October 13, 2015

In NY, First Gunowner Arrested for Having +2 Bullets

At left are a legal complement of 40 S&W Speer 180-grain Gold Dots in New York. At right are two additional rounds that get gun owners can’t carry in that state.

(GunNews.com) — Gregory Dean Jr. of New York was pulled over Sunday evening because the lamp over his license plate was not working. He ended up being arrested for violating the new NY Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act.

Troopers saw Jean’s .40 caliber pistol in the front seat and asked to inspect it. The weapon is legally registered and possessed, but it contained nine bullets instead of the new legal amount of seven.

Troopers say Dean was charged with aggravated unlicensed driving for a suspended license and unlawful possession of the ammunition feeder, both misdemeanors. He was released without bail.

New York State Senator Greg Ball released this statement about the arrest:

“This is a very sad day for all fair minded New Yorkers who believe in justice and value freedom. Here we see the full effect of our actions as the SAFE Act turns a law abiding citizen into a criminal. This didn’t save a life, this just destroyed one man’s life,” said Senator Greg Ball. “I continue to plead with this Governor to please allow the common sense changes to this bill, that are obviously necessary.”

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65 Responses to “In NY, First Gunowner Arrested for Having +2 Bullets”
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  2. Grants NM says:

    413397 332946I agree completely with what you said. Great Stuff. Keep it going.. 187250

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  4. dexterrr1 says:

    Let’s take a moment, and think this through. 1) No one is going to control something that is already out of control. 2)After a gun is registered, or processed through an FFL, who knows if it is resold, given away, lost, or stolen? 3) Gun control is only addressed after a very unfortunate event. And it is only addressed for political purposes. 4) When it is addressed, it is never addressed with any amount of common sense. ie Raising the cost of an FFL? Just encourages people to buy and sell individually, which means there is no record, no background check, nothing. I think we are pretty safe as long as congress is in charge of gun control. They just want votes, not change. If they changed too much, they might have to buy there own insurance, give up a ludicrous retirement endowment, and have to participate in Obama Care with us regular people.

  5. Thor says:

    What would have happened if the driver had denied the LEO access to the openly displayed firearm? Not required to allow the LEO in his car–right? Despite the crap Colorado has passed (state being sued by sheriff’s assoc) a LEO can’t pull over a car because a shoulder belt isn’t worn as a primary offense so if I’m pulled over (same phoney type of stop) I hop out. LEO gets all excited even though my hands are open and displayed. The phony shoulder belt offense disappears. I already researched the issue of ordering a driver back in the car–appeals courts have reversed convictions–unlawful order.
    Oh, I’m a retired cop–3 cities in two states.

    • dexterrr1 says:

      A fine example of “it ain’t as simple as it looks”. Neither radical view will hold up without considering “all” the facts. And I just get the feeling that all the facts are not wanted by either side.

  6. KC says:

    Did anyone check the number of rounds in the officers gun??

  7. Alexandra Kliatchko says:

    As much as I can’t stand saying this, the arrest is not contrary to the reversal. The reversal says NY can continue having and selling 10-round magazines; however, you still can’t have more than 7 rounds in them. The guy didn’t get arrested for having the 10-round mag, he got arrested for having more than 7 rounds in it.

  8. dexterrr1 says:

    Yea, all that. But you must realize that it is up to us to put up or shut up. Legislators often times act like 2nd. graders on the playground, trying to one up each other for no good practical reason. Surely we are smarter than that. Don’t you think?? Study the issues. Select your representatives carefully, and encourage others to do so. Nothing destroys a democracy faster than apathy. ( I send money to NRA, And I bought three guns I didn’t even want 1) to support the FFL, and 2) because I didn’t want any one telling me that I couldn’t.). That may not count for much, but if everyone took a small step, together we could stomp ass.

  9. tupprmad says:

    This is what happens… but I am willing to bet the trooper had more than 7 rounds and the law was never amended…
    this is so stupid! and Cuomo is an IDIOT.

    • Jim-f says:

      This was fixed at the same time they were nice enough to allow us to again buy 10 round magazines, in the budget.

  10. Sapient Hetero says:

    The most disgusting thing is that someone could be arrested for such a minor infraction when food stamp, welfare & Medicaid cheats, serial ObamaPhone fraudsters and illegal aliens are ignored and in some cases even rewarded for their crimes. This is what happens when lunatics are allowed to run the asylum.

  11. Omaha Beach says:

    Let the criminals have New York…Let the law enforcement agencies become over tasked and over worked…This worthless state deserves everything it gets…

  12. Martin says:

    The part that really getting me mad as hell is this “cop” -”Chicken offense excuse for police”( OFFICER) pulled this guy over for a friviolious excuse targeting probably an individual he ran the plates on previously and seeing he had a ccw license just waited for him again and pulled him over on a technicality of burned out light bulb. This cop could have been after Drug criminals or Bank robbers but no Had to resort to tecnicalities to get an arrest. If I was the JUDGE I would have called that officer into my Chambers and had a man to man talk with him till he got it right and then I would have called his watch commander in and repeated the same statements requesting this officer not be allow to ever again waste the cities time on technicality like this while he is on FOOT PEDROL. THIS IS A POOR EXAMPLE OF PROTECT AND SERVE. AND SETS A ROTTEN EXAMPLE OF OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN BLUE THAT DO AN OUTSTANDING SERVICE.


  13. Paul Lee says:

    a person can get his DL suspended without even knowing it (yet),, by having an insurance bill lost in the mail on the way to him,, or bouncing a check for it,, or simply forgetting,, Or,, more simply, forgetting to turn in the plates on an unused trailer or motorcycle that is sitting in the tool shed which was not re registered,, or if an MC . kept insured.. This is not usually done with trailers or M/C’s but can be, and often is with cars,, . That said,, I do not want someone damaging my body, my family, or my property who has no insurance…. but it is a stretch of assumption to paint Mr Jean as an unrepentant intentional scofflaw based upon the small information presented.

    The 7 round rule was a bit of idiocy anyway,,, the legislators apparently never heard of a” New York Reload”… (having a 2nd gun with the legal 7 rounds ready) which demonstrates the folly and ineffectualness of their fuzzy thinking

    As far as restricting to 10 round magazines vs 30 (the proposed Federal rule), again their ignorance shows… it takes a practiced shooter all of 3 or 4 seconds longer to shoot 30 people by ejecting and replacing the mags twice . Maybe someday they will address the real problem of crime: not enough armed citizens.

  14. riggarob says:

    WTF’s wrong with NH ? I’ve lived here most of my life. I bought six guns in last 6 months and haven’t had a problem at all. I don’t understand where you guys are coming from.

  15. Tom says:

    No, it doesn’t make any sense at all. Simply because a person is a lousy driver, or maybe files an income tax statement with an error, or otherwise violates one of the tens of thousands of laws on the books, has NO BEARING whatsoever about his/her RIGHT to bear arms. When you say things like “I’m not sure….” in relationship to our RIGHTS then it is YOU who are in error. You should be ABSOLUTELY SURE that nothing INFRINGES on our right to keep and bear arms. And that is applicable to each and every sound minded person in the country.

    And before you tell me that a felon shouldn’t be able to own a firearm think about what are felonies. Further, if a person accused of a violent crime is released from prison then they have done their time and ALL THEIR RIGHTS should be restored. If they are a danger to society then they should NOT BE RELEASED.

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