February 10, 2016

Taliban Suspends POW Talks for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Taliban leaders this week informed the White House that they are suspending peace talks for the safe release of POW Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Bergdahl has been in Taliban custody for five years now. Such peace talks have been ongoing since the Sgt. first went missing, but were renewed in December when the Taliban released video showing that the young Army-man was still alive. Now, hope appears nonexistent.

Exactly what led to Sgt. Bergdahl’s capture in June, 2009 has remained a matter of some intense debate. In some of the Taliban’s early videos, Bergdahl said that he was “lagging behind his patrol when [he] was captured.” It’s possible that Bergdahl was planning to abandon his post or desert, eventually leading his capture, as many of his close friends and associates have indicated that Bergdahl had first joined the Army to build schools and help the Afghans, but felt lied to and disgruntled.

In spite of this information, the White House has continued to express that Bergdahl is considered a POW, not a deserter and not suspected of treason. Rather, his “bring me home!” plea was being treated with the utmost importance.

“We cannot discuss all the details of our efforts, but there should be no doubt that on a daily basis — using our military, intelligence, and diplomatic tools — we work to see Sgt. Bergdahl returned home safely,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

Bergdahl does remain the last living POW as of December, when he was known to still be alive.

Now, it appears that these talks have broken down, once again. With the recent video showing POW Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in increasingly declining health, hope for his eventual release is diminishing once again.

Brian Crenshaw

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74 Responses to “Taliban Suspends POW Talks for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl”
  1. Jody says:

    Mr. Crenshaw is not incorrect in citing that there have been inferences that SGT Bergdahl may have been contemplating desertion; whether there is any substance behind those inferences is a matter best sorted out AFTER we get him home. I agree that it’s improper to kick that “desertion plans” can around. Just get him home. I don’t think Mr. Crenshaw would disagree with me at all in my belief that there may be questions about supposed disillusionment, nor that they would only be satisfied during debriefing post-repatriation. Larry and SacLamb, you might be reading too much into Crenshaw’s general reference to the rumors that Bowe Bergdahl might have been doubting the Army’s activities in Afghanistan; please don’t disengage from the discussion. We’ll all agree, I’m sure, that even if SGT Bergdahl’s heart was no longer in his mission, he couldn’t possibly have done anything worse than just thinking or talking about leaving it behind. And no matter what, 5 years in Taliban captivity is immeasurably worse punishment than some disparaging words about the US role in Afghanistan could have possibly earned him. If he did anything wrong, the debt had been paid countless times over. Let’s leave it alone, and get the man home. I think we can all be united in that wish. I retired last summer after 24 years on active duty, and since then, I send a letter to Sen. Grassley every payday urging him to call on his fellow Congressmen – Senators and Representatives alike – to press the administration for greater energy in seeking SGT Bergdahl’s repatriation. My Fellow Americans, we have one – ONE – Prisoner of War believed to still be alive and in captivity by a recognized enemy. It shouldn’t be this hard to stay focused and united. We as a nation did not give up hope for Terry Anderson, and we must not do so for Bowe Bergdahl. Let’s take the energy we’re tempted to expend by picking fights with each other, and redirect it so that our government knows that returning this American son to his home is truly the will of the People.

  2. SacLamb says:

    I’m certain that if it were Mr. Crenshaws Son being held his views and comments would be much different. In my Humble Opinion we should do everything in our power to get Sgt. Bergdahl back home regardless if that consists of trading ANY Taliban Prisoners necessary for his release. It’s been a longstanding policy in the Military to never leave a Service Member behind. Make the trade! Give them whoever, whichever Taliban Member or Members they ask to trade for. Then once Sgt. Bergdahl is safe, let All Hell Fire rain down on our enemy from the Drones that’s been circling them from above. That’s the only kind of Justice that the Taliban understands. Regardless of how many Billions of Dollars we give them, the Taliban Hates Americans and what we stand for and that will never change, so I say hate em back. Works for Me.

  3. Larry says:

    Brian Crenshaw, I hope you have to stand face to face with Sgt. Bergdahl someday and answer for your comment suggesting he may have been attempting to desert. Why would you even make such a comment without more facts than you’ve listed here? This is the last article of yours that I will ever read.

  4. Thomas King says:

    Sounds like an Sgt. Bergdahl, who is an American citizen, just isn’t as important as finding and killing Bin Laden. Too bad that the government doesn’t put forth as much effort in finding Bergdahl as they did Bin Laden.

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