December 2, 2016

J. William Carter for NRA Re-Election


“I’m a firm believer in the constitution, the Second Amendment, and our constitutional and God-given right to keep and bear arms, and will always use my position within the board of directors at the NRA to help protect those rights.”

Mr. Carter has valiantly served on the board for 12 years, one of 76 members of the Board of Directors at the NRA. He serves as the Chair position for both the Smallbore Rifle Committee and the Adaptive Shooting Sports Committee. He is an active member of the Law Enforcement Assistance, Finance, and Jeanne E. Bray Memorial Scholarship committees. He also serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for the National Rifle Association’s “Whittington Center,” a 33,000 acre hunting-and-shooting facility in New Mexico.

Bill is a believer in opportunity. He is determined to serve and advocate for sportsman, shooters, and hunters of every discipline through his involvement on the National Rifle Association Board of Directors and its committees, as well as Vice President of his local sporting club of 1,300 members. Bill has taken upon himself a personal commitment to protecting our Second Amendment rights by being more prepared, more knowledgeable, more dedicated to our cause, and relentless in his pursuit of freedom than those who oppose the principles of the National Rifle Association.

Bill was raised among the NRA and drew a strong connection to it at an early age. His father served as NRA Executive Vice President, Vice President of the NRA, President of the NRA, served on the NRA Board of Directors, and was the very first Director for the Institute of Legislative Action.

“There was an absolute influence that my dad had with my involvement with the NRA. It all began when I was a boy, shooting and hunting with my father.” Now a retired border patrol agent, an avid hunter, and clay target shooter, Bill has followed in his father’s influential footsteps, and has affected the lives of many with his work in the committees to which he pertains. His father developed in him, and which he has passed on to his two sons and two grandchildren (all life members of the NRA), a love for the shooting sport, a respect for and understanding of their freedom to participate in the sport of shooting, and to never take that freedom for granted.

The Adaptive Shooting Committee is geared towards the competitive involvement of shooters who have been disabled in any way. The committee also looks very closely at policies, programs and strategies specifically devoted to increasing participation in all aspects of the shooting sport beyond competition of persons with physical disabilities, and to strengthen and promote NRA programs and membership among persons with physical disabilities–especially our military veterans with service-related physical disabilities.

When asked about how the competitions will accommodate disabled shooters, he quickly pointed out, “There are NO boundaries for the disabled shooter [in our competitions.] There are rules in place in all of the rule books to accommodate them.

“I was invited early in my career at the NRA to address a disabled gunners championship. Upon seeing their dedication, I was very inspired and impressed.” This inspiration was dear and powerful to Mr. Carter. It now drives him to gear much of his ambition to continuing the resurrection of the Adaptive Shooting Committee, which is set to begin competitions in 2014. There will be many competitions for disabled shooters, whether they are in wheelchairs, have had limbs amputated, or who are even blind. Bill feels that “with any shooting discipline, accommodations can be made for a disabled shooter.”

Mr. Carter is currently working on facilitating this organization, and fervidly continues to strive to protect our rights to keep and bear arms. endorses his bid for re-election for the NRA Board.


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    You’ve got my vote & all others of your ethics & beliefs ! Give me a list of your suggestions . John LaFata . I’m glad the Hi Standard is performing well! nraannie

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