March 6, 2015

Phil Robertson has the Same Rights as You


I recently wrote an article about Phil Robertson’s suspension from Duck Dynasty. To summarize the article, Phil, as the patriarch of the family, was suspended by A&E from the show because he made a comment that was not in favor of homosexuality in an interview with GQ magazine in their January issue. Immediately after the issue was published, an uprising of commotion grew on social media and on broadcast programs.

The article I previously wrote gives only the facts about the situation, as I carefully intended. However, I do have a strong opinion on the matter, which I thought to separately express.

Being an avid Duck Dynasty fan, I was very disappointed when I heard the news. Phil is one of my favorites of the Robertson clan. I have always admired his commanding presence and his calm demeanor. As I was researching his interview, I read his comment, and I will admit that I was a bit shocked at how gutsy it was. There are certain things that you do need to be careful about when expressing them to the public. However, I do not believe he violated anything by expressing his religious beliefs.

Phil comes from a very conservative, God-fearing family that was thrust into the limelight. A&E knew this when they were first approached with the idea of featuring the Robertsons in a reality television show. The genre of the show itself is called “reality.” If A&E is not able to handle some of its biggest stars having an unpopular opinion, they should not have done the show in the first place.

It was Phil’s First Amendment right to express his religious views. Nowhere in the First Amendment does it say that a person’s views need to be popular or favorable to everyone, nor does it say that you cannot express your opinion if it is to a large audience. We all hear or read other people’s opinions regularly that may or may not offend us. That does not mean that they should be punished. It does mean that we need to grow a backbone and let them practice their human right to have an opinion. Did A&E have the right to suspend Phil? Yes, they did. However, I cannot agree that their action to suspend him was morally sound. I do have an issue with the media respecting the left’s right to have their own opinion and beliefs, but nobody else’s.

The argument has been made that Phil should have been sensitive to the fact that he is in the limelight, and his private opinions should be kept private. While I can understand where those who express this opinion are coming from, they need to understand that Phil’s private life has already been on screen for the whole world to see. As soon as he was made a reality television star, his private opinions naturally became everybody’s business. That is how the media works these days.

One of the biggest parts of Phil’s life, besides his family, is his religious beliefs. It is a well-known fact that the Bible lists homosexuality as a sin. That this is listed in the Bible is not a prejudice or a political statement, but a fact. All Christian religions believe in the Bible, to one extent or another. Everybody who watches Duck Dynasty knows the Robertsons are devout Christians. Christianity believes homosexuality is a sin, but the sinner is not necessarily a bad person. Christianity also preaches to hate the sin, but love the sinner. Our world today has been conditioned to jump and scoff at the first sign of “prejudice,” without first understanding what the person in question is really saying.

If this television show featured a liberal family, their personal views would have been spewed across the screen and praised by the media. However, because this family represents and expresses traditional values, and because they represent the silent majority of America that stays out of the limelight, they are harshly punished.

Phil should have been more careful about what he is saying, being mindful of his audience. However, he was not wrong in the principle of expressing his opinion. He did not preach hate to all homosexuals. He did not say death to all homosexuals. He did not attack anybody, nor did he ever intend to.

This is not about gay rights. When it comes down to the bare bones of the matter, this issue actually has nothing to do with gay rights. This whole predicament does have everything to do with a man and his right to express his religious beliefs without being punished for it by society, as well as the dire need for society to grow thicker skin and face the reality that not everybody is going to share your same beliefs. Whether you agree with him, whether I agree with him, or whether your neighbor agrees with him does not make Phil’s First Amendment right any less valid.

Conservatives have to take punches every single time they tune into on their TV’s. Liberals should be able to do the same. Not everybody will have the same opinion as you or agree with your lifestyle. Just like Phil had every right to express his religious belief, you can agree to disagree, and civilly continue standing for your own beliefs.


112 Responses to “Phil Robertson has the Same Rights as You”
  1. Citizen John says:

    I believe that Phil knew what he was doing. He was simply quoting the Bible and Phil believes the Bible. There are stronger verses than the one he quoted. It’s not only a sin it’s an abomination in GOD’s eyes. Does Phil not have a right to speak freely in this Country? Phil doesn’t hate anyone, he just said it was wrong and these sinners would be banned from Heaven based on the Bible. I hope that the Robertson’s take their show to “Blaze” TV. It would be a perfect fit.
    The Testimony of the show ending meal and Prayer makes the show,. Everyone would like to have a close extended family like the Robertson’s. This is one of the main reasons that my family watches “Duck Dynasty”.

    • I also believe that GQ new exactly what they were doing when they asked the questions. A&E will not lose viewers because of what Phil said but because of what A&E did.

    • It was not just his comments about gays that caused his suspension but also his comments about blacks!

      Yes he has the right to say what he said but A&E havs
      rights as well! (Remember our right wing congress gave corporations the same rights as citizens) A&E has the freedom not to promote Phjl Robertson’s views or give a platform for them.

      A&E is making a ton of cash off this! The Robertson clan wanted a 5 fold increase in pay for each episode! They got it but gave up most of the mechanizing rights. Go buy more Duck Dynasty stuff A^E gets he money not the Robertsons!

  2. Barker62 says:

    I believe, and hope, that A&E takes a big hit over this. I haven’t watch more than 3 or 4 episodes due to work conflicts(yes, I do know about VCR’s!) and currently have way too much going on otherwise but I like the program and hate to see A&E kow-tow to the PC Brigade. That is their choice, it’s their network but I don’t have like it.

    Ms or Miss or…? Davis, I agree totally with your comments.

    • as says:

      The author entirely misunderstands the First Amendment idea of free speech, which prohibits Congress from making any law restricting Robertson’s right to speak out but doesn’t protect him from consequences of that speech.

      • Woody says:

        The consequences suffered are being perpetrated by much more ignorant people than Phil. At least he has beliefs that he stands behind without worrying what others say about him. More folks should have such fortitude and courage! Especially folks in the limelight! But the fashionable way is the easy way and to talk badly about something that is naturally bad is, well, bad for a person’s career. As is evidenced here.

        I don’t watch Duck Dynasty and never have so I don’t have a duck in that fight. But for that company to cut their own nose off to spite their face is more laughable than tragic. My God, wouldn’t want to insult the largest up and coming fashion to hit the US in thirty years, especially when they have such fashionable packer’s … errr, I mean backers, as those morons in Hollyweird. Hasn’t been an actor with an original thought come from there in decades. I’m glad Phil was able to rise above the sheep and proclaim himself something other than a follower of fashion.

