April 1, 2015

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In NY: No Duty to Protect

(GunNews.com) — A man who was brutally stabbed by Brooklyn subway slasher Maksim Gelman two years ago had his negligence case against New York City dismissed in court, despite the fact that two transit officers had locked themselves in a motorman’s car only a few feet from him at the time of the attack.

Gelman stabbed Joseph Lozito in the face, neck, hands and head on an uptown 3 train in February 2011, after fatally stabbing four people and injuring three others in a 28-hour period. Lozito, a father of two and an avid martial arts fan, was able to tackle Gelman and hold him down, and Gelman was eventually arrested by the transit officers.

Lozito sued the city, arguing that the police officers had locked themselves in the conductor’s car and failed to come to his aid in time.

The city claimed that the NYPD had no “special duty” to intervene at the time, and that they were in the motorman’s car because they believed Gelman had a gun.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Margaret Chan sided with the city, noting that there was no evidence the cops were aware Lozito was in danger at the time.

77 Responses to “In NY: No Duty to Protect”
  1. ALRUI says:

    I guess citizens should take up the same attitudes then – I.E. we have no duty to pay our taxes!

  2. David B says:

    So, farther evidence that the biggist lie painted on police cars is “Serve and Protect”

    • Brian says:

      Of course, because two pussy cops who didn’t take care of business means every that every cop is exactly the same. You know, except the cops who aren’t.


      • Lt Scrounge says:

        Actually, there have been multiple rulings by the Supreme Court that police have no responsibility to protect anyone, only to try and preserve the peace in general. Think about that the next time some Democrat politician starts talking about calling 911, blowing a whistle, or using a campus call box. Then ask them which they prefer that their daughters, sisters or mothers die at the hands of an assailant because the police have no legal obligation to put down their doughnut or stand there and explain to the officer who shows up to take a report how the rapist ended up with multiple bullet holes in his chest and forehead?

      • Donnie says:

        Thank you Brian. A voice of reason in a sea of those who stereotype.

        • MSST8DOG says:

          Donnie: Not stereotyping my good and gentle soul. Just read the ruling by the courts and understand that the police have absolutely no obligation to protect anyone except those who are in their custody. AFTER they arrested the criminal, they are duty-bound to “serve and protect” in order for him to remain in custody until the justice system completes its process.

          You however, are not afforded the same protection unless there is a policeman/woman around who takes his job seriously.

          Brian: I hope you never need the police in the future…..

      • Mr. Smith says:

        There are some good law enforcement officers out there! However their bosses, their leadership is corrupt, especially in New York, Detroit, and other cities. Every law enforcement officer at some point in their career will be asked to do things that they know are wrong.

        At some point every law enforcement officer is will have to ask themselves a question: “Can I be a good person, a good cop while working for a legally broken, corrupt system.” I personally do not think that it is possible. Was every soldier that put on a Nazi uniform during WWII a bad person? No! Nevertheless once they chose to wear the uniform, they were the enemy – regardless of how “good” a person they may have been.


        • Donnie says:

          There are many very good law enforcement officers out there. And this one is not claiming to be perfect but I am good at my job and I love my job. I am thankful that I am able to be a cop and my job is to serve and protect everyone, regardless of their motivation. I have encountered situations that could have put my integrity and ethics in jeopardy however I chose the high road and the right road. I has cost me my job at my previous place of employment because the other officers “did not trust me” because they knew I would not compromise my integrity for them if they were violating their oath of office or citizens rights. I now have a job at a much better department and am happy that I found this job. Some of us are the type of people who won’t bow to the pressure and protect another officer that is crooked. I know to never say never but my character is without question and I have no intention of violating my oath of office at any time for any reason. I have live my life that way and during my 30 years on the job as well as 14 years in the military during that time I have made mistakes but I made those situations right and I did not expect anyone to cover for me when I screwed up. That is how I have been able to keep the respect of those officers who had the same level of integrity that I have. There is nothing I abhor more than a crooked cop. PERIOD!

