    Oh, I’m a retired cop–3 cities in two states.

    • dexterrr1 says:

      A fine example of “it ain’t as simple as it looks”. Neither radical view will hold up without considering “all” the facts. And I just get the feeling that all the facts are not wanted by either side.

  29. dexterrr1 says:

    Let’s take a moment, and think this through. 1) No one is going to control something that is already out of control. 2)After a gun is registered, or processed through an FFL, who knows if it is resold, given away, lost, or stolen? 3) Gun control is only addressed after a very unfortunate event. And it is only addressed for political purposes. 4) When it is addressed, it is never addressed with any amount of common sense. ie Raising the cost of an FFL? Just encourages people to buy and sell individually, which means there is no record, no background check, nothing. I think we are pretty safe as long as congress is in charge of gun control. They just want votes, not change. If they changed too much, they might have to buy there own insurance, give up a ludicrous retirement endowment, and have to participate in Obama Care with us regular people.

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