        Now the challenge will be to see if any other actors can show themselves in a courageous light? Probably not, it wouldn’t be fashionable.

        • Dano says:

          How is it that bakeries can’t refuse to make a cake for a gay couple and landlords can’t discriminate and most businesses can’t discriminate on hiring gays but the A&E can fire someone for standing up for their straight Christian values? I’m struggling to understand.

  3. Larry Wilson says:

    I keep hearing about his First Amendment rights. What do they have do to with what happened? Where did government try to stifle his speech or punish him? The First Amendment has to do with GOVERNMENT and our speech, not with private companies and our speech.

    Or – would you have the government impose it’s will on what may or may not be done by private companies to those they disagree with; with those that effect their PROFIT! At least one commenter stated that he (or she) hoped that A&E take a big hit over this; that sounds anti-business, anti-Capitalistic and anti-American to me. It would punish the employees of A&E and their families – to what end?

    The FACT is that survey after survey shows that MOST Americans oppose what Phil said. He is in a minority, albeit a loud and radical minority. If he had a gay son or daughter, he would have been their first bully and abuser; is that the way a parent should act? Let’s ask Dick Cheney – and I think his conservative bonafides are impeccable.

    So please – unless the government is involved, the First Amendment is a red herring and unworthy of this forum.

    A&E, I think, performed a real service the the Duck clan by not cancelling the whole show, and I’m sure, like Dog the Bounty Hunter, he will be back as soon as the short-term-memory-damaged Americans move on to another issue.

    Get over it.

    • D. S. says:

      Larry, you do no one any good by repeating a lie. The truth is most Americans KNOW intuitively that same-sex attraction is a behavioural disorder, probably brought about by mental illness. There is NO objective scientific standard by which one can aver that same-sex attraction (or any other abnormal sexual attraction as alluded to by Phil Robertson) is a normal functional outgrowth of Darwinian evolution.

      But let’s face the real issue here – this is about a vocal radical minority trying to use Nazi-esque tactics to (1) discourage any substantive discussion about abnormal sexual attraction and what causes it, (2) harrass, shut down, intimidate etc anyone who states the traditional viewpoint of marriage and sexuality, and (3) indoctrinate as many willing dupes as they can to convince otherwise intelligent people that their particular brand of abnormal sexuality is both “normal” and predicated at birth. This last part is telling given that there is no scientific evidence of a “gay” gene anymore than there is evidence of a pedophile gene or an incest gene, thus the only rational explanation for abnormal sexual attractions is one of choice, aka the choice to aquiesce to abnormal feelings.

      • Woody says:

        Very well said! Bravo!

      • Jeff says:

        Alright, if you’re going to make claims like this, you need to actually back them up. In order:

        What lie are you talking about? Why is it a lie?

        “Most Americans intuitively…” No. You don’t get to claim most of us believe something with NO evidence given. “Intuitively” is never valid evidence anyway, so best of luck with that one.

        “No objective scientific standard.” Well, we don’t experiment on gays, unlike the Nazis you’re comparing supporters of gay rights to, so I’m not sure what you want. The fact that homosexual behavior has been found in other species that aren’t intelligent enough to make this so-called “choice” is working against you here. On, and the word is “infer.”

        “Real issue…” Nope. Do you seriously think there’s some sinister group out to convert everyone to their way of thinking? That they somehow profit from homosexuality? What does that gain anyone? I’m not happier being straight whenever I find out another man likes having sex with women. If you change the roles around it doesn’t make sense either.

        No one is claiming there is a “gay gene” as far as I’m aware of. Again, the utter lack of sources is hurting your arguments more than I ever could, but whether it’s about genetics or choices DOESN’T MATTER. Why should you or anyone else be involved in how someone else loves? You don’t get to decide how someone else feels, any more than they get to decide how you feel.

        The first amendment argument made elsewhere is insane, too. A&E has the right to decide what they air on the network they own, and Robertson can say whatever he wants. There are consequences in life. Just because you think you’re right doesn’t mean everyone else has to agree and go along with it. I know I’m not going to make everyone see it my way, and that’s fine. But I also believe that if you hate, whether the cause is religion, upbringing, social influence, or misguided beliefs based on flawed logic, that you are a relic with no use to a respectful, tolerant society. Please, f*** off. We will all be happier for it.

  4. stanuff says:

    Phil Robertson has not changed from the time A&E hired him and his family. If he is so toxic now for the A&E network, why are they running (TODAY!!!) so may old episodes of Duck Dynasty with Phil in them—–$$$$$?!!!

    I support him and his 1st amendment right. And, I look forward to seeing him and his family on some other network.

    Merry Christmas

    • Richard says:

      I HOPE that the Robinsons have their lawyers already working on a way to cancel their contractractual obligations with
      A & E, YESTERDAY! IF I were to make a SWAG, I’d guess that Willie was the one who pushed HARD for the family to participate in the program & Phil was the hardest to convince!

      A & E is the entity that will be the BIG BIG looser in this…GREAT!!!!!!!

      As has been stated…Conservative have to listen to insults, distortitions & lies hith EVERY show they tune into…but the “tolerant” Libs do not, and VERY obviously WILL not, or “will not” as long as these PC milk toast Networksworks and their lackies give in to Liberal sniveling.
      Rock on Phil, preach it brother! I back you and yours 110% buddy!
      The gays were & are not satisfied with being equally treated..they want and PUSH their agenda of “men/men marriage…school textbooks to teach children that “little Johnny has TWO Daddies and thats FINE…need I say more how I feel about these hypocritical “beings”?

      I for one will add A & E to my list of “dont watch”, along with History Channel/National Geo, amonst many other lib Networks chin deep in liberal propaganda.

      Bless all of the Robinsons, I am sure they have MORE than enough money to stay “Happy…Happy…Happy” fo a LONG LONG TIME!!!! God Bless!!!!!!!!!

      Richard in Texas

  5. Jim Baum says:

    This action on the part of A&E, is nothing more then political correctness run amuck. We started down this slippery slope by giving in to the demand by homosexuals that they be called gays, and not homosexuals. To a large segment of our population. Calling some one gay, doesn’t carry the same social stigma or meaning as calling them a homosexual. As if it’s correct meaning was something different, separate and apart when describing a persons sexual preference. If they will not get a thicker skin. Then a lot more of us need to grow a bigger pair, and stand up to the PC crowds .