          • Harry A. Schork says:

            Well Said Donnie. Thank you for giving us a reminder that there are cops with integrity out there.
            The great psychologist/psychoanalyst called it “the race of the decent and the race of the indecent.” He said they are in every walk of life. There are decent LEO, teachers, doctors, pastors, lawyers, construction workers, politicians, and ect. Conversely, there are also indecent men/woman in all those same fields. It is just a reality. To say that “all cops are bad” or “all pastors are good” is simply naive.
            All we can do is strive to be part of the decent and not the indecent.

          • Mr. Smith says:

            If every cop was like you there wouldn’t be stories like this one, also there wouldn’t be the distrust of law enforcement that there is today.

            Half a century ago children were taught that policemen are your friend and there to help you. Back then cops had the same respect and admiration that firefighters have today. It would still be that way today if other cops were like you sir. Even if they were half as forthright as you we wouldn’t have the push-back that we have now towards law enforcement.

            Sadly, the trouble is that there are fewer of your caliber in law enforcement every year. Thank you very much for your service Donnie.

          • Donnie says:

            I absolutely agree Mr. Smith. I remember growing up in the 60′s and 70′s, we were taught if we needed help or were in trouble, seek out a cop. Today, we endure parents, who instead of disciplining their children, they say “that cop is going to take you to jail if you don’t behave” and that makes the child scared of cops. The kids grow up in single parent homes or in homes where the police are continually called to their homes and see their mom and/or dad get arrested and this enhances the fear they already have because they don’t understand and so the cop must be the “bad man”. It makes our job more difficult when dealing with children and when those children grow up, they retain that fear and disrespect and play it out in front of their own children. Most of us work very hard to re-establish that respect and try to have a rapport with the children and young people we deal with but I don’t think it will ever be the way it was 50 years ago. But we do very much appreciate the respect and support we do receive and we hope that we earn that respect every day. I sure don’t expect it just because I am behind the badge because respect has to be earned and I strive for that daily. God bless.

    • Eric says:

      That slogan decoded:

      “To protect our own interests over yours and serve our elected officials and union bosses but not you”

      • Donnie says:

        Stupid is as stupid does, and what stupid does is criticize a profession and those who have proudly chosen that profession when stupid doesn’t have the guts to take on the task. Walk a mile in a man’s shoes so you know that dangerous mile before you decide you know anything about it. BTW, what do you do for a living, if you even have a job? I’ll bet the motto there is let’s go take our mandatory smoke break and grab a cup of coffee while we are at it. And that, every 10 minutes because we would not want you to tax yourself with actual work. See how that goes, when someone criticizes you and your profession and blindly knows nothing about it like you do. Most cops are some of the finest people you will ever meet and whom are disgusted by the cowards that hide behind the badge and the wall to keep from breaking a nail. Most cops will die for their brothers and sisters behind the thin blue line in a second because they know the brothers and sisters will do the same for them, all the while fulfilling our duty to protect the citizens of our jurisdiction. You see, we don’t need the supreme court to tell us we have a duty to protect, we swear an oath to do so and most cops proudly fulfill that oath daily without regard for their own lives because “that is what we do”!

  3. Nunyo says:

    Well, if the police won’t protect you, there’s always that second amendment thingy.

    • LPB says:

      Yeah, but if Lozito had used a gun to subdue the murderer Gelman, Lozito would be in more trouble than the muderer.

      • Dale says:

        Better to be “judged by 12 than carried by 6″.

      • Harry says:

        What is so infuriating is the media continues to chant:
        Let the police handle it. Just call 911. An unprofessional doesn’t know how to use lethal force to defend themselves, just leave it to the police.
        Well, here is an example of the police failing miserably and almost cost a husband and father his life.
        This is more than a battle for our 2nd amendment, it seems to be a battle for the soul of America.
        Joseph Lozito our hats are off to you for showing that fighting and triumphant American spirit that never gives up….

    • Steve says:

      Cuomo, and Bloomberg, have been passing the laws disarming law abiding people making them easy victims unable to defend themselves, and now the law enforcement doesn’t have a duty to protect. Cuomo, and Bloomberg should be charged as accessories for disarming the people for the criminals to attack.

