January 22, 2017

Machine Gun Found in JFK Airport

mac 11

Imagine you’re contracted to do electrical work at a major airport. As you’re working, you open up the ceiling of a storage closet and find a machine gun sitting there. A Mac-11, subcompact machine pistol to be exact. Shocking as it is, that’s what happened at the JFK airport last week. The electrician was doing construction work in terminal one when he came across the gun. The gun was found without ammo or anything to identify the owner. Nobody seems to know anything about where the gun came from, how it got there, or how long it had been sitting there. Perhaps more importantly, everyone wants to know how the gun made it past security.

The Mac-11 is said to be capable of discharging a 32 round magazine in under 2 seconds. However, while the gun’s presence is shocking, it doesn’t appear that police are majorly concerned about the find. The office where the gun was found hadn’t had any renovations since the 1990’s, so the gun is likely to have been there for quite some time. Now, I honestly don’t know how you can have office and storage space in an airport and no clue what’s stored there. Then again, I’ve never worked in an airport.

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15 Responses to “Machine Gun Found in JFK Airport”
  1. Anthony smith says:

    The pistol in the picture is a semi-auto .I can tell by the semi-auto hammer pin with a e-clip

  2. butch says:

    Note the label at the bottom right of the photo is ABC and channel 7. Usually associated with mainstream liberal media, and not noted for accuracy and truth. You think that they would have at least had enough sense to find a case that would have fit the “machine gun”.

  3. Barker62 says:

    Not sure if this will come thru but this news site gives a better view of the ‘sub-compact’ machine pistol.


  4. AllAmerican says:

    People with absolutely no knowledge of weapons need to be whipped for posting such BS….like some of the other posts say, this is a semi-auto pistol not a SMG…and it DEFINITELY isn’t a MACHINE GUN and wdn’t be even if it was fully automatic…I never realized there were so many dumb gun haters in this country until the past few years.

    • Marlin says:

      This is not really a surprise. While the normal passenger areas of an airport seem to be well controlled, the back side of an airport is not. I travel quite a bit, and have watched as private trucks and cars drive onto the field. These are not searched on any sort of standard basis. It would be very simple to put a gun or two into what looks to be a standard carry on bag, and drop it off to a baggage handler. That person would then toss it in with the luggage for a known flight, where the final person would as a passenger pick it up. Once the bag is inside a terminal passenger area, it can be transferred anywhere inside a country with no problems.

  5. Dave says:

    That’s a semi-auto MAC, not a machine gun.
    Most likely stolen out of someone’s luggage by baggage handlers.
    The stupid TSA rule that requires baggage to have a big tag that identifies it contains a firearm just makes it even easier for the thieves to find the guns.

  6. Jay Thomas says:

    First off, I own several SWD, M11/9mm SubMachine Guns and the weapon pictured is NOT a SMG – it is a semi auto version. For once, I would really like everyone to stop sensationalizing and calling every semi-auto a Machine Gun!!!! The Truth Matters!

    Impeach, Prosecute and Hang the Elected Washington Traitors and Lobbyists!

    Jay Thomas,
    Arizona, the land of the Free!

  7. John Budweiser says:

    It is just another gun lost under the Fast-n-Furious operation.

  8. Jimmy says:

    Sort of makes you wonder if there are weapons cached elsewhere in that airport, or in other airports. Airport workers often move unnoticed thru airports before/after hours, and caching weapons would be an easy way to facilitate/plan domestic terrorism. Hopefully, it was checked for prints.

  9. Jerry Lee says:

    Looks like the semi-auto version, no wire stock, must be new, even has the rubber trigger comfort boot. Most likely stolen from baggage and not recovered.

  10. SgtRock2 says:

    If that is suppose to be the actual gun found, I call B.S.
    That’s a semi-auto pistol, notice there is no stock or front strap.
    Some baggage handler probably stole it and hid it in the ceiling.

  11. Brenboy says:

    Is the picture of the actual firearm found? If so it sure looks like it was probably legal and stolen out of luggage. It didn’t go past security, it probably came into the airport in luggage and found then stolen. Remember the TSA workers steal thousands of guns, jewelry, cameras, money etc from airline travelers every year. They also coordinate drug smuggling. Thankfully they do get caught sometimes.

    • n64atlas says:

      The pic is staged, it doesn’t fit in the box. As Stated, it might have been stolen from luggage. It might not even be a full auto firearm. There was a semi-auto closed bolt version as I recall

      • donwann says:

        I was thinking the same thing. If it had sat in that pistol case for that long, the foam would be crushed to the form of the weapon. I wonder where they borrowed this one from for the picture. Don’t usually see one with the sling.

  12. Barker62 says:

    Well, if the offices hadn’t been re-habbed for that long (before TSA) then most anyone could have stashed it there, including any security personnel. And who opens a ceiling panel in a closet unless they’re waaay bored? Be interesting to see if the ATF can trace it, after the govt shutdown ends of course. I’m really surprised the electrician didn’t just keep his mouth shut and take it home !!!!

    I’ve fired suppressed MAC’s in .380, 9mm and 45 auto while in the MP’s and beyond their being ammo hogs wasn’t too impressed with them.

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