  6. singleshotcajun says:

    Ever wonder why the media gives muslims a pass on their stance on homosexuality ?

  7. Bryan says:

    While Phil does have the right to say what he wants, he is still an employee and there are reprocussions for his actions. If he chose to dress like Hitler and make ill comments about jews, he would be within his rights, but I’m sure he’d be in trouble with the boss. The only people who are supporting him now, happen to agree with his views. If he were bashing Christians, would the same people be rallying in support of his first amendment rights? I think not.

    Remember this phrase…”Just becasue you have the right to do something, does not mean it is right to do it.”

    • Woody says:

      He’s NOT in trouble with his ‘BOSS’ ^^^^ Up above, he’s in trouble with the American (and I use the term loosely these days) public. Mostly folks that want desperately to see a gray universe with no color or interest. Everybody is the same. Everybody thinks the same thoughts, Everybody wears the same clothes and has the same hairstyles. Oh wait, that’s today! Never mind, carry on….

    • Rick says:

      I don’t agree with what he said. I’m neither a christian or gay so I don’t really have a duck in this fight, but I feel he has a right to say what he believes without being persecuted for it. Yeah, A&E has every right to fire him if they like, but I don’t think it’s going to turn out the way they expect.

      So basically, I do support him 100% even though I don’t agree with his views, because the next time it may be my public views that are unpopular and if I don’t support his right to his opinion, who’s going to support mine?

      “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

  8. JHarris762 says:

    I object to the term being “homophobic” being used in regard to this situation. The link in the email to this article states “Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Suspended for Homophobic Comments.” Nothing he said was homophobic. The term “homophobic” means a fear of homosexuals and I heard nothing to indicate any fear was expressed. The left has co-opted the language to demonize those who are opposed and disgusted by their lifestyle. This is like the term “gay” being used to describe homosexual males. There is nothing gay about them but the word sounds better than :homosexual.” Certain an English major can come up with better language to accurately describe the situation without using the approved language of the left.

  9. Fred says:

    I agree with the above comments. We need to stop the PC garbage! Why is it us Christians are being offended every time a liberal speaks and we remain silent. I am tired of television shows that beep some words but not when God’s name is used improperly. If someone says something wrong about the Koran or Islam riots happen all over the world but when Christianity is slandered we just take it.
    Rant done.

    • Andres says:

      “Just taking it” is called turning the other cheek. Who cares what homos want to be called? Call them whatever you want if it’s that important to you. It’s none of your business what they do. Just because they won’t get in to “Heaven”, if it even exists, does not mean they are not entitled to the same civil rights as you straight, Christian people. If someone on a reality show started calling Christianity bullshit, which is the opinion of MANY smart men, you people would throw a fit and the same result would happen. The comment about Koran and Islam riots is plain stupid. That is a whole other world over there. We live in a civilized country. You have a freedom of speech but be aware of the impact it has.

      • Rick says:

        Andres you are a moron and will roast in HELL

      • Tony says:

        Yes, we ALL have freedom of speech. But be aware of the impact it has??? This is a REALITY SHOW !! Which means its Phil’s everyday life. A&E barged into HIS life, so why should he worry (or be punished) for the ‘impact’ for something he believes in his personal life?? If YOUR private life was suddenly plunged into the public eye, I’m sure YOU would eventually piss someone off too. And why does the media have to make a BIG DEAL out of EVERYTIME a celebrity comes “out of the closet”. We don’t give a damn! If all of the queers have to have some big press release for their coming out party, then Phil has every right to comment on his own personal beliefs….. At least he didn’t hold a news conference to announce it!!!!

        America, we have become a ‘Society of the Offended’. What a damn shame !!

        Be Gay, Be Queer, Be a Fag…..we don’t care. Do and believe what you want….but let Phil do the same! He NEVER asked for this. Oh yeah…..Heaven DOES exist…… will definitely find that out…one way (or the other).

        …and BTW, Phil NEVER said he hated the sinner!!!

        Robertsons Rule !!

    • Jack says:

      Our country has taken prayer out of everything and look at what’s happening in our schools since then! I believe that we should ban A&E if they proceed with the attack on Phil. The liberals said they would ban the network but I wonder who has the majority in this case. In fact, I am going to ban every network that do not censor the words that take our lords name in vain. This country was built by the scripture of the bible and that’s what made it great. It’s time for our citizens to take notice before it’s too late. It’s time for everyone to take a stand for our children’s sake.

  10. Don says:

    Phil exposed himself as an ignorant and arrogant clown making his comment. Further falling back on his religion is a lame argument. He’s got a right to express his opinion and he should not have lost his job. However, it just illustrates how backwards he is. The bible is also pro genocide, pro rape, pro slavery and condones killing disrespectful children. Phil likely sides with absurdity too.

    • Socrates says:

      I think that many Christians will take offense at having someone who expresses mainstream Christian views in good faith being labeled “ignorant and arrogant”. What are the beliefs of the labeler?

      • Rick says:

        Phil ignorant? Have you built a multi million dollar business? Probably not you probably still live in your parents basement.
        Hows that Obama phone working for ya…..

        • Tony says:

          Phil ignorant?!?! I believe HE is the one getting rich, with a successful business and family; and WE are reduced to writing LAME opinions on a blog site.

          And YES, he WAS successful BEFORE A&E ever thought about a show. So who’s ignorant?!? Should I go ahead and label you as a yankee, liberal homo? I bet I’d be 99.999% correct.

          Phil Robertson Rules ! THE TRUTH HURTS SOMETIMES !!!

    • SNuss says:

      That ” ignorant and arrogant clown ” has a lot more smarts than you do, if his financial success proves anything. It isn’t “arrogant” to defend your faith, especially against you fascist cretins who believe that “anything goes”, except traditional values.

  11. Dow hix says:

    I am glad to see the silent majority speaking up. If we are to have integrity then we must take a stand regardless if the cost. If we believe in what Phil was saying and his right to say it then we all should stand with him .

  12. Jeff says:

    Isn’t this really about a company’s bottom line. If Phil hurts A&E’s bottom line, they are allowed to suspend him. They are a business. Personally, I didn’t see a big uproar from the liberal side to have him removed. The big uproar was the media tripping over themselves reporting that he had been suspended. Being a Black man, I was offended by his “happy negroes” statements. If all Black people boycotted A&E, would it be wrong to suspend Phil if they lost all that income?

