April 1, 2015

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Toby Keith Anti-Gun Restaurant Prompts Pro-Gun Registry


Earlier this month, Toby Keith’s new “I Love This Bar and Grill” made national news, not because the country star was going back to his country roots, but because he was moving away from them. On the door of his new pub can be found the controversial sign, “No Guns Permitted.” Perhaps it’s because the pub is located in the DC suburb of Woodridge, VA. Perhaps he missed the fact that pro-gun owners move out there to get away from the DC gun grabbers. Whatever his reasons, Keith made a mistake, and Brian Crosswhite has created the 2amendment.org registry to ensure the message is sent loud and clear.

We’ve all seen it with dogs–the small ones bark the most to make up for feeling small. So it is with people and minorities. Because minorities often feel small, they have the tendency to be very loud to make up for it. Since the majority of Americans don’t support gun control, and since the country has as many firearms as people, gun grabbers feel small. So, they make a lot of noise and get publicity. If you are a country star and post “No Guns Permitted” on your pub’s door, you are expecting pity visits from those that like it; and they are the vocal minorities. Not the cowboys. Not the soldiers. Not the Patriots. But that should already be obvious to a country singer.

On his Facebook page, Keith said this: “While we understand and respect every person’s right to own and bear arms, we at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill, with guidance from the State of Virginia and based on insurance regulations, have adopted a no weapons policy. It is our desire to provided a safe, enjoyable and entertaining experience for our patrons and staff.”

Toby, you should have been a cowboy. If you had really been one, not simply worn the hat and boots, you’d have realized that this was a bad publicity stunt–one that gets you burned from the likes of Brian Crosswhite.

Crosswhite is the owner of Cajan Experience and creator of 2amendment.org, which serves as a registry of pro-gun companies across the country. White Crosswhite claims that the registry’s Sunday release is not meant to directly attack Toby Keith’s pub, he did say that, “We want to make it something for business owners who are pro-Second Amendment.” The registered  companies will be given a “2AO 2014” sticker for their window, and their business information will be included in the coming app.

I’m personally thankful for the likes of Crosswhite and others that are willing to take a stand on important issues. For Crosswhite, that means pro-gun registries and Open Carry Wednesdays at his Cajun Experience. I personally agree with his mentality; if you support your country and your innate rights, you should be open about them. So, you carry, and you put it on your restaurant door, and you add your name to a list of publicly recognized companies that will uphold those rights.

If someone posted “No Free Speech Allowed” on the door of their business, I wonder how many people would show up to protest it. But we still put up with this?

Toby Keith, you really should have been a cowboy. Instead, you love your bar and grille, you love your girlfriend, your dog, and your car. But you clearly don’t love your rights or respect the need for others to exercise theirs. Just because your bar is in Woodbridge doesn’t mean you need to suck up to the DC gun control psychos. While Brian Crosswhite might not as popular as you, “No Guns Permitted” is the kind of thing he despises, which makes him instantly more cowboy than you. It makes him instantly my friend.

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5 Responses to “Toby Keith Anti-Gun Restaurant Prompts Pro-Gun Registry”
  1. Jack Lamb says:

    Maybe we should put a boot up HIS ass!!
    Why would he open a bar there anyway?
    Another reason to stay out of VA.!!

  2. Ron B says:

    He sang that song? Not a country fan obviously, but just how does America put a boot up someone’s buttski? Diplomacy? Try bein diplomatic with a burglar. Um, tell you what-just take the jewelry and leave the tv please. Ah yes, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

  3. Mike says:

    That’s why he’s in show business, it’s all about image for most of them.

    Just another anti-gun person and an establishment I don’t need to give my money to.

    I wonder how big his security team is and whether they are armed when he visits his own restaurants? If they are armed, then it proves one simple thing. It’s ok for you to be murdered in a public place, but its not ok for him to be.

    In the below little charming article, Toby mentions that when it rains on his golf course, they just fire up the jet and fly somewhere it’s not raining. Of course! Who doesn’t!?


    In this next article Toby, clearly a genius and scholar of rhetoric, enlightens us even further. First, he says he has always been a registered democrat (as I am sure Bull Connor was). Second he compares himself to Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut: “a conservative Democrat who is sometimes embarrassed for his party.” And thirdly, he has saddled up to the likes of Al Gore to help bring awareness to climate change. Need we we look any further?


    Might I just add (and I live in Maryland) that we should tell all of our friends to give our hard earned money not to people who agree with us, but people who support everyone’s rights. Especially the right to opt out of being murdered (Toby, here I am referring to the right of self defense).

  4. William says:

    There should be no Guns in any BAR you Moron. Think about it. you get really drunk and want to fight and pull a gun ? and I am Pro-Gun in fact I build guns for a living. But this the only place it should be this way. Drugs and Booze and GUNS are a NO NO

    • alwaysright says:

      They let you keep your keys at a bar? So what is the difference? How many people have died from drunk driving after visiting a bar versus being shot in a drunken shootout the last 10 years? What if a responsible gun owner wants to go the bar with his wife but doesn’t want to drink and feels the need to protect himself?

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