      • Donnie says:

        No matter what anyone says on here, even if they claim the Supreme Court says they don’t, the police DO have a duty to protect and these two boneheads failed miserably in their duty. Off with their heads and hire someone that is not afraid of his own shadow.

        • Believe Me says:

          I use to believe that Police are servants of the community and owe their loyalty to the taxpayer. However, in reality, ‘Serve and protect’ is more of a nice bumper sticker. Police provide a sense of protection by their presence, however, police cannot be everywhere. Thus, they are more likely to arrive at the scene after the perp has already committed the infraction. At that point, the function of police is to investigate and gather evidence on behalf of the government (i.e., the district attorney – who is the real legal representative or CLEO of ‘the people’ who holds the sole power to prosecute on behalf of the state. remember, even in minor traffic cases, LEOs are witnesses FOR the state, not the accused). Multiple sources will advise those involved in the use of deadly force for self-defense to not make statements to any LEO without the advice of counsel. Which brings us back to the concept of “duty to protect”. That duty belongs to each and every individual citizen, not to any government employee. Bottom Line: First, Take your individual responsibility to defend and protect yourself seriously. Second, After the fact, have a quality Attorney to guard all of your other legal rights, especially against over zealous, political (think George Zimmerman), or malicious prosecution.

  4. Alco says:

    So let me get this straight- two cops locked themselves in a subway car because they were scared the attacker had a GUN?
    There were two of them and they had GUNS. Cowards and they should be ashamed.

    I hope if nothing else they were fired!

    • shepherdut says:

      They should at the very least be charged with “betraying the public trust”

    • haywood says:

      The cops locked themselves in, because they thought he had a gun. But they also claim, it wasnt apparent the man was in present danger from the attacker.

      So if the two pigs were scared enough to lock themselves in a motorcar, how is the man being vicisouly beaten somehow not clearly in danger?

      What a steaming pile of horse poo.

  5. Insadjuster says:

    And they want tourists to come to visit a city where the uniformed police officers have no duty to protect civilians? Those cowardly officers should have their badges, uniforms, and jobs taken from them. The words “to serve and protect” is just a ploy to make you think you are safe. Just another lie in the scam to take away our freedoms.

  6. Bob says:

    Many years ago The Supreme Court of The United States issued the same statement. ” The police have no responsibility to protect the individual…..only society as a whole.”

    Translation: People of the U.S., you’re on your own….Good luck!

    • Captain Bob says:

      Yes, that was Warren vs Wash. D.C. 1981 The US Supreme court ruled that the “police do not have a duty to protect individuals.” i.e. YOU are responsible for your own self-protection. OK, then why does this same government want to take away the best means to accomplish that self-protection? Could it be be because this great means of self-protection is also a great way to protect yourself from a tyrannical government?

    • Big D says:

      You are correct, sir. There are two SCOTUS decisions on the subject and both declare that there is no responsibility for law enforcement or military to protect an individual from being murdered by a criminal or a madman. Their job is to bring the criminal to justice. What those decisions imply is that as a sovereign, law-abiding American citizen our Second Amendment right allows us to chose to protect ourselves from being murdered; AND we are allowed to exercise that choice to protect others, as well.

      On the other hand Law Enforcement has a duty to act (put their hands on individuals, or intercede with deadly force), but as individuals we do not have that duty – only a choice to do so. So, when we act to defend ourselves, our family member(s), or anyone else, we do so as a personal choice, and we can be legally challenged on that point.

      While I personally find the court’s decision difficult to “appreciate,” as Bob says, we are on our own. The Founders thought we are better able to protect ourselves than we would be to depend upon a government agent, who is probably otherwise engaged, or somewhat distant from the situation. This is a GREAT reason for being fully armed and prepared to handle whatever comes your way – and a GREAT reason against the current gun control laws in New York City.

    • Irish51 says:

      When seconds count, a police officer is only a minute away. Most will put their lives on the line to protect, but as in every bushel, there are a few rotten ones. We have the right to defend ourselves Bloomberg. We don’t all police escorts like you do. We don’t need them like you do, due to your lame beliefs.

  7. Julian says:

    I wish that people that want to outlaw firearms can only see the truth in that the government is NOT obligated to protect you. There are so many people out there that do believe and think that the police have to come and protect.