    This isn’t a First Amendment situation. He is allowed to say what he wants but A&E is allowed to do what is best for their bottom line. Were you worried about Martin Brashir’s First Amendment rights when he made his vile statements about Sarah Palin? People may want to sensationalize this to be an anti Christian or an anti Conservative argument so that they can pound on liberals, but this is really a financial argument.

    • Richard says:

      …Nah, didnt start out as a “financial driven/decision”…BUT…I gaurauntee it WILL become & end up filed under “financial #$!*-%!.

      I’ll bet the small, young, tender Doe I shoot this weekend for freezer meat on that!..:)

      ALL media, Sports media included is, no, HAS BEEN infiltrated and dominated with the Lib “think” which was born out of Communisn/Marxism/Socialism, notice how most FOUL ideologies all end in “ism”!..:)….”liberalism”, another instance.

      The Sports media is about all the “media” I even attempt watch anymore as my BP wont allow me to watch the Commie/Liberal agenda driven “news” media any longer.

      As soon as A & E see their weekly ratings, quarterly Finances…they will “understand”!
      “GET IT?” most likely not…but they will see (feel) the connection (!), but no, just as ALL other Libs will NEVER “Get It”…Why, because (IMO) after 60 years of living, I have come to firmly & HONESTLY believe, a Libs brain is NOT wired for common sense OR logic, they have a physiological and/or genetic defect….

      • vk says:

        what about monotheism, patriotism, capitalism, solifidianism, theism, and theopsychism?

        A&E will win big with this – free advertising for the “liberals” and Duck Dynasty’s conservative fan base getting their panties in a wad for a non-event. GQ is most likely fairing well from the free publicity as well.

        Can’t wait till tomorrow when Internets have move on to the next “big event,” as this one is boring.

    • SNuss says:

      As I recall, Phil spoke of how the blacks THAT HE WORKED WITH, IN THE FIELDS had a better attitude about working, than the white people doing the same job. Can you honestly say that 75% of blacks being born into impoverished single-parent families (thanks to the Left’s “soft bigotry of low expectations) as generational dependents, subsisting on what your Democrat masters give you (in exchange for your votes), is a better way of life?

      • So we should return to Jim Crow?

        I’m an old man that grew up in the south. I never went to school with a black person I got on a bus at age 6 at 6;30AM rode

        across town (past 2 “black schools) to get to MY school.

        The world old Phil remembers was not all that great for blacks or poor whites!

        Ol Phil was a star athlete in High school and collage and like most jocks he had a pretty privileged life. I can tell you it was not that way for the rest of us! If he spent any time out in the cotton patch it was for fun not survival!

        Truth is PR is a bigot hiding behind bits and pieces of his holy book while ignoring other parts!

        By the way many of the fascist governments of the past 100 years were VERY religious! Think not! Just what did it say on the Nazi belt buckles? Many of those Fascist remained in power with the aid of various religious institutions..

  13. Brenboy says:

    I believe he expressed the physical aspects of homosexuality which the press and the homosexual community keep under wraps and won’t discuss because they believe the public would find it aberrant … and they do. He spoke the truth of an act that the PC crowd ignores. I find it very revealing that the LGBT crowd is screaming about this given their nature of “coming out” and being true to self, no matter how sick or delusional (my opinion). Alas, that is the true vision of the PC crowd… Delusion.

  14. Michael Boyd says:

    The pro sodomy, pro baby killer and pro everything else that flies in the face of God’s Truth want us believers to keep our faith ‘private’, but they do not do it themselves. If you or I speak the Truth (regardless of how lovingly we do it) you will be subjected to some of the most vile, evil (same letters different order), derogatory, profane and slanderous vitriol. Phil was right in speaking the Truth and I don’t believe he, you or I should shy away from it…in fact we are called to it.

  15. The pilotman says:

    I can see your point. And like Phil has the right to speak, the show has the right to dismiss him. So before you go into your bible thumping diatribe any longer, that’s the way it is.

    • SNuss says:

      True, A & E has the right to dismiss him, but the hypocrisy in their actions only prove that money means more to them, than their so-called “standards. Otherwise, they would have pulled the show off the air, rather than run Duck Dynasty marathons, and would have stopped promoting Duck Dynasty merchandise.

      BTW, Phil’s suspension was ended, and he will not miss being included in any episodes. The A & E hypocrisy continues…..

  16. David S. says:

    I live in West Monroe Louisiana where the “Duck Dynasty” reside. I can’t speak for everyone , but I can certainly speak for myself, which is what Phil did. As I understand the 1st Amendment we DO have the right to express our beliefs and opinions even though everyone doesn’t agree. Isn’t that what the Gay/Lesbian crowd wish ? So, in a nutshell, I FULLY support Phil’s beliefs in the Bible and hope he continues to speak freely as I hope we can all continue to do under the Constitution of the United States of America !

  17. Mike Edgar says:


  18. Old Elkhound says:

    I agree, Phil has the right to free speech as do all Americans.It’s my opinion that his honesty is part of the reason people watch the show and the reason many people will not continue to be drawn to watch in the future.
    I’m glad to hear his family stands in support of him.
    Go Phil!

  19. Gordon says:

    While I carry concealed everyday and believe I have the right to do so, I also find it interesting that there is a selective use of the 1st amendment by both sides. How is it that a respected journalist writing for a respected Gun Magazine could make a relatively tame comment about the 2nd amendment maybe being subject to some different interpretation and lose his job after years of respected journalism as well as the Editor of that magazine only to the applause of the gun community. No one defended his right to speak what he believed, but Phil can say whatever he wants – and his comments went far beyond just not liking gays – they were disgusting and so where his comments about blacks singing in the fields and just being so happy to being laborers – and it’s OK for him but not for views we do not like.
    I also have a problem with cherry picking what the Bible says to suit only a view we like. There are many phrases in the Bible that no one would follow today but let’s use the ones that support our bias’d views. How about just picking some like this one:
    John 14:23 – Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.
    There are consequences to what we say; we have a right to say them but we have to man up and be prepared to suffer the reaction to them. AMC did what they believe to be right in their response, as they have a perfect right to do and they must also be prepared to suffer the reaction to doing what they believed to be right. The 1st amendment works for all of us.

    • Willie says:

      Hey Dude or Dudess – What about the repropate journalist that graphically suggested the defilement of Sara Palin’s mouth. What were the repercussions for that? Nothing. Whether you admit it or not, if the homosexuals were proud of their choices, then it wouldn’t upset them so. Bottom line is they know their wrong so when someone points it out they cry like the babies they are. Get back in the closet.

