May 26, 2016

Missing M-16 Found In Deputy’s Home After 8 Years

Missing M-16

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DAVIS COUNTY, UT—A Federal Audit was recently conducted, as per the terms to The Department of Defense Excess Property Program, and the Davis County Sheriff’s Office was missing an M-16 that they were given in 1998. In that year, Davis County was given 20 of these rifles. According to a sheriff’s spokesperson, the rifles had been kept in storage until 2006 when they were used in training exercises.

According to KSL, a deputy checked one of the M16s out for training exercises with the county SWAT team. The deputy in question (he has not been named as of yet) kept the rifle in his personal gun safe while he had it in his possession. That same year in which he checked the rifle out (2006), he was also deployed to Afghanistan with his reserve unit. His first tour was 1 ½ years long and he came home and was deployed a second time within a few months of his return. He has been home for several years now.

According to a statement released by the Sheriff’s Office, “During the investigation, partially because there was a lack of paperwork and partially because of human error, the employee never heard about an investigation into a missing M-16 rifle. It wasn’t until he was reading in the newspapers that DCSO had a missing assault rifle that his memory was sparked, he went to his gun safe to check, then made the call to his superior.” The statement continued, “His employment never ceased and the gun was never on the streets being used for criminal purposes. He simply forgot it was there.”

The Sheriff’s office had no idea that this M-16 was missing until the 2013 federal audit.

The question is, should the deputy be punished, or was this an honest mistake?



624 Responses to “Missing M-16 Found In Deputy’s Home After 8 Years”
  1. I like your web site, am thinking of starting off my own

  2. DEPUTY DOG says:

    What a jerk.He should be quartered and

  3. Jim says:

    While I feel that probably is an honest mistake, us non-police would be told that it doesn’t matter “wrong is wrong and you have to pay the legal penalties.”

  4. OLD HOG says:

    Come on…Cut the guy some slack, Hes not only a sworn peace officer , but made the choice to serve this great nation, the weapon was safely stored, and did not fall into the wrong hands, obviously he was authorized to have possession of the weapon, no harm no foul.

    Semper Fi’

  5. King of Castle Chaos says:

    OOPSY! Guns are tools. Hopefully they are kept properly in locked toolboxes known as safes. Some guys have bigger safes than others. Some safes have lights, some don’t. M16′s are black (mine was) and hard to see sometimes. Wife’s have lists, all of which are insanely long. These lists trump everything. Weapon returned- case closed- move on.

  6. john r owens says:

    The department should be held accountable. how do you misplace a rifle for 7 years. I am prior military and we did inventory every day and signed for them every six months. In LE we account for our weapons twice a year.

  7. RJS says:

    He should not be punished for this action however the ATF needs to realize things like this happen. He didn’t go on vacation he went to the place his country sent him, possibly I harms way, without say and leaving his life and family here in an instant. He had bigger things on his mind.

  8. Cruffler says:

    Really,Im not buying the I forgot I had it. BS flag on the play.I know every weapon I have owned or ever owned in all my half century…I know pretty much what all my friends have as well. He is a LEo and former combat veteran….not an idiot! Truth that all are dancing is he thought he had a free weapon,thank you,local tax payers(in Utah they pay taxes… state income even or did in the days lived there) ….till someone asked. Reading about the investigation…is certainly someone asking about it….they were asking where the hell is our rifle??? Now all that said…I am an advocate for allowing our vets to own such ,in fact oughta be part of honorable DC of combat vets,but that needs be handled in a different way!

  9. gino says:

    I’m not sure I would be so inclined to punish anyone who served two tours in Afghanistan so I could sit safely at home and opine as to whether he should be punished for what clearly was a mistake that was corrected as soon as he remembered he still had it.

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