  8. Don says:

    Wait, first those two “officers” are NOT an example of what all cops are like! Oh, and I’m no cop. Second, if the assailant had, had a gun, it probably would have shot thru the door of the compartment. But would the criminal have only had 7 rounds? Yeah, have to go to Bloomberg for that one! It sounds like a Bloomberg/city appointed judge, protecting his/her, robe/ job. Is it not the Transit Officers job to know what’s going on, on their train, or platform, or station? Not to BS with the motorman.Yeah those two are negligent, or as even a corp. like AT&T says, dereliction of duty. Then you’re fired. As they oughta be. Or stuck behind a desk for what’s left of their 20 years. They have shown, at the very least, they do not belong in the field. How many people suffered, cause they were hiding? Mr. Lozito, is the victim here, he got screwed three times, the attacker, the 2 transit play actor cops, and then by the judge. 2 out of three paid with his tax money! Bloomberg has the city covering its own azz, on this one.(and probably more, we won’t hear about). They wanted him a third time? I’m sorry for Lozito, and his family, but at least he can look his kids in the eye. Those keystones, have to live with it too, they cant look anybody in the eye,hang your heads, you 2 are a disgrace.

    • Captain Bob says:

      I’m thinking that those cops were hiding in that car because they were drinking 32 oz soda cups and were also trying furiously to take 8 rounds out of their 15 round magazines…..

  9. Ed in North Texas says:

    Other than a Judge following established case law, there’s no story here for anyone who has paid attention to the issue over the past half century or so. Even the US Supreme Court has weighed in on the issue in Town of Castle Rock, Colorado, :V. Jessica Gonzales (et al) : No. 04-278, reversing a 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decision which had favored a duty to protect when an Order of Protection law directs the police “shall” arrest for violation of the order.

    NY case law goes back to 1958 on the issue and other states, and Federal courts, have ruled in the same way. The government has a duty to “protect” the population generally, but no duty to protect any individual in that population (so actually there isn’t any duty to protect even the general population as not a single individual of that population is required to be protected).

    • Duncan says:

      Ed you are right … if people do the search … the no duty to protect goes all the way back to 1855 or 1856 – depending on info you google …..
      Made it to the SCOTUS
      I ran for Sheriff in podunk town here … just so I could get at the current Sheriff admin . in public meetings … When I brought up the no duty to protect and militarization of police … and gave facts to same … people got a lot quieter about my running .
      I did not win .. knew I wouldn’t didn’t want to .

    • bill says:

      interesting that a citizen can be arrested for not aiding someone in need in an emergency situation but a person sworn to protect can be let off. I guess the only thing they are sworn to protect is their own ass !

  10. mike says:

    What do you expect from a city run by Bloomberg?

  11. JJohnston says:

    If the cops can claim (and the judge agree) that they were justified in locking themselves away because they thought Gelman had a gun, how can they claim (and the judge agree) they didn’t know Lozito was in danger?

    • Ryan says:

      DING DING DING! We have a winner! Too bad you werent the plantiff’s atty! Thats an excellent point that was apparently overlooked – or ignored! Good call!

  12. cal says:


  13. Scott says:

    The U.S. Supreme Court has already weighted in on this decades ago. It basically stated the police have no duty to pretect the people only government officials. Convenient no. There are more cases like this from other parts of the U.S.. For example, in New Orleans a women was raped in her apartment while police outside her building refused to help. She sued and lost. A case in MT where the local law officers told a drunk man tp walk home in freezing temperatures because they wouldn’t let him drive his car. He froze to death before he got there. The family sued and lost. All because the police do not have the responsibility to protect citizens.

  14. Seth says:

    I wonder what will happen when somebody cites this case in a application for a carry permit.

  15. Brenboy says:

    …and just try to get a concealed carry permit in NYC… one of the biggest cities of victims in the world

  16. Ronald says:

    My favorite expression is,” When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” Well now it seems that even when they get there they don’t have to help you. Thank God I live in a state where I can carry a gun!!!