    • Jay says:

      Gordon, I’m not sure what point you are trying to make with John 14:23. How are you interpreting this passage?

    • walter daniels says:

      Gordon, calling the 2nd Am comments ‘tame” shows your lack of knowledge. The same nonsense has been used to ab ridge it, for over 40 years. Not only Historical fact/opinion, but a cursory knowledge of the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments show the need for them to remain absolutes, with very restricted exceptions. If anyone bothers to look it up, the amendments are NOT in the order of submission to the states, but RATIFICATION. The ratifying states considered it so important that they made it the second one. It is not a joke to say. “Without the 2nd A, the others mean nothing.” If the citizens can’t FORCE Government to respect the others, what good are they?
      With respect to the Homosexuality comments “an excuse to attack Gays and Lesbians,” then Kanye West, and almost all “rappers” are inciting hateful attacks against Whites, Cops, and anyone they don’t agree with. The Liberal (Progressive) establishment and their followers, cannot have it both ways. If their favorite people say something, and get a free pass (Martin Bashir, for example), they have no business criticizing anyone else. There was no “hate speech,” and any Honest person reading the actual statement knows it. He did not call for actions against *anyone,* he just said. “In the Bible, if you do these actions, you won’t get into Heaven.” Phil Robertson stated a fact, not an opinion. An example is. “The Obama Care (ACA) is fact.” The opinion, of myself, and many others, is that it is a steaming pile of feces. The difference between the two, is likely to change by next month. There are almost 10 TIMES as many now with CANCELED policies, as have SIGNED UP (successfully) under the ACA. More are learning that they “signed up,” and the insurance companies have no idea who they are. How many will “find out the hard way,” when they try to get medical services in Jan and Feb.? Like the T–d in the punchbowl that no one wants to admit is there, someone will finally do so. Then, there will be a real Poop storm of demands to “fix the problem.” The problem being that the longer they ignore reality, the worse it will be.

    • Larry Cole says:

      What in the hell did all you just say, have anything to do with you carrying concealed?????

  20. Larry B says:

    I’m going down to Bass Pro and get everyone I know a new Duck Commander for Christmas. I don’t even hunt duck but I hope it will make a statement. Love to watch the Robertson’s because they are a “hoot” and they make me “Happy, Happy, Happy”.

  21. AL Mathies says:

    Time for Christians to unite and speak up!

  22. John says:

    I have emailed A&E and notified them that since they want to ban free speech and cater to a minority group, I was blocking all of their network shows. I guess it’s ok for A&E to promote perversion and stupid reality shows, but not allow free speech.

  23. WastedFriday says:

    While we’re on the subject, Deut 13:6-10 and 21:18-21.

    First Amendment rights do not guarantee you the right to be heard. Didn’t we just go insane demanding that G&A fire an editor who said something unpopular?

    Hypocrisy. Blatant, utter and complete hypocrisy.

  24. Fast Ed says:

    Phil Robertson did not mention homosexuality in his list of sins. He was very specific and mentioned only homosexual behavior. Christianity does not teach that BEING a homosexual is a sin. Christianity teaches that DOING homosexuality is a sin, as is other non-marital and adulterous sex.

    No matter what, Phil Robertson, I believe, was intentional in his description of the behavior as the sin and not the either environmental or biological actuality of being homosexual.

  25. john says:

    I remember when the Dixie Chicks shot off at the mouth and we’re shocked at the public response. I support his right to express his beliefs just as fervently as I support the rights of those whose opinions oppose his. Rights have to go both ways. Being a public figure and expressing your beliefs can have consequences in your professional life as the Dixie Chicks discovered as well.

  26. Dewayne says:

    Your comments about the remarks tha blacks were better off before civil rights etc

  27. The First Amendment does not guarantee a spot on cable tv

  28. Dan says:

    Well, if the “gays” would shut the house door, and leave it there. What goes on in their home, is their thing, A&E, You know they ain’t watching DD IN THERE! They can’t demand respect, oh wait, apparently they can, because they are “special”. I think, – uh oh, – we should all be civil unions, for insurance or tax purposes, those of us that got wed in a church, by a priest/pastor to the opposite sex, are MARRIED couples, as the good book, insurance, and tax laws go. I see marriage as a religious definition of wedded couples, before God and friends. I really don’t care who does what in the bedroom, so Thanks A&E, for PANDERING, cheapening the definition of my life. So- in short I don’t matter, let’s see, white of European decent, whose family is here legally, and documented, traditionally married in a church, to the opposite sex, a member of a labor union, I know,-that might be the worst, and I enjoy the outdoors, firearms, and Duck Dynasty, as it is. My rights don’t matter. So Phil, guess I am in the same boat, sorta My opinion doesn’t matter, but I WILL NOT be watching DD without Phil there. He has every right to his beliefs as I to mine! A&E, hope your ratings choke! If you can’t handle the truth, don’t ask the question! Screw PC, and A&E!

  29. Mark says:

    Why did God make a Man and a Woman ? To pay cards – come on – I hope those that chose a different life style wake up before the Lord comes. Read this book called the BIBLE .. Goodbye A&E you had a good thing going.

  30. Paul says:

    Freedom of religion was not the issue here. A&E did not say he can’t practice his religion. Freedom of speech is only the right to say more or less anything you want. It is not an absolution from any consequences of that speech. This fellow expressed himself. He doesn’t like certain behaviors based on his religious convictions. A&E does not have to give de facto endorsement to that opinion, any more than Augusta has to admit women. It is a private institution, not a government organization. The Constitution defines the rights of people in relation to their government, not private groups. As a third party, you and I have the option to boycott these private institutions, don’t use their services or buy their products. We can set up picket lines outside their offices, etc. If A&E’s decision is political correctness run amok (as some have said), then most of the remarks here are counter-correctness equally running amok. If Mr. Robertson had used some Biblical reference to validate racial discrimination, and there are many parts if Scripture that have been used for that, would this discussion even be taking place?

  31. Eric says:

    Everybody crying ‘First Amendment’ needs to go back and re-read it. It protects your ‘speech’ from censorship of the Government. A private company can do as they please to censor you.

