September 3, 2015

Ruger Looks To Open Third Gun Plant


( — Sturm Ruger & Co. is looking to open a third manufacturing facility, CEO Michael Fifer said at the company’s annual meeting in Prescott, Ariz. on April 30. Reason: “We are running out of space,” Fifer said.

The arms manufacturer, based in Southport, Conn., has major facilities in Newport, N.H., and Prescott. Fifer said that the company hired a search firm from Austin, Texas, and had talked about opening a third facility with Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

According to Fifer, Ruger will use the new facility to build new lines of firearms, not to expand production of current firearms. Fifer stated he expects the new facility would build about ten completely new firearm lines.

The company is looking for a 250,000-square-foot existing building that would employ from 500 or more workers over the next five or six years. Fifer’s specs for the new facility: a relatively new building, not in a big industrial park, an available manufacturing workforce that could pass criminal background checks and drug tests.

In the last half-decade, Ruger has quadrupled its rate of production in the same fixed space, increasing its total workforce to 2,100.

Fifer said he had no plans to move Ruger’s headquarters from Connecticut.

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18 Responses to “Ruger Looks To Open Third Gun Plant”
  1. Jim Byrnes says:

    Glad to see Ruger fill the Timken plant but on the other hand I hate seeing Timken bearings fall victim to the Chinese imports. Timken bearing are older than dirt itself. Hopefully Ruger can replace the lost jobs and help the economy of the town losing Timken.

  2. Brinda Carroll says:

    Bring Ruger to Clinton,South Carolina 29325 , we would be proud to have Ruger open the plant that was formally the Timken plant. The plant was originally the Torrington Bearings Company for many years. Thanks for making a great product . I know that CEO will make the right choice in deciding the best location. God bless!

  3. Mike Zornes says:

    There are several places in Kentucky that would be great locations for the new facility but if they already have their heart set on Texas and made talks I would say that is where they are headed. I would love to see them come to one of our small country towns and use up some buildings and provide jobs for those that got left behind when some of the industry left. There are multiple Jockey MFG buildings left in Central and Northern KY that would not take to much to have them ready for move in and locations are great for freight or rail if need be. Good luck with your search and keep making us a wonderful product.

  4. John Tanselle says:

    Louisville, Ky. Is where you want to be. Large workforce, rail access , international airport, affordable living.

  5. joe romero says:

    Come down to El Paso,TX. We have plenty of large empty warehouses all over the city that would suit your needs along with plenty of labor hungry people ready to go to work. Our community is very gun friendly and having one of the largest army bases in the country makes your kind of company feel right at home. I hope you at least give our city a chance worth looking at. A Ruger plant is just what our city needs right now.

  6. Larry C says:

    Come on down to Somerset Kentucky you will be welcomed with opened arms to a new building in a new complex and we love our guns here in Kentucky.

  7. Smitty says:

    I know of several empty buildings throughout northern Idaho that fit Ruger’s specs.

  8. Gerald S. says:

    Come to Jefferson, GA, Pendergrass, GA, Athens,GA, Cumming,GA.

  9. volsfans says:

    come to tennessee we love rugers ,they are a fine finearm, they best ,used in combat and service of all kind ,,they dont missfire when you need them..

  10. Keith says:

    Ohio is centrally located with available workforce and easy reach for raw materials and shipping to customers. Great place logisticallly and centrally located. Current Governor and legislature are very friendly to firearms.

  11. Brad Sanford says:

    Move to Texas where we have a Govenor that would welcome you with open arms.Gun rights in Texas are protected.Perry does not give a wit what those corrupt a-holes from DC do.He as well as other good Govenors have taken on the feds and the baby killing ATF-E .They are not welcome here.They forget that we still,no matter how the nose Schummer and the lezbo from Clifornia attack the 2nd and1st,5th and 10th admendments,We are a Constitioinal state.All welcome! If the feds try to punish us from withholding funds sent to DC,than perhaps we just stop sending billions to that bottonless pit and use the monies with in the state.It can happen being the 7th largest economy in the world.California used to be untill they lost their collective minds and installed libtards to the helm.It would be interesting to investigate those that run California to see if any of that magget mass is here illegally.

  12. Kenneth Mayfield says:

    Come to Oklahoma City or Tulsa, OK.

  13. Dan Rowton says:

    Come to South Carolina! Our state loves firearms and our governor will love you.

  14. Dennis Black says:

    Twin Falls Idaho would welcome that plant. We are a gun friendly state

  15. Ron CROCKER says:

    Come to Georgetown, TX…….

  16. Michael Smith says:

    In around Newport News, Virginia they have OfficeWarehouse Type Bldg. in a few locations in N.N. Va. If they are possibly interested, I will locate the size Bldg. they are Looking for, just let me know. The Govenor would Love to have Ruger in this area, plus I am sure the Govenor will give Ruger some real good incentives to locate in Va. Thank’s and God Bless.

  17. Come on down to Lufkin, Texas. I know of one great new manufacturing facility just waiting for you…I think we have 500 people that could pass the drug tests…

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