  17. John Powell says:

    Those cops stick together, even when it comes to being a coward. Fire them both, no retirement no healthcare. The judge should go with them. This is a clear example of what our government has become. Unions should not be in government.

  18. EDDY vINNEY says:

    Whats the sex , and race of these cops vs Lozito,and for that matter Gelman! I,m just wondering. were they saying for Travon? Maybe NY like many liberal places ties cops hands so its just easier to deal with evidence rather than intervene. Fight or flight and many people forget who they are and what they represent. Let Gelman come to rural america and try that. We believe in God, Guns and the right to defend, and treat that predator the way we do other problem animals THE WAY HE SHOULD BE TREATED!

  19. Dave In Co says:

    Mr Bloomberg, if the police have no duty to protect, you must let citizens protect themselves – you can’t have it both ways. The only people in NY who can’t protect themselves are the law-abiding citizens. The street thugs and rats aren’t magically going to go away, no matter how much you wish it..

  20. JAJ says:

    Let’s review what was in the story above…
    The city claimed that the “officers” were in the motorman’s car because they believed Gelman had a gun.
    The judge sided with the city, noting that there was no evidence the cops were aware Lozito was in danger at the time.
    Hmmm. The cops thought Gelman had a gun but they were not aware that Lozito was in danger. Hmmm. Then using simple logic, GUNS ARE NOT DANGEROUS. I wonder if Bloomberg enjoyed the irony in all this as much as I did.
    New Yorkers, I know you may have grown up there, but between the HIGH taxes and the Bloombergs / Cuomos, I would think it may be time to consider moving back to the USA.

    • HR218 says:

      JAJ – Excellent logic! The sick, self righteous, self aggrandizing politicians are all in bed together and they make me (all of us oath takers I bet) wanna puke. Period. So, for the sake of debate – allowing the perp to attack a lone individual comes with some sort of immunity, but how does this transfer in the context of the next victim, and the next and the next? Doesn’t intervening to stop a single attack create the nexus to the concept of protection of the general public, hence, the duty to protect a single person is implicit when present? I can only shake my head, even as an HR218(Q’d Ret).

  21. paul says:

    This is no worse than the whole LAPD when Reginald Denny was being beaten at the start of the King riots in Los Angeles. The beating was televised and NO police came, they his in their stations because of a chickens**t captain. This episode took away any respect these men ever had.

  22. JAFO says:

    This is nothing more than protection for the city. Imagine if you could sue the city because you called the cops (who have a duty to protect) and they didn’t get there in time and you were mugged, raped, or had your house burned down. There would be 1000′s of lawsuits a day. Not saying it’s right, but that’s the real reason. As such, the (stripped in NY) ability to defend yourself is more important than ever. A better suit would be SINCE the cops have no duty to protect, it falls on the individual citizen, therefore a legal ability to defend yourself with a firearm is imperative.

  23. Jikir says:

    My Grandfather was a NYPD cop in Spanish Harlem & after he shot the suspect Im not so sure he wouldn’t have also shot these two cowards, at the very least they were getting a beating in the precinct parking lot later than night I can tell you that much.
    They are an absolute disgrace to my Grandfathers memory & Im disgusted

  24. Jikiri says:

    My Grandfather was a NYPD cop in Spanish Harlem & after he shot the suspect Im not so sure he wouldn’t have also shot these two cowards, at the very least they were getting a beating in the precinct parking lot later that night I can tell you that much.
    They are an absolute disgrace to my Grandfathers memory & Im disgusted

  25. Byron says:

    So NYC armed and uniformed officers have no duty to protect anyone, even the victim of an assault happening before their eyes. OTOH, NYC and New York state disarm law abiding citizens so they can’t defend themselves.

    I would have to believe that this choice of policies typifies a lawless and barbaric area. POTUS should send in the National Guard. Just kidding, that’s reserved for peaceable Tea Party demonstrations where the local authorities don’t even have to pick up litter afterwards, let alone shovel the s**t after “Occupy” public riots.