  32. Dr. jack says:

    Without offering one or many of the more appropriate alternates, think about a more descriptor than ‘homophobic’.’ Really is ‘phobia’ the issue. Even extending the suffix to include aversion, there are many more descriptive alternatives. Let’s have as much FUN with semantics and rhetoric as ………

  33. KC says:

    Like most “good old boys” Phil uses religion to spread hate and bigotry, he and people like him are why I carry.

    • Frank says:

      That’s why you carry? Really? Is there a big problem where you live with open religious Christian good old boys rioting, raping, robbing and pillaging in the streets? No of course there’s not. You are just projecting your own bigotry.

  34. bubbatup says:

    About time the GBLT crowd got a push back against their Sherman-style march to the sea of on-air mind control . Christians built this great nation of ours , and should not give up their rights . to satisfy people’s need to feel approved of in their sins .
    Henceforth , I shall refer to this network as GAY&E .

  35. Nate says:

    Come on guys, its exactly these sorts of double standards and this bigotry that leads to us not being taken seriously by the main stream. This has absolutely nothing to do with the 1st amendment and I think that most people would do well to focus on their own morality rather than condemning other people who they have never met for what they do in the bedroom.

  36. Carl says:

    Two Men – Same Beliefs
    Both of these men hold and espouse similar beliefs and opinions on the subject of homosexuality.

    One is Time Magazine Person of the Year.

    The other just got fired.

  37. scuttlebutt says:

    Just another example of the majority of the people having to change and accommodate the 1%.

  38. Dave says:

    When you’re paying the bill you have the right to sensor. Even this comments discussion is moderated by the GUNNEWS staff. Say something stupid or disrespectful here and its likely to not be published in the comments section. Its great that Phil exercised his right to free speech and its also great that A&E dismissed him for being so pompous and arrogant.

  39. VancMike says:

    Jack says: “This country was built by the scripture of the bible and that’s what made it great….”

    Actually, the United States of America was established as a white Protestant society, founded upon exclusion of other Christians, non-Christians, the near genocide of one race and then the enslavement of yet another. Fortunately, we created a Constitution that in the ensuing 224 years has been amended and interpreted by the Supreme Court in an attempt to correct those ills.

  40. Socrates says:

    This is another example of the absurdity in the tolerance/acvocacy issue. It is perfectly fine to have tolerance for someone else’s beliefs/actions if you wish. It is even understandable for the beneficiary of the tolerance to expect it as a gesture of decency and respect for the rights of other individuals.

    The problem and illegitimacy in the issue is when the beneficiaries of the tolerance also expect (and even DEMAND) approval. This type of arrogant insistence is particularly prevalent among the hardcore homosexual “rights” advocates. Almost all of them (and apparently a majority of the Media) seem to think that there is no tolerance unless approval accompanies it. That is absurd. One can sincerely tolerate someone else’s beliefs and/or actions without approving of them. This clearly appears to be the attitude of Phil. He should be commended for being a good, tolerant Christian. He should be commended for not caving in to a disavowal of his sincere beliefs. Don’t listen to the people who insist that approval must accompany tolerance. They are the real bigots.

  41. Jay says:

    Phil Robertson has right to express his religious beliefs without being punished for it by the U. S. Government. A & E, his employer, on the other hand can hire and fire him as defined by the contract they have with him.

  42. The pilotman says:

    That’s what I like, I bunch of bible thumpers foaming at their hypocritical mouth. This, IMHO , is not even worth discussing. Just what the religion taught you to do, revenge, right? I thought forgiveness was what this religion taught. I guess not. It’s better to be judgmental and a hypocrite. Right?

    Geez, isn’t there anything more important than getting everyone’s underwear in a bunch over some show on the noon tube getting cancelled?

  43. Phil quoted the bible and was excoriated for equating homosexuality to bestiality etc. by the same logic (?) A&E is promoting homosexuality, bestiality, fornication et al.

  44. The pilotman says:


    I thought our country was founded on freedom of religion… At least that’s what our forefathers expressed in the formation of our country in their own words in the “Federalist Papers”….

  45. Paul says:

    I feel it was totally wrong to fire Mr Robertson for stating his opinion about what the bible teaches, he never attempted to judge homosexuals. He said God will sort it out in the end. It is wrong to condemn persons who express opinions contrary to what liberal left wing persons feel should be the only acceptable conclusion.
    For Obama to state that this is not a Christian nation is not entirely true. When it was founded it had strong Christian roots. It seems like the bulk of the problems in our society (school shootings, breakup of the family unit, gang affiliation, drugs,) took hold after religion, pledge of allegiance, etc were banned from classrooms.
    Also, removing the ten commandments, which are common sense goals for any good citizen, being removed from public viewing is sending a bad signal for our youth. You can blame too many guns or whatever you see as the next cause of exponential growth of mass killings, but until we get back to the core principals our country was founded on, I seriously doubt any new laws, restrictions, gun confiscation, or what have you, will have any real affect on society as a whole.

  46. Bill says:

    I am an older avid gun user and collector and very pro gun-rights. I have been a member of the NRA since the early 1980′s. I am somewhat conservative on many political aspects, yet somewhat liberal on other aspects. I sometimes financially support a local church (to which I don’t belong) because they have an excellent out-reach program for the poor and retired seniors in my rural area. I also believe Phil Robertson and his thoughts are despicable. I suspect the GOD I know would not let any man with such thoughts enter Heaven. More people need to read and follow the actual words of Jesus, not taken out of context and also properly translated into Modern English. Not the various Bible passages so many are fond of quoting that have been either mis-translated or are in an archaic English where the words have different meanings in today’s English tongue. I believe his sponsoring network was entirely correct and also had the right to suspend or perhaps terminate his employment.

  47. Ian says:

    Personally I am not a big fan of any lobbies, such as either GLAAD or the Christian Coalition. I say this because it seems that such organizations are always looking for opportunities to make a racket when there is none to be made, and by so doing vindicate their need by their target population segment, and thus receive the social and financial support they are looking for.

  48. Michael Sharpe says:

    Stop telling me about Gay rights. If I or Robertson have any, then hell with you. No hate just discernment. I will not call you my gay brother. You are a obomanation. But I wont try to hurt you. Its abnormal. My Bible tells me to discern and leave you to your demons. I will pray for you. I will give you guidance and hope. There is genetic proof. It is behavioral. I control my publics and do not push it on anyone. My beliefs are my and yours are yours. Tfy keeping locked up in your bedroom. Im tired of hearing perverted excuses. Seeing the degradation of boys girls women men. In the name of free choice. Oh now killing babies is ok. Show that on tv. See where it gets you. Let freedom ring A&E publish all that on Your Tv liberal choice crap. Lets see it all. Show everybody your GODLESS SHOWS AND LEAVE NOTHING OUT. your programs would be gone

  49. Nancy G says:

    I am fully aware of both the show (Duck Dynasty), and the recent comments made by one of it’s stars. The bottom line is simple, this is his belief (opinion), and he is welcome to it. Whether I agree with him or not does not take away his right to express that belief.