    “The ruling class doesn’t care about public safety. Having made
    it very difficult for States and localities to police
    themselves, having left ordinary citizens with no choice
    but to protect themselves as best they can, they now try
    to take our guns away. In fact, they blame us and our guns
    for crime. This is so wrong that it cannot be an honest
    - Sen. Malcolm Wallop

  26. W.S. says:

    Well, it was New York.
    Transit cops, I’ve seen, from New York were next to useless. The ones I’ve met could be used as concealment and cover. I would go into a dark building with my teen aged grandson before I took one of the three I met.

  27. Bill says:

    I guess it takes a Village to protect…not the “bloomin” NYPD.

    Visitors to NYC, go elsewhere.

  28. John says:

    When NYPD started requiring new police recruits to be college graduates the character of the police officer diminished greatly. Where before construction workers, cab drivers, security officers, people with life experience working amongst fellow NYC residents In the real world, who could take charge in a situation. Guys with military experience who could handle a situation.
    Now we have inexperienced college graduates who have no life experience, can’t handle them selfs physically against a perp, and hide out thru out the transit system like scared little puppies.
    I know , I was a conductor and cop in New York City. As a conductor I would of broke a paddle in the conductors booth over the head of the perp. As a cop I would of shot the perp, and as a veteran I would of protected my fellow citizens and put an end to this monster.
    Hire cops with real life experience, veterans, people working in the real world!!! No book worms who are afraid of their own shadows.
    Bloomberg you screwed up the NYPD by changing the hiring practices.

    • Donnie says:

      I absolutely agree with the comment about the college graduates. They are educated idiots. I have worked with some cops who were college grads and they were worthless as a milk bucket under a bull. Not all but most. The best cop are the ones who have street smarts and common sense and those two combined equal the ability to apply both. College grads can tell you what they know and how to do things but can’t actually put all that indoctrination and knowledge into practical application. Hence, like in NYC, the cops don’t know how to actually do their jobs.

  29. John. Ex cop says:

    NYC gun laws are made to protect the criminal. Transit police are known to HIDE and Sleep thru out the system ! NYPD hiring practices “only” college graduates. Well you have college graduates who want the 90k a year but who are afraid to work and can’t handle themselves one on one with a perp. Most I’ve met cant handle themselves two on one either.
    My opinion but a hand gun- don’t register it and if your on a train and your life is threatened shoot the Basterds and leave the station. Don’t wait for the police they will arrest you!

  30. Ron says:

    We who are reading this latest example of idiocy need also to read our local (usually liberal) newspapers. Pay attention to the articles about attacks against citizens, gang violence, and home invasions. Be sure to read the comment section at the end of the report. Invariably, there will be posts about “gun violence” and anti-2nd histrionics. PLEASE be sure to reply to these posts with a recounting of this story, ie: the police are not here to protect you, only to take reports and clean up the mess afterwards. And in Kalifornia, they won’t even arrest the mutt, as he/she would just be released anyway due to prison overcrowding! I know that 99.5% of LE would, without hesitation, do all they could to protect the innocent from attack (if they were there to see it), but according to SCOTUS,it is not their responsibility to do so.

  31. Bigmag47 says:

    It`s plain and simple, we need to take care of ourselves. We need to physically pull our politicians OUT of office VIOLENTLY if need be and replace them! We need to kick the CRAP out of ALL police who violate their powers and duties and fire them, and replace them with those of honor and a sense of justice. We must do WHATEVER it takes to take back our country!

  32. Dale says:

    Yet another example of why GUN FREE ZONES should be REPEALED!! Every law-abiding citizen has the RIGHT to protect him or her self when threatened with sever bodily harm or death, no matter what state, county or city that person happens to be in! Concealed carry should be allowed AND RECOGNIZED in EVERY state, just as drivers licenses are recognized by every other state!

  33. Robert Novak says:

    I thought it was to serv and protect the citizens of New York. That is about right to that way we just get a check next it will be can we stay home and get a check sloppy police work just another form of theft

  34. takahimo says:

    typical of the geldings who are allowed to wear the uniform today, they should be assigned to watch the flagpole at city hall…and we have Wiener and Spitzer waiting in the wings.

  35. Dominiator says:

    Welcome to the new America, where the criminals are scary and the cops are running scared!
    Where justice is unjust and injustice is just!

  36. Castle Rock v. Gonzales says:

    Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748 (2005), is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled, 7–2, that a town and its police department could not be sued under 42 U.S.C. §1983 for failing to enforce a restraining order, which had led to the murder of a woman’s three children by her estranged husband.


  37. Al says:

    This is a perfect example of ONE PERSON depending upon city employees to help and they are CHICKEN SHITS being locked up so they do not get hirt.

  38. Joe says:

    WHAT? I know 2 transit cops who would be getting a whipping when I recovered! And the court saying they did not know he was in danger. How about hiding in the motorcar watching the guy get brutally stabbed? Wasn’t that enough indication? In police work, that is what we call a clue! Scared he had a gun, THE GET ANOTHER JOB YOU COWARDS!!!!! And last time I checked, aren’t transit officers armed as well? If so, these SOBs should be fired for dereliction of duty!!!! Unbelievable if you ask me. This is one cop who is not only running scared, I live for the thrill of catching turds and would have been all over this if I were on the scene. Cops swear an oath and that demands and commands that you HAVE A DUTY TO PROTECT! Even the cops are becoming creeps worse than they ever have before. I am glad I am close to retiring because at times, I don’t even want to be associated with cops and the job anymore.

  39. Bill K. says:

    Sounds like the Virginia Tech campus police. Hiding behind cars and trees while a gunman shoots the students. Not 1 ran into the building. Cowards.

  40. Earnst D. says:

    The only things Cops Serve and Protect are a Dozen Glazed Donuts, they will empty all four of their spare magazines via their Glock’s at anyone Not displaying a Brass Pass trying to get a Donut, But Joe citizen being beaten, stabbed, rundown, Gunned down in the street You Better protect yourself because they are not required to.

    I have seen this in many States over the last Several years the Police have no Duty to Protect individual citizens they have a bigger job of Law and Order(Handing out Tickets to make money for the City /State) and Anti terrorism/SWAT. You better know your State City/Local Laws regarding self defense and stay well within those should you be in harms way otherwise you get pounced on By Law and Order and dragged through hell’s half acre for doing what a Police Officer used to do to Protect Citizens, If everybody at the same time said BS i am not paying taxes until my protection and property protection is required again things would change but people these days can not all do one thing and stick to it for more than about 30 seconds, Pitiful .

    • Donnie Meaders says:

      What is pitiful Earnst is the generalization and stereotyping of ALL cops by your comments. I dare say that you don’t have the courage to pin on the badge and walk a foot in my steps, much less know what you are talking about. Yes, I will agree that Joe Bad-a-donuts Cops are out there but the vast, vast majority of us are good officers who demand nothing less than our best in the protection of citizens and their property which IS our duty. I don’t know what you do for a living but you would be aggravated if someone made a general statement about every single person in the world who does your job(that is if you even have one and not on the gubmint dole). It is people like you that have for decades and still do generalize about others of another race, heritage, sex, creed etc and need to spend more time looking at the man in the mirror! You have seen the enemy, and the enemy is YOU!

  41. howell clark says:

    lozito didn’t get much sympathy from bloomberg because even though he was a triumphant victim his perp didn’t use a gun. boy howdy would bloomy and his dragoons been all over this if only the perp had a gun.

  42. butch says:

    Be a bit more charitable to the 2 cops. They could not see what was going on because there heads were between their legs kissing their backsides goodbye.

    • Donnie Meaders says:

      Charitable? They are a disgrace to the term cops. If they had any ethics and integrity, they would turn in their badge and take their cowardice somewhere else. They don’t deserve to be commissioned officers.

  43. Donnie Meaders says:

    Excuse me, I meant Bag-a-donuts.

  44. george milton says:

    they were clearly BUSY giving one another BJs in the motor mans cab…

    • Donnie Meaders says:

      George, they say familiarity breeds contempt. Your contempt for law enforcement officers is obvious. Every day should be thank a cop day, with the exception of these two. They should be given a one way “pink” ticket out the door never to return to a law enforcement job again as they are worthless cowards. On behalf of those of us who are 110% dedicated to the oath we have taken, YOU’RE WELCOME!

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