  50. Jim Neugent says:

    Phil has every right whether his comments be as a private citizen or business owner to say whatever he wants to say.
    I agree 100% with him. If he had quoted the same scripture and said that thieves or greedy will not inherit the kingdom
    of heaven nobody would have been upset. But….folks are OK with sin as long as you aren’t picking on THEIR sin of
    choice. In this case the gays are all bent out of shape because he was bold enough to mention the one that singles them

    And…..I don’t even like the fact that the article (above) calls his comments “homophobic.” That word, as the PC community
    would have you believe, defines homophobic as an UNNATURAL dislike. The only thing unnatural is the act of homosexuality.

    And…..If the Duck Dynasty people would come out with at tee-shirt that had their logo and the slogan, “I AGREE WITH PHIL”
    I’d buy one….and wear it.

  51. David Didier says:

    A&E is off its mark with this suspension of Phil. He has a right to express his opinion whatever it may be. And for this you throw him under the bus. A popular belief or not A&E takes the chicken crap out rather than explaining this is only his belief and not the belief of the station. My god what in the world is this coming to? I have 5 very close friends who just happen to be homosexuals. I love them to pieces. We have the ability to joke and kid around in both directions without anyone beinginv offended. Yes all shades of people CAN get along. I firmly believe that. Just don’t attack one anothers beliefs.

  52. R. Lee H. says:

    The Robertson Family has been nothing, if not honest, about their Christian values. Does ANYONE, even recall the fact, that the family stopped the “fake” bleeping out words, when they were filming the show, since it made them appear as though they were cussing, when in actuality, they were not cussing at all!

    If people DID NOT REALLY WANT to know this man’s views, then they should NOT have interviewed him!

    We still live in a nation where people are allowed to worship the way they choose to worship. And I do not believe for 1 second, that Mr. Robertson or his family, are bigots, racist or biased against ANYONE, or ANY ONE PERSON!

    “God Bless America” and the Robertson Family for holding true to their beliefs and values!

  53. Teddy says:

    Dear mr editor I foronce never have watch the show and further more never in my book the show was and is still a bunch if bull shit. And I think if a man or woman has ever done sin then no church is going save them no matter how off ten they go to church but I’m not a judge or the jury there Phil Robertson will have to answer for what he has done. And I appreciate the new gun news letter from you but if I see another thing about the duck ppl I will block your email have good day

  54. Mike says:

    Who gives a damn what he said? He has the right to state his beliefs and no government or anyone else is trying to stop him. A&E also has the right to dismiss anyone who might lose them profitability. I’m in the construction business dealing with large commercial clients and if I go around shooting off my mouth in front of customers in a way some may find objectionable, that might bring discredit to my company, I’d lose my job. This guy can say whatever he wants and any employer has the right to distance themselves from him. End of story.

  55. Mark Maples says:

    His comments were not homophobic! No where in them did he say he hated or feared homosexuals. In order to have a phobia which is an irrational fear of something you must have that fear. He merely stated his beliefs as a Christian male. For you to label them homophobic is irresponsible. It shows a lack of judgement and a cheap attempt at sensationalism. Read the comments again and get it right boneheads!

  56. JohnInLa says:

    If I were Sean Hannity I’d shut my mouth about Duck Dynasty and Free Speech until the jack-booted moderators on my police state debate forum were terminated. I do not know if Hannity is aware of the problem or not but what occurs on his website is despicable. I mean if Hannity came on his own site incognito and repeated what is said on his radio program he’d be booted off.

  57. Jim says:

    I’m not sure this is a 1st amendment issue. Phil wasn’t arrested or sent to jail. This was a corporate decision to either dodge criticism or get a lot of media attention. Or both. If the FBI shows up and takes Phil away we have a problem. Phil and Duck Dynasty will carry on and ultimately prevail. Good wins out over evil. I read the book. Now just waiting on the reality version.

  58. A Person says:

    To a liberal only the right ideas are protected speech. At this point, those companies that place adds on A&E should be asked to withdraw their support. If A&E wishes to censor they should understand that it is wrong.

  59. Joey B. says:

    Phil Roberson has every right to say what he wants to. I feel if I was a former U.S. military that I took the oath of defending our U.S. Constituional rights. His rights! Your rights! My rights! Thats just to show our Rights as U.S. Citizens are diminishing. Soon we will have to notify the Government when we want to travel in the U.S. Carry our documents showing our Identity just to go shopping. If we just sit down and let this kind of situation go, we are letting go our freedoms also. Soon it will be Communist State of California which is near dam close now. Remember the Berlin Wall? That might be coming soon to divide our states. Remember the simple words that are dear to me” The United States of America” !

  60. Steve says:

    Chelsi and other posters:
    I am really tired of hearing the whining that I am hearing from conservatives (Oh whine ,whine here we are being bashed again) or the First Amendment-His Freedom of Speech was restricted–NO IT WAS NOT!!!!
    This is about employer & employee personnel policies,procedures and contractual obligations.


    Think about it those of you that work for a company know they cannot fire you for what you do in your off time if it is not criminal activity…..unless what you are doing has the media in the bosses office the next morning asking about your activities and does your employer support your activities. You will be in the bosses office being asked to explain your activities depending on the company’s policy regarding your activities discipline can be anything from progressive discipline to Your’e Fired.

    Those of you that are current or past owners of your own business ask yourself : How would I handle this situation when i are faced with the media asking about the activities of one of my employees that I had no knowledge of but has now put my company and myself as the owner in the media spotlight? Once you get over the shock and the reporters are gone you will be having a discussion with both your lawyer and the employee (probably in that order) to ascertain what you can do to minimize the damage done to your company by the activities of the employee. You were not involved in the activities in question but now you have to deal with the fallout of what he did. The employee can be kept on or fired but either way it goes you as the owner will still be doing damage control long after the incident is over regardless of what happens to the employee. Hopefully you can get out in front of the damage and control it so that it does not cost you too much business.

    This may not be the most popular analysis but the truth never is.

  61. jib quinn says:

    A&E seems to have acquired it’s management skills at the knee of the Obama administration.
    They are antagonizing those who actually watch the show in order to appease those who don’t.
    Does this not run counter to common sense?

    • Jeff says:

      So, lets say the KKK had a TV show and one of the stars went on a racist rant about Black people. He then gets suspended. Are you saying that since mostly it’s only KKK people who watch the show, then the guy with the racist rant should stay on the show?

      After all, suspending the KKK star would only antagonize the KKK people who watch the show.

  62. Lynn K. Circle says:

    Many Americans have a mistaken idea about the limits of free speech. All the Constitution protects us against is being held CRIMINALLY liable for what we say. Our parents may still wash out our mouths with soap. Our neighbors may shun us. With the exception of religious speech, our employer has every right to fire us if he does not like what we say or right. Any employer may fire someone for advocating racism. An Apostle of Barry may fire an employee who believes that economic redistribution is evil. A conservative employer may fire someone for supporting Castro or advocating communism.

    It you doubt there are limits to the right to free speech, put it to this test: go into a Baptist church on Sunday morning in a small town in Texas and begin screaming obscenities about Jesus. I am certain the congregants will quickly correct your misapprehension about your rights to unlimited free speech!

  63. Frank says:

    The real reason the gay activists are I having such a fit is that someone used plain English to describe what they are promoting. Actually Phil toned it back considerably. When the light of day shines on what men are doing with each others “anus”, the reality of how abnormal that is becomes undeniably apparent. Only PC euphemisms are acceptable to the gay community………… unless THEY’RE the ones that said it.

  64. wilbur says:

    Typical bible southern bible banger preaching hate instead of Jesus’s teaching of love and tolerance. I liked the show at first but as it went on it was obvious Phil is a do as I say not as I do kinda guy; i.e. got caught trespassing TWICE and he ran off leaving his kids to deal with the law. The bible applies to our lives every minute of the day not just when its convenient. Goodbye Phil!

  65. michael says:

    Amen. I dont judge. Just Discern. It is abnormal. The Bible tells me so. Read it chapter and Verse. Take nothing out of context. And feel Jeasus love. Even if your Gay. But it is NOT right.

  66. Steve Kimbrough says:

    Glad you agree on our 1st Amendment Rights. What A&E did was wrong. Of course the vilification of Dick Metcalf was wrong too, but that did not stop you.

    • Jeff says:

      The 1st Amendment only deals with the government stopping free speech. A&E is a private company and has nothing to do with the 1st Amendment. The 1st Amendment says we have a right to
      say what ever we want to say. It doesn’t say we have a right to say it on a television show.

  67. michael says:

    I know. Words hurt. But truth hurts even more sometimes. I wish only Gods love and help. It is wrong for a man to lay over a man. And a women to lay over another women. But he was right in saying do. Telling his beliefs under or rights. And I believe they Duck Dynesty is a loving people not judging but discerning

  68. Rick Riddle says:

    Would this be a problem if he said Christianity, homosexuality, debauchery, was EVIL, I don’t think so. Its the B. S. Left media fighting against anything socially healthy in the US. GOD help us.

  69. The pilotman says:

    Well said Jeff.. It certainly appears religious hypocrites don’t understand this.

  70. Henry says:

    What amazes me is how a small minority of this supposedly offended group keeps saying that surveys or poles are showing that a vast majority of Americans are in favor of homosexuality. This is a pure propaganda LIE! These people will do or say anything to advance their agenda and their version of Tolerance is, “Your to be tolerated as long as you agree with with them!” God Bless Phil Robertson!

  71. michael says:

    Yeah right on. Talk about thin skin where is the lefts skin. More like foreskin I bet. I am a believer in my bible. So I have been listening to some arrogant lefties. Every year we are supposed to swallow there bile. Just be happy. I SAY no more. Let us feed them there own retoric like Sarah Palin endores and listen to them cry foul. What a laugh. Really thin skin I think. Poor baby did Robertson hurt your feelings. OMG a fav saying for non believers when things go wrong or someone dies. Listen to the hypocropsy now. They call many of us names that I wont use in front or behind my children. HBO is a prime example. Its not entertainment to disguise religious racism. Sexual explicit and abuse of Women. The name calling and unapolegetic morons. The problem is we just turn our heads and forgive and pray for them. Ok I struggle with there forgiveness. But I still them as Americans and my Family is Multiculteral and Dicrrnmrnt is tough. They cry because we can deny them under GOD and Say WhatEver. That Chaps their a**. I mean their lips

  72. Doc_brown says:

    I find this hilarious. Phil absolutely has the right to free speech. No one has tried to take that away from him. A&E is a business. They have the right to pull people off of their network who threaten their business model or, who they just don’t want to broadcast that message.

    As far as Phil and the bible. He is, like most bible readers, ignorant of what the bible actually says. Most modern Christians want to pick and choose what they will and will not follow. New Testament over Old etc..

    If he, and all Christians, followed what the bible actually says, they would have concubines, slaves, and their wives would only speak when spoken to among other things… Worshiping the bible as an a perfect document is also a sin (idolatry).

    The bottom line is that the New Testament was assembled from hundreds of books by a committee. That committee’s goal was to preserve the power of the church of Rome and create some continuity in the story line of Jesus’ life and deeds. It is not a perfect document. As evidenced by the hundreds of edits that have occurred over the years.

    Reading a flawed book, holding it up as perfect, creating a ridged personal ethos which condemns others based on that flawed documents is actually, according to the bible, a mortal sin.

  73. michael says:

    The is pro genocide, pro rape. What a ignorant person you are. Sorry but if you really understood the Bible Chapter and Verse. Then yiu would realize its teachings of Love, acceptance. Its history to guide away fro evils. And most importantly Dicernment. After the History of old testament , the new testament gives us Life, repentance, and Forgiveness fir our sins. That’s right we are not perfect, we sin. We forgive. The problem her is Leftist or progressives want to tell you how to think and believe. Its ok to speak your opinion. We should di that more and what kind of Society we really have. My beliefs may not be yours, if I cannot reconcile them with my Gods word , the go your way and I will go mine. But dont tell llis of deceictfullness, Sodom, and kill babies calling it choice, and say my wayis bad. Did you know under Obama the US destroys 1 million babies a year. And that is under our Government Education system call health and welfare. What are we doing to ourselves. Think about those things Robertson is righteous is in his speech.

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